How to use PS3 usercheat?

1. Please download some files we needed

PS3 OFW3.55 update patch
PS3 CFW3.55 update patch
PKG file

2. Before start, please confirm your ps3 console system, if it is a OFW 3.55 system, you can install the CFW directly, but if your console is cfw, you need back it to ofw, and then install the cfw again. This is for protect your console

3. Unzip the PKG file and put it into the root of sd card, insert sd card in ps3, go to “install package Files” find the pkg file and install it. when it finished, you will find there is a CU icon appear.

4. Put the cheatlist in to ps3 usercheat via pc, if the pc don’t recognize the user cheat, just put a sd card in the usercheat, Insert the usercheat dongle to ps3 console, power up and click “Eject”, then you will see a “Install Package Files” under the GAME icon, and the /app_home/PS3_GAME/ has a usercheat icon.

5. Enter it, there are all games which is saved in your internal HDD or external HDD, select one:

Here is which cheat function you can use, we choose the first “money max”

then press start, it will back to XMB, then start game, you will find the money become max already!

This tool is really very convenience and the method is easy!