The new sky3ds generation -sky3ds+ pubilic review!

Hello ! it is been a long time not updating the news ,  today the big excited news is the new sky3ds flashcart : sky3ds +

According to the sky3ds user , it is not good feeling especially for who just bought the sky3ds ,but suddenly heard the newly release sky3ds + ,But as the official reseller for flashcart , we had to talk this new sky3ds + is a really more powerful and flexible than sky3ds  .Firsly let me show you the products :20151201140940

The packages and the card sticker are changing  comparing with the sky3ds , and it has a usb connect white cable .and the sky3ds + has 2 orange button for changing the games to the next !


Then let’s check what is the function of sky3ds + :


  • Included all the features of sky3DS;
  • Switch game back and forth by two orange buttons;
  • More easier to use,copy and play,no diskWriter required;
  •  Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews;
  • AP checks solved;
  • Firmware updatable

Notice : This has effectlly solved the Ap checks problem , some famous Nintendo 3ds games like Monster Hunter X ,Animal Crossing -Home Designer ,Fire Emblem IF  ,it now all can supported !!

How to Use the sky3ds plus ? ( Very easier )

1.Format your microSD card to FAT32 in Windows,and copy the 3ds game roms into the root of micro sd card , no diskwriter tool required any more.

2.Download the newest gamelist.bin(like a template file used by the old sky3DS card, will keep it updated constantly for new games later) from,copy it into the root of your microSD card.

3. Insert the micro sd card into sky3ds +, then use the data usb to connect  to your computer. Then you will  see the red light flashes sky3ds + 10 seconds, then the green light flashes ten seconds, then turn off. (This process is to install the kernel) when the green light is off, then you can open the removable disk. and then delete the firmware.bin because the kernel has been installed .
4. Then move the sky3ds + from the computer and insent the 3ds console ,then you can the 3ds game icon on the meau ,then you can  enjoy the 3ds games .(If you want to check what is the files exist when you during playing the 3ds games ,you can take out the sky3ds + and connect it to the computer again , Opens the removable disk, you will see more setting.txt and file names correspond game .sav file. Double-click the file to open setting.txt will find two strings of code, the first row represents the kernel version, the second row is turned .cfg file (.Open the settings.txt, set the CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS = 1(default 0, can change it anytime later) and save it, a .CFG file will be created in your microSD card after a game has been played, it includes the specific info for that game(CART_ID,FLASH_ID…), you can build you own .CFG file for playing a new game(or an online game) later if you know how to get those info properly, which means you don’t have to wait for the updated gamelist.bin file by our site, the .CFG file has a higher priority than a gamelist.bin file.)
The Firmware Upgard ?
Sky3DS+ will come with the newest firmwareV4(FIRMWARE_VERSION=4 in the settings.txt, you don’t need to do any update at the moment), we will keep it updated on our site if needed.1.Download the updated firmware.bin from, and copy it into the root directory of your microSD card.

2.Insert your microSD card into sky3DS+, connect your PC and sky3DS+ with a USB cable(come with, which can also work as a USB Adapter once connection built).

3.The LED red light will turn on for 10 seconds, then turn to the green light and keep flashing for 10 seconds, once the light turn off it means the sky3DS+ has been updated successfully.
Alert: Never unplug the USB cable while the green light keep flashing, it might damage your sky3DS+ card!

4.Delete the firmware.bin file in your microSD card.

CronusMax Plus Adaptor review

PS4 Controller is a new products for Sony company , but it is so expensive for user to buy for it especially for the player who has PS3 ,XBOX ONE , XBOX 360 , So this is why CronusMax Plus Adaptor come out . it is a upgraded products for CronusMax , CronusMax PLUS enables all major game controllers across platforms, without the controller guide ,and can be done with a Bluetooth adapter wireless connection. That means the user who has PS4 or XBOX ONE ,XBOX 360 can use CronusMax Plus to play on PS4 console not only buy the expensice PS4 contorller !!

Wholesale Price : $56.9-$57.9/pcs

Now , Let me show you the products :

1. CronusMax Plus has a color box and the CronusMax  plus adpator ,Nstructions (Meau) and a USB cable ,attactive color and detail function make the user clear what it is about !


