How to transfer the nds rom to gba rom ?

We know that the diffterent flashcart, the save date cannot compatible. If you use r4i gold 3ds to build a game save data, and then you want to use the ak2i to play it, that impossible. You need to transfer the rom. Then how? It need a tool named “Ds SaveTools 1.1.6″

NDS flashcart save data transfer tool “Ds Save Tools 1.1.6″ instructions:

1. Main feature

a. Support transfer almost all the kinds of save data to other all kinds of formats (support NDS and GBA save mode)
b. Support transfer the 3 kinds formats of PC mode NDS emulator NO$GBA to other formats, no need manual intervention
c. Optimized the normal format transition
d. Operate easy
e. Support transfer the other formats to M3 and DSLINK format correctly
f. Support transfer the pokemon 512 k save data into 256 k other formats
g. Support check the wii and NGC save data information
h. Support test source file useful data size (Advanced Function)
i. Support command line method, batch conversion can be realized (Advanced Function)

2. Installation instructions

a. This tool just include 1 .exe file, no need install, can operate on Windows vita directly. If your system is Windows XP, you need install NET Freamwork 1.1 first, otherwise, it cannot work.

3. Simple declaration

a. When you start the .exe file, you will see the follow dialog box:

b. when you see this, i think you know what to do next. Just select file for “Input” and “Output”, and you will find there is a “NDS mode” and “GBA mode” on the top right corner.

c. At the left center, you can choose the transfer flashcart kind, for some kinds of flashcart (AK、AK RPG、EZ5、DS ONE etc), you need choose the save size also

Attention: If there is no your flashcart in the list, please choose “others”.
If you want to save the data to “M3 (Lite)” format, because it is speical, before click the “transfer”, you need select the M3 Adding at the left down.

OK, here is the transfer tool download, enjoy!

DsSaveTools 1.1.6