Chanel Nail Color Iphone 5 TPU case


Today want to introduce a hottest top sale iphone 5 case – Chanel Nail Color Iphone 5 TPU case. It is hot for its special design and noble feeling. Chanel Nail Color is popular and hot in the world, it attract many people’s eyes. So how to make a connection between chanel nail and iphone cases? This Chanel Nail Color Iphone 5 TPU case achieve it.


If you don’t see it clearly, you even don’t know that is a iphone, you just thought it is a big chanel nail color! This is most interesting. Believe that if you own this case, you will catch everuone’s eyes!

1. Special Technics, beautiful and exquisite
2. Black soft TPU material, the appearance of fine workmanship, feel fine
3. Fit your iphone 5 perfectly, protect every point
4. Very strong hole design, every hole is so accurate
5. Noble Chanel design, very fashion

Unlock your iphone 5 ? R-SIM 6!

So just after the iphone 5 released no more than 2 month, it seems the iphone 5 unlock tools come out! Named R-SIM 6! well, we know the R-SIM team released many unlock sim card, from R-SIM 1 to R-SIM 5, can unlock the iphone 4, iphone 4s.

And now, from the official site news, the R-SIM  6 will come out! video has been released, support iso 6.0x. This is a exciting news, follow is the details:

1.Unlock your locked-iphone 5 easily,gsm + wcdma without jailbreak.

2.Adpot the most stable and the most energy efficient microcontroller ic-f981

3.Equiped the perfect alloy card slot freely(the card slot is of unique design.the groove in the middle is

redesigned on the original so it can put in any SIM card without sanding).

Note:We had tried the original card slot in the R-SIM6,put SIM card and the so-called thin-film card stickers

in the original card slot,but 75% of the Sim cards without sanding are a little tight even cannot be inserted.

if you add the card sticker,it’s not fitable(card sticker weights 10G+normal one NANO SIM card 10G,which is

beyond 20G of the nano sim card for iphone5.More than 10G can be calculated accurately.20G is completely

incompatible).So the R-SIM6 uses the modified card slot.

4.Simplified operation procedures,after choosing the operators,you can shut down the iphone directly.It

was built-in multi-national carriers.

5.Yellow, black, white, 3 color PCB optional.

6.Surfing the internet perfectly:2G+3G+4G

7.Overcoming any card stickers stably (R-SIM is an old brand of foreign trade.its products are admitted

and trusted,the after-sale service is pretty good.)

8.Without dialing 112 complicated waiting mode to calculate time.

9.Support iOS6-6.x

And here is the video:

Look forward to this new product!

Iphone 5 USB cable is hard for copy? No! Iphone 5 USB is break!

When the iphone 5 released, there are so many accessories come out. Such as iphone 5 cases, iphone 5 screen protector..But there is no iphone 5 USB cable. Some users open the iphone 5 dedicated Lightning USB cable, and found the new iphone 5 USB cable is hard to copy. This new 8 pin cable is different from the old 30 pin cable, and not only the outside different, inside is also different too. Because Lightning USB cable has a chip.

According to reliable news, lightning USB cable need a chip to work, so there is a chip in the USB. If you just make a same 8 pin USB, you cannot use it, because you don’t have that chip.

All we know iphone accessories is expensive. Just an USB need almost 40 usd. Well, now this problem is solved. Just get a news, Iphone 5 USB cable is break, that mean, the cable can be copied, you can use very cheap price to buy an Iphone 5 USB cable for charging and transmit data. Here is the break photos. Seems it is true!

Anyway, good news for Iphone 5 users.

So cool !! Monster Iphone 5 metal wire drawing case

Remember the monster earphone?  With the iphone 5 released, monster designer designed this new case for Iphone 5, “Monster Iphone 5 metal wire drawing case” !

Bright features

1. PC + South Korea aluminum
2. Plastic edge is plating
3. Metal wire drawing
4. Oxidation + Highlight + Laser etching

The handle feel is great, metal wire drawing design make the case so gorgeous. If you have not decide which case you want, I recommend this case, Reveal your personality!

The coolest iphone 5 case come out! – Air Jacket iPhone 5

If you often go to the Apple exclusive shop, you must know “Air Jacket”. The case desgined by this brand is always the top sale. It is so hot and popular.Just search on google, you will find the ” Air Jacket” is the top brand in users heart. Now it released the iphone 5 cases. Let us see how cool it is!

Simple sense of ultra-thin light close-fitting contracted!

Compared with normal metal case, the Air Jacket iphone 5 case is so slim, handle feel is great. The case coverage is metal grinding sand. Mix the Noble and elegant into one. The frame side is made of composite not metal, so it will not hurt your iphone and fix easy. Connect earphone easily, no need take off the case.

Iphone 5 case: 10 color soft silicone case

Here is another beautiful case come out. Silicone meterial is so soft and handle feel great. It is a soft silicone case for iphone 5G.

Bright features

1. High quality silicone meterial. no harm to human
2. Handle feel is so comfortable, Comprehensive protection
3. Clean easy, use the cloth to clean
4. Complete key protection and earphone out
5. Unique dustproof
6. Special cute package

The color is bright. 10 color included, you can choose any one you like.

Iphone 5 is coming! Have you choose a perfect case for it yet ?

Today, Iphone 5 is come out! So slim and the screen is so big!  The lightest console with the strongest function. So do you moved? For this beautiful item have you choose a perfect case for it yet? You don’t want to hurt it right? Let’s recommend you this cheap and perfect case for Iphone 5! The “Iphone 5 soft TPU case“.

The TPU meterial is soft and handle feel is good. All button can access, no easy to slip.
Comprehensive protection for your iphone 5.

The TPU is light also, iphone 5 is just 112g, so we don’t want to add too much weight on the case, this TPU meterial is light and will not make your iphone 5 heavy. Still so slim and take easy.

Three color can be chosen, black, pink and blue. Fit for both black and white console.