Cobra ode firmware 2.0 will be released soon!


News from Cobra ode official site. seems cobra ode will has a big update recently. The firmware v2.0, which can support PS3 v4.55! and now the official listed the features which firmare v2.0 will support. Seems great:

  • Initial support for OFW 4.55 (Please read further information in news paragraph below)
  • Auto-generate browser from the MCU, no more need for genps3extra
  • Dumping of original games using the BD drive is now possible through the Cobra Manager
  • Added support for XMB enabled Pass-Through mode, meaning user no longer has to use slide switch to swap modes and in addition playback of burned PS1 discs when used in combination with the game.disc_type=ps1 configuration option
  • Increased AES encryption module performance by over 100%, now there is no lag in playback of IRD generated ISO’s
  • Added support for updating PS3 firmware without needing to switch to PT mode
  • Eject now possible on 4k systems, without need for user to open console cover
  • Added support for “eject.delay” option to specify delay in milliseconds before reinsertion of disc after it has been ejected on QSB systems (default value of 1000ms)
  • Added support for “leds.disable” configuration option to disable specific LED colors

This firmware can let users who have 3k / 2k5 Slim or earlier consoles are safe to update to 4.55.


Cobra ODE – big update released


News from cobra ode official. A new update released and this is a big update. it can support ps1 and ps2 games! That is really great! Mean users can use cobra ode to play ps1, ps2 and ps3 games on ps3 console! There has many other update such as more stable and fix some bugs. But most important thing, is cobra ode can support ps1 and ps2 games, just like their previous product cobra usb!

As initially promised, this update adds support for PS1 games, PS2 games (only on backward compatible consoles), DVD movies and BD movies support. Another interesting feature is the ability to hot swap your HDD. You can now remove and change your games HDD while the PS3 is on.

The update also has a lot of stability improvements, bugfixes and most freezing issues introduced in recent updates have now been fixed.

We have also updated the genps3iso tool, now with IRD v9 support. Both genps3iso and genps3extra have now also been released as a native linux binary for linux users. The Cobra Manager and Cobra Browser have also been updated to add the support for PS1 and PS2 games, as well as DVD and BD movies. The third party library is also updated to allow other managers to take full advantage of these new features.

The Cobra database has also been updated with 1342 total game discs supported.

We would also like to take this opportunity to let our users know that we are aware of some issues with the new v4.20 and v4.30 boards and 2xxx console models, and we are working hard on fixing the issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, if your BD drive is unresponsive, use the eject button to turn on your console instead of the power button, as it will fix the issue and the ODE will function correctly.

Cobra ODE – new PCB revision released!


News from Cobra ODE official site.

New PCB revisions pictured (4.20 and 4.30A) and new version of the Cobra ODE released “QSV”.

We have today released a new version of the Cobra ODE QSV, which caters specifically for users of 2k5,3k and 4k/4k2 console owners. The QSV version of the Cobra ODE is fully compatible with all software updates, but does not support older PATA/SATA FAT consoles or 2k/2k1 series SLIM consoles.

The Cobra ODE QSV offers incredible value to newer console owners, being considerably lower in price than the regular Cobra ODE.

Since many owners do not require the USB cables included in the full Cobra ODE pack, the QSV package does not include the USB cables, nor does it include the power cables required for FAT consoles or the additional FFC cables required for FAT PATA and SATA CECHx/2k/2k1, since these consoles are not supported on the Cobra ODE QSV. The overall RRP has been considerably lowered as a result.

We now therefore offer two packages, the regular Cobra ODE, supporting almost all console revisions (PATA/SATA FAT **excluding BMD-21 BD drive control boards, SATA SLIM and Super SLIM consoles) and the new Cobra ODE QSV which supports only 2k5/3k SLIM and 4k/4k2 SUPER SLIM consoles.

Enjoy Cobra ODE on later model consoles at a lower price and have peace of mind that the QSV is fully compatible with the regular software and hardware updates

And the offical release some pictures of this new pcb, it looks nice.






PS3 Cobra ODE – MCU v1.8 released!


