How to use PS3 Cobra?

Before start, we need download many files from Cobra offcial site:

Cobra CFW v3.55
Cobra USB PSP-Launcher v2.0
Cobra USB PS3 Updater V1.0 (PS3)
Multiman Cobra-USB Manager v04.05.00 FULL

Then unzip all files

Step 1: update your cobra:

Insert cobra to pc, the pc will show a new hardware, then don’t recognition drive auto, select the update drive to driver folder.

After finish installing the driver, put “cobra-usb firmware” onto “cobra flash”, then it will begin to flash auto, follow the prompt on the black screen, finish the flashing.

Then let’s update the ps3 console to cobra cfw3.55. Create a folder named “PS3″ in the sd card, then create a folder named “UPDATE” in the “PS3″, all name need capital. Then put the cobra cfw3.55 (.PUP file) into the “UPDATE” folder. Make sure the sd card is FAT form, and insert the sd card in the ps3 console, then start your ps3. Update the system on the “system update”.

After updating, Put the “Cobra USB PSP-Launcher v2.0″ into the root of sd card, then insert the cobra and sd card at same time,  strat ps3, you will find there is a psp launcher in the “GAME” menu, please install it. After the installation, you will see the follow screen:

It is show “no game”, if you start it right now, the console will crash, so you need install the cobra multman first.

Put the PKG file into the root of sd card, then install cobra multiman on ps3.

Then make a folder named “PSPISO” to put the psp rom in it. insert the sd card and cobra, go to multiman, select the game, then it will back to the game list and you will see the game image is show. then start it.

I just test the psp game because use ps3 to play psp game is very rare and seems interesting. You can try it!