E3 ODE PRO – OS 2.1 and E3 Manager 2 released!


E3 ODE PRO latest news, the new E3 OS 2.1 and E3 Manager 2 released finally!  All the users who update firmware to OS2.1 will have the follow features:

1. One-key install offiial PKG file2. Support PS1 games (this is great)
3. Blue-ray movie ISO play directly
4. DVD movie ISO play directly
5. Further improve the support folder format PS3 games

The PS1 game supporting is a great updating! and the next E3 ODE PRO OS 2.2 will have the follow features:

1. Promote E3 ODE PRO function
2. support unofficial PKG file
3. Support PSN games

Wow, support PSN games is so amazing! That means we can play games on line freely and enjoy online services! Good job! E3 Team!

E3 ODE PRO – supports 4K 4.55 demo video released


The E3 official released a big news today, they released the world’s first PS3 ODE supports 4K 4.55 demo video. And seems they launched a special USB harddisk adaptor of E3 ODE PRO.

“E3 ODE PRO,the world’s first PS3 ODE supports 4K 4.55 demo video released. We can know from the video, boot disc game and the actual running game is different game.
(boot disc game is call of duty: world at war,the actual running game is soulcalibur4).
furthermore , E3TEAM master a variety of methods to bypass 4.55 verify ODE . The demonstration strong comeback against E3TEAM malicious slander guess. E3TEAM strong technical strength once again proved E3 ODE PRO as the world’s first PS3 ODE not Langdexuming. We are urgent to debug E3 OS 2.0, all E3 ODE PRO user is about to usher the revolutionary new features in 1-2 weeks ! (include 4k 4.55 supports).”\

This is a great news, expecting the E3 OS 2.0. and here is the video which show 4K 4.55 ODE:

And about the new product E3 USB Adapter, has Free sleep function, games run more smoothly.


1:Full metal case, better heat dissipation, more stable performance
2:Free sleep function, games run more smoothly
3:USB3.0/2.0 interface,fast transmission speed to 450M/S
4:Support SATA3 3.5/2.5 harddisk,the maximum capacity of up to 3TB

E3 ODE PRO – works perfectly on the new super slim PS3 42XX console


News from E3 ODE PRO, The E3 Manager for E3 ODE PRO will be released soon. E3 Manger will give the user a variety of styles of operation and brilliant dazzling theme background . Of course, like simple -to-use user can still use E3 OS for normal operation.

The official released a E3 Manager demo video

E3 Manager demo

One more is E3 ODE PRO works on the new super slim PS3 42XX console perfectly. This is really a great news!

E3 ODE PRO – how to solve upgrade cycle problem


The E3 ODE PRO explained why some customers happen upgrade cycle problem and released a file to fix this problem. So everytime when players has any problem during install the E3 ODE PRO, they can report the problem to E3 team, and E3 team will solve the issue soon. This is really a great service, think E3 team is really very professional.

Because of wrong operation of E3 ODE PRO, user update PS3 official firmware fail, and turn into upgrade cycle. This problem happened because user not turn E3 ODE PRO into the correct PS3 BD DRIVE MODE. Now user can turn the E3 ODE PRO into PS3 BD DRIVE mode for fix this problem even can’t start PS3 correctly. (update easier way)

The select mode on PS3 menu is not same for Europe and Asia console . The Europe user should Press X but not Press O to choose from E3 OS . We are sorry take inconvenient for those user, we will fix it in the next update of E3 OS .

E3 ODE PRO OSv1.23 is available

News from E3 team. Their new product E3 ODE PRO released new OSV1.23. E3 Team upddate their news many times these days, and most news for problem from their customers feedback, when use the E3 ODE PRO. Have to say, good job e3 team!

After the hard work of the last few weeks , the E3 OS v1.23 is now available for download.

The important feature of this update is :
1: One update program for all slim console now
2: E3 ODE PRO mode and PS3 BD DRIVE mode is easier to switch
3: More stability and faster speed.