2. For the CronusMax plus adpator , there is three slot , one is INPUT ,OUTPUT and PCPROG , apart of that ,you can see the LED screen in the front ,it is showing the status during the connection .


CronusMax plus most powerful point is that it has improved the ability to customize, through patches, scripts, macros can be adapted to a variety of personalized solutions and demands adaptor  if it is in transit between several official controllers, basically do not need to make changes,The official has shows a series of details of the function , here is the list of this.


CronusMax plus also supports keyboard and mouse conversion, but need to connect the computer mouse and keyboard, computer and then connect the side of the PCPROG slot ,So CronusMax PLUS is mainly transferred for a variety of game controllers.
Now let is me show to how to use CronusMax Plus , for you , you can use PS3 and PC Contorller doing like below :
In the Cronus Pro, find the Tool> Option >Device, you will find the setting list, Under the Devices tab it is default automatic mode, to avoid compatibility problems, you can select a specific console mode. Here we choose PS4 for example.
Inserted the CronusMax plus to the USB port of PS4 Console , then connect the PS3 Controller connect with the CronusMax plus input port. when the connection is completed. This time LED displays “0″ indicates normal operation.
This effective helps the users who have PS3 controller can use this tools to play on PS4 ,All keys are perfect support, but less touchpad and touchpad button.
So How to use Bluetooth Wireless Connection ?
Wireless bluetooth  connection is CronusMax PLUS significant functions . but it different for PS3 and PS4 Controller. Here let me show you apart.
PS3 controller Bluetooth connection setup procedure
1. The CronusMax PLUS connected to the computer, open the PS3 Bluetooth Auto pairing in Cronus Pro software tool-option following device tabs. The state connected to the computer with a mini USB cable in addition CronusMax PLUS and PS3 controller connected together. This time a little above the LED display is “0.”2. Then plug out the PS3 controller connection, insert a Bluetooth adaptor ( must 2.0+, recommended 4.0) to the CronusMax PLUS input port.3. Then connecting CronusMax PLUS with Bluetooth adaptor to PS4 console, meantime pressing the CronusMax PLUS button and PS3 controller/handheld button, This time LED displays “0″ indicates normal. After use without delay.

PS4 controller Bluetooth connection setup procedure
1. The CronusMax PLUS connected to the computer, open the Bluetooth PS4 search in Cronus Pro software tool-option following device tabs.
2. Insert the Bluetooth adapter connected to the input port CronusMax PLUS.
3. Pressing the Share+PS button of PS4 controller, waiting for the paring completed ,After it done, close the search option may speed back.2015-05-07_104820Thanks for your reading and enjoy the games !!

Original Tutorial : How to use Sky3ds to work with NTR CFW 3.0 ?

Hi friend , Today i am gonna to write a tutorial about NTR CFW 3.0  !  It is released recently and highly good comments from the users in Gba temp , but before you see the guide , you need to use sky3ds falshcart to make it success . As official wholesale legit webistes : has received the latest new sky3ds packages , see photos below



What is New on NTR CFW 3.0?

1. It support Old 3ds and 2ds

2.Added tje BootNTR.cia installing method , No longer needed the Cubic Ninja

3.Support all region free ,and also support most emuNAND version

4.More stable and Conveninent compare NTR CFW 2.2

Conclusion: NTR CFW 3.0 is mainly used to region free and added the Gold finger funcitons .


How to use sky3ds to work with NTR CFW 3.0 ?

