E3 Team will release a new product?

Found this news from psx-scene, seems the E3 team will release a new item. We know its E3 flasher bring users many convenience and that is really a great product. now they plan to release a new product, this news excited me, here is the details:

E3TEAM, the world renowned PS3 team, the maker of E3 FLASHER, E3 CARD READER and E3 CFW 4.30 etc, will release a Revolutionary new innovation product:

E3 Station

E3 Station is a multi-console supported platform, which we spent nearly a year developed by E3TEAM. It has huge hardware scalability and various software applications. Its main features are:

A high-performance hardware architecture
Big HD touch screen allow players to use the software easily .
Support for an expansion hardware board. With the custom expansive board, the user can play backup game easily.
Multi-console compatable, such as PS3/XBOX360/WIIU, and also future PS4/XBOX720.
Built-in Bluetooth, WIFI and HDMI interface, support HD Internet TV and a variety of high-definition 1080P multimedia(include BD ISO).
Perfect quality and attractive price.

The E3 STATION will be the best development tools for developers. E3TEAM will open the application SDK, and provide free sample for those interested developers. The developer can release their work (software or hardware) which is based on the E3 STATION for free or paid. E3TEAM will also reward the good work, we will public later with the Awards Program.

We believe that with the support of many developers, E3 STATION users will get the best experience.

Addition, E3TEAM will release over time various E3 expansion boards which run on the E3 Station. Users can choose which ones according to their own needs, so far the following boards are planned:


The NAND board KIT includes the NAND board and the Nand CLIP. These boards work in conjunction with the E3 Station, the NAND-model PS3 Users can easily achieve one click downgrades without the need of any hassle or even a PC. Just touch E3 station screen and downgrade is completed.


The NOR board KIT includes the NOR board and the NOR CLIP. These boards also work in conjunction with E3 Station, the NOR-model PS3 Users can easily achieve one click downgrades without the need of any hassle or even a PC. Just touch E3 station screen and downgrade is completed.

About PS3 3K and 4K consoles, we will release 2 products for them:


The DRIVE EMU BOARD works with the E3 station, users can run PS1/PS2/PS3 backup game from harddisk, this works on ALL PS3 models including 3K and 4K.

2: PS3 Glitcher

This is an independent small size chip with cheaper cost. It does not need additional hardware like the E3 Station. We have succeeded in glitching the PS3 3K and 4K a few months ago, all we need is some time to improve the boot rate.

If this item come out, no doubt it will bring another E3 storm in the market, look forward they surprised us!

E3 Flasher instock right now! Downgrade your PS3 v4.3!

Since E3 Flasher official rleased the CFWv4.3, this product is become so hot. You can downgrade your ps3 v4.3 to v3.55! What’s more is that the E3 Flasher Limited version support 1 key changing-over, from OFW v4.3 to CFW v3.55. No need soldering! So convenient!

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No need true blue anymore? Yes! you can hack it by software!

So exciting news! The true blue dongle DRM protection is removed by DUPLEX! What is that mean? That means you don’t need true blue to hack your ps3 any more, just use the software hack, you can play all 3.6+ games on the 3.55 system. Of couse, you still need downgrade your console to 3.55 system. That need E3 Flasher or something.

Here is the news source: http://www.ps3news.com/ps3-hacks-jailbreak/trueblue-ps3-usb-dongle-drm-protection-removed-by-duplex/

Seems more and more games will be breaked today. What i am thinking now is: what the true blue team will do next? They said they will release a new item lately.. If they can make a new product which can play all games on newest dashboard, no need downgrade, that will be great! Otherwise, the true blue will become the next ps3 break.

What the difference between E3 flasher limited and E3 flasher Clip suit ?

We know that the E3 flasher has a limited version and a Clip suit version, what the difference between them? Let’s see the follow:

Here is the E3 flasher limited content:

Here is the E3 flasher Clip suit content:

Compare them and we will found there are some items in the limited which is not include in clip suit. Why? Hmm…I think i know the reason. When the E3 flasher is developping, the team want to make a “dual boot” function which can use a swith to change the system between Internal HDD and External HDD. But with the time near, this function cannot complete on time. Then the team released this limited version, including External HDD tool, ps3 slim power, adapter and cables. After that, they released another tool named Estation which can connect to the External HDD, in addtion, the E3 flasher limited is so heavy that the shipping fee is very high. So the E3 flasher Clip suit borth.

This is a good item and i just want to explain as usually see some users ask this question.

Thanks for reading!