Flashcart guide for Nintendo 3DS V9.8

No doubt that in the coming days the Nintendo 3DS will keep updated with their console , the latest  3ds console has been updated to V9.8.0-25 ,So which card can be also use or they are banned ??

First we divided into 2 parts  , 3DS flashcart and DS flashcart.

3DS Flashcart

Sky3DS is the card we must to talking about , the users do worry about sky3ds banned by the Nintendo , Every time Nintendo updated the console ,the first time we tested with Sky3ds ,Always working . you can find sky3ds official website are updated the template files and the Latest Diskwriter V.2.02 , easy to write the games rom to the sky3ds. know more and all the usage of the sky3ds please click the below photos .


DS Flashcart

Talking about Ds Flashcart , R4 series card is what you should know .

Even the latest 3DS 9.8 console , R4 card still can support the 3ds console but it only limited on  ds games. These R4 DS flashcards include r4i gold 3ds , r4i sdhc rts 3ds, r4isdhc 2015 cards, r4i gold eu 3ds, ace3ds plus . so, which one is the best one  to run DS Games on 3ds/new 3ds/2ds 9.8.0-25, see below:

R4i sdhc rts 3ds on 3ds 9.8



  • Performance: Support more DS Games with fewer problems.
  • Functions:Support Wifi download engine, 4 RTS saving files and more emulators.
  • Using: Support the longest standby time and more enjoyable using experience, the UI of R4I SDHC RTS 3DS is user-friendly designed.
  • Follower:R4i sdhc 3ds rts has the most users means customers can get more support and help from others.
  • Card:You will always buy the working card, no fake card.  (other r4 cards have higher fraction defective,many user got unworking card and have to replace it.)

R4i gold 3ds on 3ds 9.8


R4i gold 3ds wood is coming from www.r4ids.cn and with the most famous wood kernel. Compared with other r4 ds cards, it is better in worldwide fame, more reliable kernel and simple UI.By the way, this one is the first r4 card which announce itself support on 3ds system to run ds game roms. If you would like to buy a R4 DS Game card with basic functions and average quality, r4i gold 3ds wood is a good choice.


Ace3ds plus on 3ds 9.8


Ace3ds plus is its bottom price, only cost $9.9 for each, even plus USPS or other shipping fee, the whole price won’t higher than $15. However, it has the built-in kernel, which means that once the card is blocked by 3DS Firmware update, it can’t work again. For the time being, ace3ds plus support multi-ds roms on 3ds/new 3ds/2ds 9.8.0 without problems. What my opinion toward this card? If you don’t want to pay more on r4 card, ace3ds is the one you need.

Gateway Ultra 3.2.2 released to support Emunand 9.8 on Old 3DS

As Nintendo updated the latest console to V9.8.0-25 ,Some big teams Like Sky3ds ,R4i Team and Gateway Team ,Ace3ds Team are very busy for comfort with it , and they all  tested and confirmed they are still working on it , obiviouly sky3ds is the strongest 3DS flashcart !!  as all to know ,Gateway Support V4.1-9.2 , through the team’s great effort , official announce that it also can be Emunand V9.8 ,this news definetly a great excitement for gateway funs .now let is check the details.

Gateway Ultra V3.2.2

1.Updated Blue Card GW_INSTALLER.nds with New 3DS support

2. Added option to boot into SYSNAND mode directly even with EMUNAND on SD card

3. Easy to boot into SYSNAND mode , Under the Gateway menu with the boot icons visible, simply hold B while booting into Gateway mode or Classic mode!  You will then be asked to confirm booting into SYSNAND mode by pressing X.

4. Added the New 3DS support to the Blue Card GW_INSTALLER.nds, so you have another alternative to reinstalling NVRAM other than from our Gateway menu.

Now we will advice some flashcart to work with perfectly with V9.8.0-25

Sky3ds Flashcart ( click photo to buy )


 Gateway 3DS Flashcart (Click photo to buy)


R4i Gold 3DS Flashcart (Click photo to buy )


R4i sdhc 3DS RTS Flashcart


Ace3ds Plus Flashcart


This is the most popular flashcart that we listed for you , Different card has different function and usage , you can check their official websites , we are the biggest USA and Canada market reseller , you can get a very good price than others , you can browse our websites :  www.game4deal   for further checking !