Cobra ODE team update their firmware again. When the v1.7 come out, it seems has some bug so cobra ode team suggest users not use that. And now, they fixed the bug, and rleased it again, update to v1.8. Here is the details:

The waiting is finally over and we are pleased to present the 1.8 release which fix issue from the last release.

MCU 1.8:
* Increase version number and recompiled 1.7 to avoid a compiler bug which caused MCU to crash

GenPS3iso v2.3:
* Fix crash when application finishes
* Less strict IRD verification that caused valid IRD files to appear as invalid
* Added support for IRD file format version 8
* Added support for files bigger than 4GB in IRD generated iso

We have also updated the user manual to 1.8 to reflect the MCU version and change concerning creation of ISO’s.

Cobra ODE is a great item, you should not miss it!

PS3 Cobra ODE – Firmware 1.6 released!

The Cobra ODE new firmware is available.

The biggest feature of this update is the addition of the new auto-eject feature. You can now switch games without rebooting and without ejecting discs. All from the comfort of your couch. The new auto-eject feature does not require any modifications to the ODE, nor does it require any new accessories or soldering, it is now available to all ODE users, from all models, with the simple update of your Cobra ODE.

We have also added periodical polling of the HDD to prevent hard drives from going to sleep mode which made some games freeze if they had been paused for a while. The HDD polling can be disabled or configured from the cobra.cfg file.

When Cobra ODE was first released, we had seen a huge amount of positive feedback, although many users had two major concerns, the first being the use of homebrew to achieve game selection, and the second being the need to reboot or eject discs in order to switch games. With the Cobra ODE browser support which was added in v1.5 and the auto-eject feature added in v1.6, we have resolved both of these concerns for our users. Today, the Cobra ODE looks like a brand new device with a completely new user experience, which we think will make most of you happy.

The Cobra Team is the first to bring true “no eject, no reboot” feature to the PS3 ODE world for all models and we will continue to bring you new exciting features in the future.You can now grab the 1.6 update form the downloads section. Please refer to the user manual for updated instructions on how to use the auto-eject feature.

We are also releasing an update to ps3genextra tool which generated the Cobra ODE Browser, please use this version with the 1.6 update.
Concurrently, we are releasing an update to the Cobra ODE Manager which adds support for the auto-eject feature and in parallel releasing an update to the third party integration library which allows third party managers to use the auto-eject feature.

Cobra ODE game switching without rebooting or ejecting!

The Cobra ODE update news again, they released a video about game switching without rebooting or ejecting the disc anymore. That is really convenience, and the firmware will be released soon. Here is the details:

Cobra ODE News – Update

Following up on the previous announcement of the v1.5 firmware update with the added support for the Cobra ODE Browser, we are releasing today a video showing how the Browser works. You can see the browser functioning in both the Game category mode and the Video category mode.

This video was done using a beta version of the v1.6 firmware update we are currently working on, and it also serves as a preview for the exciting new features which will be added in the next firmware update, expected to be released within a week, once it has passed all our QA validations.

Yes, your eyes did not play tricks on you, we are proud to announce that the next firmware update of the Cobra ODE will bring support for game switching without rebooting or ejecting the disc anymore. The Cobra Team has once again revolutionized the PS3 ODE scene with a new exclusive method that will allow game switching on all PS3 models, without any additional hardware, or additional soldering required. This feature will be available for free for all Cobra ODE users with our next firmware update.

Well,  and at the end,  Cobra ODE even point out that the E3 ODE,which launched by E3 Team is poorly designed and about the same function “no reboot or eject” is actually more complicated than Cobra ODE. I am not sure if this is a good idea as i think benign competition is better. Let’s looking forward to the new firmware of Cobra ODE.

Cobra ODE – release new update


Cobra ODE release a new update today, fix some issue such as the USB cannot be recognized, and the third party firmware. Here is the detais:

Cobra ODE News – Update

We are releasing today a new update for the COBRA ODE. The bootloader is being updated to v1.1 which should fix everyone’s problems with USB thumb sticks not being recognized. Please refer to the user manual for instructions on updating the bootloader.

