Universal USB charger – MagDapter power bank for travel


Well, today want to introduce a convenience product, named MagDapter power bank for travel. It is an universal USB charger, including almost all the plugs in one small cube. bring you quick and high quality travel and business trip experience. 4 kind of plug and 4 port. you can charge for your device at any time in any place. high power output ensure quick charging.


product features:

1. Patented design, gather different kinds of plug into one. Light elegant, powerful function2. Special for children safe design, high quality material, safe and reliable
3. This MagDapter Universal USB charger fit for China, USA, UK, Japan, Australia, Spain etc, it is a good parterner for travellers and business elites. Compatible with household appliances and Digital electronic products
4. Dual USB port, output is 5v, charging just need one USB cable.
5. This USB charger fit for iphone, ipad, mp4, mp3, psp, camera and other mobile phones.

This is a very convenience high quality product. hope you like it :)