CIAKonPack Convert 3DS roms to CIA works perfect on New and Old 3DS

Recently GBA released CIA called CIAKonPack tools (batch production CIA, Easy and Fast )
Today this will also extend to the NEW3DS (9.0-9.2)! Require a computer operating system is 64, does not support XP.

Before the Tutorial ,you need to download the CIAKONPACK-OLD-NEW3DS

And know more about Latest 3DS flashcart and news please move to : www.game4deal.com


 New 3ds Tutorial

1. Unzip attachments, open NEW3DS files,copy the 3ds game rom ( you want to convert to CIA ) to the root of Rom files.


2.  Select all 3DS roms directory file and drag it to ncchinfo_gen-exheader.py, wait a few seconds, it generates NCCHINFO.bin file, copy the file to the sdcard directory (notice not your SD card)


3.copy NINJHAX ‘s root files to your SD card root your New 3DS-SD card (Decrypt9 homemade plug-in, if have please ignore it ).


4.Copy files sdcard’s files  to the root of your New 3DS -SD card, then there will be shows below :


5. When starting a New 3DS NINJAHAX homemade system (requires genuine card stereoscopic ninja or SKY3DS, select Decrypt9 plug-in, then press A, and when the process is complete 100% press START to return the system interface




6.In your new SD card will xorpad three files (depending on the number of files you want to convert the number of game ROM, a correspondence one), copied to the xorpads catalog


7. Double convert.py will start window Once finished, you’ll find under the roms filesis already full of CIA files you want


Tutorial : 3DS To CIA format Convert

QQ截图20150513150508 As you know ,the gateway has two card ( blue card and red card ) , and the red card is used for store the Game Rom so they can playing the 3ds games ,  This Tutorial  is aboout how to change the 3DS format to CIA format .

Make sure you buy the orginal gateway 3ds flashcard ,trying to get one from the official reseller : http://www.game4deal.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=69_70&products_id=486

First let’s know about the advantages of doing these :

1. Can Directly install CIA game rom under the Gateway Virtual system  3DS Menu

2. The game Rom are directly store in the 3DS-SD card( also including game saving) that is to say ,when you play the games ,the game Rom are not in the red card  ,no need using red card to read the games  ,More saving Electric and conveninent.


A.Download CIA and reboot the files , and install “python-2.7.8.msi”

Click here to download CIA


B. Copy the game Rom you need to convert to the “step 1 ” files  and renamed the game rom to “rom.3ds”


C. Put the “rom.3ds into ” ctrKeyGen.py” to produce “ncchinfo.bin”



D. Copy the “ncchinfo.bin” to the 3DS-SD card

E.Copy all root of “For 3DS SD card ” files to the 3DS-SD card.



F. Put the 3DS-SD Into the 3DS and insert the blue gateway card



G.Install gateway blue card firmware, when completed, press button A




H.select 系统设置→その他设定→ユーザー情報→DSソフト用设定

I. Waiting for the file format converting , turn off the 3ds console when it complete



J. Take out 3DS- SD card and connect SD card to PC, copy all the file”.xorpad” to folder “Step 2″ files , and also copy all “rom.3ds” in folder “Step” 1 to folder “Step 2″


K. Open the file “decrypt and make.bat”, begining game format from .3ds to .cia.  QQ截图20150513105343

The screen will process”do you want firmware spoofing”, just press “y” to go.


Next shows “do you want to slowly unpack ronfs”, just press “y” to proceed:


Then remind you choose the 1/2/3 option, just press “1” to proceed:


It will remind “Continue with this selection?”, just press “y” to proceed:


Waiting until it shows 100% finished:


L. During the running, just select “yes” and “confirm” to proceed

M.When it shows below ,it means 3DS to .CIA  formate is succeed, just press any button to go


N. Then in files“Step 2″ you will see the “instal.cia” file, this is the game format we need, copy this “instal.cia” to your 3DS- SD card to instal game ROM:


Thanks for your watching !!