Notice : Because the new NTR CFW 3.0 is to be installed by the CIA, so it is now only New/old 3DS in versions 9.2 or below systems can use (GW only to break the current 9.2 version, Sky3ds use pasta cfw is currently only up to 9.2)

Step 1. Using Ninjhax 2.0 to  install Pasta1.3 homebrew system. and use the FBI or install Devmenu.cia or (bigbluemenu.cia)
Step 2. unzip the downloaded NTR CFW3.0, copy BootNTR.cia and ntr.bin to the root of the micro sd card of your 3ds console.
Step 3. Enter into the Pasta CFW system, and find the Devmenu(or BigBlueMenu) to install the BootNTR.cia, click into to press A to install .
Step 4. Exit After finished installing BootNTR.cia , and open the BootNTR ,they will automatically install NTR 3.0 !
When BootNTR installation completed, press button Home back to home menu:
Step 6. After successful installation exit return to the main menu , then press X + Y button then shows NTR3.0 menu ,that means it installed successful ,so enjoy the NTR3.0 with the sky3ds !


will sky3ds be banned by Nintendo V9.9.0-26 E/U/J?

Nintendo has been officail announce that it has been update the console on V9.9.0-26 E/U/J.

So as 3ds official reseller ,we first time to test the sky3ds !

Will the sky3ds banned by the Nintendo V9.9.0-26?

The answer is definitely : No   ,sky3ds is always strong and powerful !


Buy sky3ds no matter is wholesale or retail ,just visit our official websites :

Which is a safe website to buy supercard Dstwo in Canada ,USA ?

Dstwo has been in stock now , of course ,it is a very big good news for people who loves play gba games , and there is no doubt that supercard Dstwo is the best gba emulator falshcart , it is also best ds flashcart for all Nintendo New 3DS/3DSLL/ 3DS/DS/DSI/DS lite

What are the best and original supercard Dstwo ? Make sure your supercard dstwo is buying from :

20150625114023Whar are the best ds games for dstwo card ?

Here is the list :

  • Super Mario 64 DS
  • Mario Kart DS
  • New Super Mario Bros
  • Wario Ware Touched!
  • Elite Beat Agents / Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!
  • Ace Attorney
  • Professor Layton
  • 999: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors
  • Children of Mana
  • Trauma Center

What are the best gba games with supercard dstwo ? Here is the list :

  • Advance Wars: dual strike/days of ruin
  • TLoZ spirit tracks/phantom hourglass
  • Prof Layton trilogy
  • Megaman Zero/Battle Network
  • Pokemon Conquest
  • Etrian Odyssey 1-3
  • Castlevania
  • Radiant Historia
  • Chrono trigger
  • The World Ends With You
  • everything Dragon Quest
  • Final Fantasy Tactics A2

Although i have show you EZ-Flash IV can be support GBA games , but compare the Dstwo , Dstwo is much cheaper and have a very good functions ,and it can be also support latest V9.8.0-25 !


Tutorial :How the use EZ-FLASH IV (EZ4) to play GBA games ?

The New about Supercard Dstwo whether return to the market still mystery , but i advice people who like palying GBA Games users still wait for the official’s annoucement . Do not trust any news or the websites until they have got stock for Dstwo. As a professional flashcart wholesale reseller , we will also pay attention to the news !

Apart of Dstwo flashcart , EZ-FLASH IV is also a good choice ,Now let me introduce how to use it to play GBA Games !


Before our

1. Download the GBA Format games on your own or your country free gba game websites

EZ FLASH IV092. Download the EZ4 Kernel and EZ4- Client from the official websites ( i have done for you below,just click to download)


EZ4_Client 2014

3. Unzip the EZ4 Cliten 2014 and find EZ4_Client files ,double click ,you will see below photo


4.Choose English version click OK , and you will see this page

ez flash iv01

Click Open and select your gba game rom ,then change the Rom Name to format : ABCDEFGH.gba or ABCD1234.gbaEZ FLASH IV02

Click Config and select Removable Disk

070614wikupjiiku2r9z6fThen click send and write the game rom to the Micro SD card ( Notice: The Micro SD card must formated !!)


5. Unzip the EZ4 kernel 1.76 and copy them to the root of the Micro sd card


6. Insert the EZ4 flashcart to DS slot 2 console  ,open the power  and Run the  games (you can run directly by press A under the game PSRAM mode or press the Select key to select the game copies to Nor ) then choose the games ,press select ,press A ,Then auto write to the games

Attention : As the game we have patched ,so we need to press Select key to copy the games to the Nor. if you do patched the games ,just press A run directly under PSRAM mode !!