The new user manual v1.23 is also updated.

More boot disc type is supported by E3 ODE PRO , user can download the keys file and follow the instruction.

How to use E3 ODE PRO? – Installation and operation video released!


Since E3 team launch their new product E3 ODE PRO out, it catch so many eyes and become more and more popular, due to its cheap price and high quality function. Now, E3 ODE PRO released 2 videos for how to install the E3 ODE PRO and how to use it. When users buy E3 ODE PRO back in home, always want a detailed tutorials for how to use it, even it is not so hard to install, but for most of users, they are freshman on moding console. So these videos help a lot. Here is the details:

Thanks our user Tobias Br?rmann make 2 nice video to show E3 ODE PRO installation and operation. The video confirm that without modification , the E3 ODE PRO can upgrade to v1.21 and ntfs work perfectly.

E3 ODE PRO installation

How E3 Works:

E3 ODE PRO – OS v1.2 released


The E3 ODE PRO is the optical drive emulator for PS3. It Run game and movie ISO’s from all slim PS3 without the need to restrict your console to running on a CFW. E3 ODE PRO works on all slim console include 2xxx, 3xxx and 4xxx .

The E3 ODE PRO a large number of listed, so if you still wait for the Cobra ODE, you can change to buy E3 ODE PRO. And the new OS v1.2 released today, here is the details:

1: No 5s waiting anymore after replug power cable of PS3, user can start PS3 immediately.

2: allow user update the future new FW of E3 ODE PRO successfully without power off PS3(just restart PS3 and update successfully)

3: No restart if switch from PS3 BD DRIVE to E3 ODE PRO mode(need press EJECT )

4: Improve the stability of E3 ODE PRO on all slim console include 4K 12G , 4K and 3k console.

5: Please note, after unplug PS3 power cable, E3 ODE PRO need 5s to power off . So after 5s, user can plug PS3 power cable and start PS3 .

E3 ODE PRO – First batch shipped out


According to the E3 official, first batch of E3 ODE PRO had shipped out already. And we are the official reseller, so we will get the product soon! Here is the details:

We are pleased to announce the first batch of E3 ODE PRO had shipped out to our official reseller. User should enjoy E3 ODE PRO in few hours !

The download page of official web had updated, user can get E3 ODE PRO manual and software there.

The e3 ode pro is another great product developed by e3 team. support play ps3 games via external HDD, support all slim consoles.

Do you know E3 ODE PRO?


Maybe you know E3 flasher and Cobra ODE, but do you know E3 ODE PRO? The E3 ODE PRO is another new product which developed by E3 team. E3 team is famous due to its product: E3 Flasher, E3 Flasher can downgrade your ps3 to v3.55. And now, E3 team launched this new product: E3 ODE PRO, it is the optical drive emulator for PS3. It Run game and movie ISO’s from all slim PS3 without the need to restrict your console to running on a CFW. And buy E3 ODE PRO works on all slim console include 2xxx, 3xxx and 4xxx .

Here is the official features:

  • No eject and NO restart
  • Select game and run automatically
  • Supports all slim PS3’s including previously “unbreakable” 2k5,3k and 4k systems!
  • Select game, switch game and switch mode from E3 OS directly !
  • Play games on ODE mode or BD drive mode
  • Homebrew supported
  • Easy upgrade and easy use
  • Updatable via USB storage
  • High quality components used throughout
  • Built at a high tech facility
  • Easy installation on 25xx,3xxx and 4xxx series Slim and Super Slim series consoles with solder board (quick solder board)
  • Advanced software onboard and frequent free updates
  • BD Movie support to follow (In a future update)
  • PS1 and PS2 ISO support to follow ( in a future update)


And according to the product picture, we can see there are 3 boards and 5 cables. Don’t know if the E3 ODE PRO need soldering or not, but no doublt this is another great tool for players enjoy games via external HDD. Let’s looking forward to this amazing item!