Xecuter CoolRunner Rev C – Best tools for modding your xbox360


Just instock a new product: Xecuter CoolRunner Rev C, this is hot sale right now and it is a great product for modding your xbox360. But i think this item just for professional, if you are a freshman on xbox360, you’d better choose x360dock or x360key. Here is the details:

Xecuter CoolRunner Rev C

1. Improved Circuit to Boost Glitch Times
2. Added Enable / Disable For DemoN
3. Added RGH2 Support
4. Enable / Disable C15 (RGH2)
5. Enable / Disable 10 Ohm (RGH2)
6. Enable / Disable 100nF (Jasper)
7. Includes 1ft 50 Ohm Low Loss Double Shielded Cable (CPU_RST)

The product including 1 mainboard and 2 sata cables.