Best flashcart for DSi XL?


Well, if  money not your problem, dstwo is your best choice. actually, no matter what console you play, ds, dsi, 3ds, dstwo is always worth to get. But if you are a newbie and don’t need too many function, i think somethimes other cards is better than dstwo.


The first card i recommend is r4i gold 3ds. you know this card is cheap, and its function is great. r4i gold 3ds is the strongest card in r4 series. If you get a r4i gold 3ds in your hand, you will find this card’s quality is very good, the r4i gold 3ds team is strong, update very quick. so for DSi XL, my first recommend is r4i gold 3ds, you will not regret to get it.


If your dsi has not update and no plan to update it, then the second recommend is acekard 2i. I know this card maybe will not update anymore, and i know it cannot work on dsi newest v1.45 version. But as an classic card, its akaio kernel is so beautiful and its skin is so fantasic! There still has many ak2i fans, so if you dont update your dsi, then get a ak2i, it is still a good card.

Is acekard 2i still worth to buy?

Absolutely yes! In my opinion, good card is not only depends on the update, but also depends on the function and firmware. akaio is a great firmware, and seems acekard team is still contiune to make better firmware and release it on the site.

This reminds me of dstti. We know dstti has stoped release patch for a long time, but it still have a large number of fans. because dstti contiune release game patch and other function. Players just want to play more games, no matter what firmware it is right now, if the game patch can continue to update, users would rather stay old firmware than update it. I think that is why acekard 2i still one of our top sale cards even it just work on DSi v1.44 and 3DS v 4.3.

One more thing is every time when i check the acekard official site, their skins always surprise me. Their skins is beautiful, and many kinds of skins can let me select freely. This is convenience for users and can bring more fun.

So when i see someone said acekard 2i is dead, i just want to say, no, they are still working on, and believe they will bring more great function for us.

Acekard 2i AKAIO 1.9.0 released !

One thing is, the ak2i can work on 3DS v4.3.0-10 right now, when 3DS update the firmware to v4.3.0-10, ak2i take long time to make the v4.3 patch and that make many users disapponited. But i have to say, ak2i is a classic card and the skin is beatuiful. It bring so many happy to users. Even though now 3DS update the firmware to v4.4.0-10 again and it blocked all cards. After dstwo and r4i gold 3ds released the patch, there are so many flashcart still in block and users wait for the update patch. I believe ak2i is in progressing and will bring us surprise.

Before the official released the patch, the v4.3.0-10 update patch was appear on famous forum and i tested it. It is great. Please see here to check the details.

And finally, they released the patch on the official and at same day, they released a new version AKAIO 1.9.0. That means this team is still being there and working hard on their cards. As one of the famous cards in the market, look forward to ak2i.

How to choose the flashcart? FAQ!

Q:  How to choose a good flashcart?
A: There are so many flashcart in the market right now, we always confused and don’t know which card should buy. Actually, every card has its own feature. For example, M3i zero, main to use for Media Player. DSTwo, interface is beautiful and support real time save. But both of them is a little expensive. The acekard 2i, cheap but update speed is slow. You can choose a card according to your own demands, no need pursue the comprehensive function. If you just use the card to play games, i think the ace3ds plus is a good card, update quick and easy for use.

Q:  I have a flashcart and a console, so can i play game right now?
A:  No, you need a micro sd card, to put the game and kernel in it. So you need a card reader also. the sd card is cheap, and card reader is always included in the flashcart package when you buy it.

Q:  What is the kernel? How to get it?
A:  The kernel is a firmware of flashcart, you need use it to start your card. Every card has its own kernel, you can download it on the card official site. The package has a offficial site address, you can check it. Download the kernel, unzip it, put the files into the root of your sd card, then put the games (rom file) in the sd card also, no you can enjoy games.

Q:  I have a r4i 3ds card, but some games i cannot play, why?
A:  Every flashcart has its own game update data, some is quick and some is slow. You can check the game list on every card’s official site. Or you can patch the rom by yourself, many forum has the patch method, just google it.

Q:  What is the Homemade kernel?
A: Beside official, some players released an unofficial kernel, this is named homemade kernel, it update quicker than offcial but the stability is weaker.

Q:  Is the ds flashcart can use on DSi? or 3DS?
A: The R4 card just can work on DS and can not work on DSi, beside, it just support 2 GB sd card. The other cards is no problem, support both dsi and ds such as r4i 3ds, r4i gold 3ds, dstwo, ak2i etc..And they also can work on 3DS , support 16G card, but what i mean is they just can play ds games on 3DS.

Q:  Does my r4 card can play 3DS games? Is there any card can play 3DS games?
A:  No, there is no card can play 3DS games right now, they just can play ds games on 3DS. What we know most is the Crown 3DS,maybe it can work 3ds games but it is still in progressing. we don’t know when it will be released.

How to update your acekard 2i to work on 3DS v4.3.0-10?

Even the acekard 2i official site has not release a patch for 3ds v4.3, but we found a test patch on forum and after our testing, the patch is worked! so let’s see how to do it:

What we need:

1. acekard 2i wholesale
2. acekard 2i v4.3 update patch
3. dsl (not dsi, i will say why)


1. Download the update patch and unzip it.

2. Put the patch in to root of sd card and also put the newest akaio kernel in it

3. Insert the card into dsl, start. And start the .nds file

4. Press B to continue and the press “start”, it will update auto

5. When the update finished, reboot console and you will find the icon is changed

OK, now why the official still have not relased this patch yet? we found the problem. We use the ds patch and update the ak2i on our dsl, but we don’t use dsi patch, when we try the dsi patch and try to update ak2i on our dsi, it show “update cancel”, and cannot update the card, i think the problem will occurs on 3ds also. So if you don’t have a dsl. just get a 3ds which is not update to 4.3 yet, i am afraid you cannot update your card, even dsi also cannot. you have to use dsl, the dsl patch is good.

Anyway, this is a good news for the users who have both 3ds and dsl. And we finally can update our acekard 2i to work on 3ds v4.3!

How to repair Acekard 2i?

If your ak2i is white screen, or “no card insert”, what would you do? Before you through it away, please see this first, may your card can be repaired back to a good one again.

What we need?

1. Bad acekard 2i card
2. A good card (any card i use ace3ds plus)
3. sd card and card reader


1. Download the acekard 2i update patch and the newest kernel of ace3ds plus
2. Unzip them and put them into the root of sd card
3. Put the sd card into ace3ds plus, and start it on ds
4. Start the .nds file, before press B, please take out of the ace3ds plus, then put the acekard 2i in (you need download the newest acekard 2i kernel into bad card before)
5. Then press B and start, after the updating, the acekard 2i will be repaired back to a good card

But this is just for some card, the other bad card maybe cannot be repaired because the damage is not software, maybe the hardware.But you can try it once.

Thanks for reading!


What flashcart is the best? That is hard to say..

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How to update the ak2i to support DSi v1.44 ?

What you need:

1 x wholesale AK2i card
1 x sd card
1 x card reader


1. Download the v1.44 update package and the newest kernel from official site.
2. Unzip the files and put them into the root of sd card.
3. Insert the sd card into ak2i, put ak2i to the ds or 3ds console
4. Start the update files and you will see the screen like below

5. Press B to continue

6. Press “start” to update

7. When the updating complete., reboot console

8. The icon will change and the card can work on DSi v1.44 perfectly.

Thanks for reading!