7. After the game write sucessfully ,then you can play gba games

Extra Help : How to upgarde EZ FLASH IV?

Download the latest EZ4 package and unzip, copy all the files to the root of Micro sd card then  inserted into the EZ4 GBA / GBASP / GBM / NDS, turn on the power , immediately press the R key, there will be a percentage of writes, waiting automatically jump back to 100% after written menu, the upgrade is completed successfully, do not power off during the upgrade process.

Buy EZ4 Flashcart , please goes to official reseller :

If you tired of play gba games and want to place 3ds games , highly recommand sky3ds to you !!


Flashcart guide for Nintendo 3DS V9.8

No doubt that in the coming days the Nintendo 3DS will keep updated with their console , the latest  3ds console has been updated to V9.8.0-25 ,So which card can be also use or they are banned ??

First we divided into 2 parts  , 3DS flashcart and DS flashcart.

3DS Flashcart

Sky3DS is the card we must to talking about , the users do worry about sky3ds banned by the Nintendo , Every time Nintendo updated the console ,the first time we tested with Sky3ds ,Always working . you can find sky3ds official website are updated the template files and the Latest Diskwriter V.2.02 , easy to write the games rom to the sky3ds. know more and all the usage of the sky3ds please click the below photos .


DS Flashcart

Talking about Ds Flashcart , R4 series card is what you should know .

Even the latest 3DS 9.8 console , R4 card still can support the 3ds console but it only limited on  ds games. These R4 DS flashcards include r4i gold 3ds , r4i sdhc rts 3ds, r4isdhc 2015 cards, r4i gold eu 3ds, ace3ds plus . so, which one is the best one  to run DS Games on 3ds/new 3ds/2ds 9.8.0-25, see below:

R4i sdhc rts 3ds on 3ds 9.8



  • Performance: Support more DS Games with fewer problems.
  • Functions:Support Wifi download engine, 4 RTS saving files and more emulators.
  • Using: Support the longest standby time and more enjoyable using experience, the UI of R4I SDHC RTS 3DS is user-friendly designed.
  • Follower:R4i sdhc 3ds rts has the most users means customers can get more support and help from others.
  • Card:You will always buy the working card, no fake card.  (other r4 cards have higher fraction defective,many user got unworking card and have to replace it.)

R4i gold 3ds on 3ds 9.8


R4i gold 3ds wood is coming from and with the most famous wood kernel. Compared with other r4 ds cards, it is better in worldwide fame, more reliable kernel and simple UI.By the way, this one is the first r4 card which announce itself support on 3ds system to run ds game roms. If you would like to buy a R4 DS Game card with basic functions and average quality, r4i gold 3ds wood is a good choice.


Ace3ds plus on 3ds 9.8


Ace3ds plus is its bottom price, only cost $9.9 for each, even plus USPS or other shipping fee, the whole price won’t higher than $15. However, it has the built-in kernel, which means that once the card is blocked by 3DS Firmware update, it can’t work again. For the time being, ace3ds plus support multi-ds roms on 3ds/new 3ds/2ds 9.8.0 without problems. What my opinion toward this card? If you don’t want to pay more on r4 card, ace3ds is the one you need.

Gateway Ultra 3.2.2 released to support Emunand 9.8 on Old 3DS

As Nintendo updated the latest console to V9.8.0-25 ,Some big teams Like Sky3ds ,R4i Team and Gateway Team ,Ace3ds Team are very busy for comfort with it , and they all  tested and confirmed they are still working on it , obiviouly sky3ds is the strongest 3DS flashcart !!  as all to know ,Gateway Support V4.1-9.2 , through the team’s great effort , official announce that it also can be Emunand V9.8 ,this news definetly a great excitement for gateway funs .now let is check the details.

Gateway Ultra V3.2.2

1.Updated Blue Card GW_INSTALLER.nds with New 3DS support

2. Added option to boot into SYSNAND mode directly even with EMUNAND on SD card

3. Easy to boot into SYSNAND mode , Under the Gateway menu with the boot icons visible, simply hold B while booting into Gateway mode or Classic mode!  You will then be asked to confirm booting into SYSNAND mode by pressing X.

