How to use PS3 Break2 (PB2) ?

Because the true blue is stop offer for a long time, so many users begin to choose ps3 break2 (pb2). The function is as same as true blue, and the price is cheaper. Let’s see how to use it.

First, you need download some files:

1. The newest multiman, no need special multiman like cobra, just download a normal one
2. The pb2 cfw 3.55 system file

Step1: Install the PS3 PB2 CFW3.55
For this step, you need know what the system of your ps3 console right now, if you it is a cfw not a ofw already, please back it to ofw3.55 again, then install the PB2 CFW a3.55 again.
A: Create a folder named “PS3″ in the sd card, then create a folder named “UPDATE” in the “PS3″ folder, put the PB2 cfw 3.55 file (.PUP) in it. Attention: all lettter is capital.
B: Insert the sd card into ps3 console, find “system update” and select update from USB, then update your console from ofw3.55 to cfw3.55
After the updating, console will reboot auto

Step2: Install multiman
Put the multiman PKG file into the root of sd card. insert sd card into ps3 console, then go to GAME to install the multiman.

Step3: Play game from external HDD
Insert the PB2 and external HDD into ps3, go to multiman, select game and back, you will find the game icon will show on the dashboard, then select it and play.

<FEAR 3>, no problem!