Also, the MCU update is now at version 1.3 which also fixes the USB thumb stick access, as well as a few other small fixes. Please refer to the Changelog.txt for more information.

The COBRA manager has also been updated and is now at version 1.2. You can now load games without rebooting your console or ejecting the disc. Simply quit the manager after selecting your game and the manager will make the PS3 restart automatically. If you wish to quit the manager without rebooting, simply press X to discard the yellow dialog before quitting the game and it will not restart the XMB.

The third-party library is also being updated with many changes which break the previous API, and to better parse the new files available from the ODE. ODE Manager developers should read the documentation and review the new API when integrating. Also, please refer to the user manual to understand the changes to the file structure.

Note that initial orders may not recognize all the USB drives, so if the LED does not flash purple, the update may not have been performed. Use a thumb drive or hard drive which works with the ODE to install the initial bootloader update which will then fix support for all other drives.

We are working hard everyday on improving the COBRA ODE, most critical day one bugs are now fixed. We have just discovered a data corruption in the DISC.ISO file when dumping the original disc which we will fix as soon as possible. In the next releases, you can expect the following features :

geniso: IRD support
manager: Disc dumping support
MCU: PSX and PS2 iso support.

You can visit the official site to download the latest firmware and install manual.

Cobra ODE – Firmware v1.2 updated


Cobra ODE  update firmware v1.2 again, solve the issue that, for some console, cobra ode cannot be recognized.

Cobra ODE News – Cobra ODE 1.2 update

We are releasing another update today to the COBRA ODE firmware as well as an updated manager and 3rd party integration library.
The problem reported earlier about the ODE not recognizing some NTFS drives was actually caused by drives using the non default cluster size. We have updated the user manual to specify that we recommend 4096 allocation unit size. Also, with this update, the ODE will now support drives with a cluster size of 2048, 4096 and anything above that. We have also added another new feature. Now our manager reports the ODE MCU firmware version. The COBRA manager will now print the version of the COBRA ODE firmware. An update to the third party integration library will allow third party managers to display this information.

This is really an amanzing item, you can use it play all ps3 games via external HDD, no console version limitation, means you can use it on v4.x console. And phat console don’t need soldering!

Cobra ODE update firmware to v1.1

Since Cobra ODE come out, the news update very quick, let players know this product more.

Now the Cobra ODE update new firmware to v1.1 and point out some issue that for some console, Cobra ODE cannot be recognized, the team is trying to solve that issue.

Cobra ODE News – Update and known issues

We are releasing update version 1.1 of the COBRA ODE firmware. This update will allow you to validate the game selection without rebooting the console. Once the game selection is done through the manager, the game will be loaded after ejecting and reinserting the disc in the drive. Selecting the game by rebooting the console will also work as before. Get the 1.1 update:

Cobra MCU update v1.1

Follow the update instructions from our updated user manual:

Cobra ODE User Manual v1.1 (English)

We also want to point out some of the issues that have been reported to us in the official support forum, and want to let you know that we are working on releasing a fix for them as soon as possible.

– There seems to be an issue with some specific hard drives that aren’t recognized by the COBRA ODE when they are formatted with NTFS. While this only affects a small number of hard drive, it is a high priority bug that we will fix as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you are experiencing this issue, you can format the drive in FAT32 and it will work.

– For some games, if the game update has been installed, the game will refuse to launch. We have identified the issue as being caused by the ISO file being badly generated, and an update to the Geniso tool will be released shortly that fixes it. The updated Geniso tool will give you the choice of using an IRD file to rebuild the ISO. It is however optional, and you can still generate ISO files without the IRD file, for those titles which do not have an IRD file, or for homebrew applications.

– If installing a PS3 firmware update, the update will sometimes fail when the COBRA ODE is installed and in EMU mode. We recommend you switch to PT mode and disconnect USB device from Cobra ODE while doing a PS3 firmware update Online or from  PS3 front USB ,  until this issue is resolved..

Updated version of our Cobra ODE Installation Manual.

Cobra ODE Installation Manual v1.1 (English)



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