4. Added the New 3DS support to the Blue Card GW_INSTALLER.nds, so you have another alternative to reinstalling NVRAM other than from our Gateway menu.

Now we will advice some flashcart to work with perfectly with V9.8.0-25

Sky3ds Flashcart ( click photo to buy )


 Gateway 3DS Flashcart (Click photo to buy)


R4i Gold 3DS Flashcart (Click photo to buy )


R4i sdhc 3DS RTS Flashcart


Ace3ds Plus Flashcart


This is the most popular flashcart that we listed for you , Different card has different function and usage , you can check their official websites , we are the biggest USA and Canada market reseller , you can get a very good price than others , you can browse our websites :  www.game4deal   for further checking !

CIAKonPack Convert 3DS roms to CIA works perfect on New and Old 3DS

Recently GBA released CIA called CIAKonPack tools (batch production CIA, Easy and Fast )
Today this will also extend to the NEW3DS (9.0-9.2)! Require a computer operating system is 64, does not support XP.

Before the Tutorial ,you need to download the CIAKONPACK-OLD-NEW3DS

And know more about Latest 3DS flashcart and news please move to :


 New 3ds Tutorial

1. Unzip attachments, open NEW3DS files,copy the 3ds game rom ( you want to convert to CIA ) to the root of Rom files.


2.  Select all 3DS roms directory file and drag it to, wait a few seconds, it generates NCCHINFO.bin file, copy the file to the sdcard directory (notice not your SD card)


3.copy NINJHAX ‘s root files to your SD card root your New 3DS-SD card (Decrypt9 homemade plug-in, if have please ignore it ).


4.Copy files sdcard’s files  to the root of your New 3DS -SD card, then there will be shows below :


5. When starting a New 3DS NINJAHAX homemade system (requires genuine card stereoscopic ninja or SKY3DS, select Decrypt9 plug-in, then press A, and when the process is complete 100% press START to return the system interface




6.In your new SD card will xorpad three files (depending on the number of files you want to convert the number of game ROM, a correspondence one), copied to the xorpads catalog


7. Double will start window Once finished, you’ll find under the roms filesis already full of CIA files you want


PASTA CFW 1.1 Released !! sky3ds can support cia game rom

Three days ago , i write a blogger for PASTA CFW , which make it very easy for gamers using Sky3ds Playing CIA games without Gateway . Now the amazing news it the PASTA CFW has been released the latest Version PASTA CFW 1.1 ,you can download the files PastaCFW 1.1


The New functions :

1. It has fixed crazy CREDITS button .

2. It has added the button animations ( to make the required images more optimization)

3. It has fixed the GUI surface ,( simply hold “L” at the same time that you select “PastaCFW” from ninjhax or to always boot into the UI, create an empty file called “bootmenu.txt” at “/3DS/PastaCFW/”)

4. With Latest New icon.


How to use PastaCFW 1.1 ?? ( Text Edition)


*Sky3ds flashcard , DEVMENU. CIA or other CIA game Rom

*Console : New/Old3DS V4.0-9.2 ( DSIware and GBA VC is also support)


1. Down your own console QR code from Ninjhax (

Also download  the starter  and FBI

2. Reboot the starter.rar and copy the files and the game rom  to the boot of the SD card

QQ截图201505221549273. Run the “Cubic Ninja”, scan the QR Code from Ninjhax, enter into the CFW system

4. Press “A” to run “Pasta CFW” ,wait 2-3 seconds until the black screen ,auto back to the system surface  (simply hold “L” then you can access to the UI,click“Give me some pasta” ,then it will back the CFW system ,if you want to force to access to  UI,create an empty file called “bootmenu.txt” at “/3DS/PastaCFW/”)

5. Runnig again the Cubic Ninja  goes to CFW System ,Select “FBI”  press A and choose DEVMENU. CIA to the intall ,after it finish ,press start to back to the system surface .

6.Then you will see the gift box for you ,and then you can intall other different CIA game Roms.