GATEWAY 3.2 ULTRA PUBLIC BETA -EMUNAND 9.7 can be work on old 3DS!

Yesterday the Gateway official pubilish the 3.2 ULTRA PUBLIC BETA ,So let know about what is the new functions !!

Note: If you want to get the Gateway 3DS  flashcart ,click here

New Function:

1.Latest EMUNAND support for old 3DS (currently version 9.7)

2.New 3DS 8.1 JAPAN region now fully supported (multirom menu and so on)

3.System Settings 4.5 support for New 3DS!

4.Built-in NVRAM installer in the Gateway menu (behaves same as the Blue Card Gateway installer)

From now on, New 3DS users can rejoice that they no longer need to constantly use Cubic Ninja or Zelda Ocarina of Time to boot up into Gateway mode!
With this firmware update, you will be able to boot into Gateway mode using just System Settings, just like on old 3DS! No more extra accessories required once you have done the setup!

Just follow these simple steps:
1) Copy the Gateway 3DS 3.2.0 ULTRA Launcher.dat to your New 3DS microSD card
2) Copy mset_<region>.cia to your New 3DS microSD card (where <region> is your console region)
3) Copy “DevMenu.3ds” to your Gateway 3DS microSD card.
4) Boot into the Gateway menu with your preferred entrypoint (Zelda or Cubic Ninja)
5) Select the new “NVRAM INSTALL” option from the menu, proceed with installation.
6) Once installed, boot into Gateway mode and launch DevMenu.3ds from the multirom menu (press SELECT)
7) Start DevMenu and import mset_<region>.cia from your SD card.
8) Reboot console and verify you can now boot into Gateway mode with the classic System Settings DS Profile method. (Settings -> Profile -> Nintendo DS profile)
9) Enjoy! No more cartridge swapping required to use Gateway 3DS on New 3DS!

Please make sure to install the *CORRECT* mset cia for your region, we do not recommend this for new users with little experience !!

Please be aware that this downgrades the System Settings application on your SYSNAND, so be wise and
backup your SYSNAND (and setup EMUNAND) using the Gateway menu before you do this.
Note you can always manually install a newer CIA version back of System Settings, but using our Sysnand Restore option is the recommended option.

New 3DS users might also wonder why there is no EMUNAND update yet, and the answer is simply that while we are still making steady progress on this front, there is still alot of work to be done until we get to this point. So we hope our New 3DS users will understand that we cannot give an exact end date for this yet.
Rest assured we will be able to overcome this obstacle!

The problem of R4i Gold 3DS RTS not work in New 3DS ??

Recently i have received a feedback from our customer that the R4i Gold 3DS not work in new 3DS . see the problem below:


According to our experience , it should be the R4i Gold 3ds Flashcart not upgrading ,so it can not be played in New 3DS.

You need to intall the patches file to upgrade the R4i Gold 3ds Flashcart in your NDS or your NDSi game body, now let me show to how to work it !!

1. Download the Newest R4 Kernel and upgarde Pateched from official  websites

*Newest R4 Kernel

*Upgarde Patches

 2.After the Download , reboot the files  and you can see the files below


Notice : you can see there are 2 patch files ( One is for NDSi  ) and (One is for NDS )  ,you can only select the correspond patch  according to your NDS or NDSi.

3. Formated the Micro SD card and copy the Kernel and the accordingly Patches and your game Rom to the boot of the Micro SD card


4.Insert the Micro SD card to the R4i 3ds Card and insert to the game body.


5. Find the Patch Files and click “A” ,if there is the surface of fail , you need to take out the R4i 3ds card and insert again!


6. After it complete ,it will shows Upgarding success!


7. Then Take out the R4i 3ds card and now you can play games in 3DS !! Enjoy!


Hope the gamer see the artile can help you out for the problem and please kindly noted you must choose the right patch for your game body !!

NTR CFW 2.2 – Anti-Piracy Region-Free CFW on U/E/J New 3DS

In GBA Temp, there is a hot discussion about NTR CFW 2.2. Which can be Anti-Pircy Region-Free CFW on JP/EU/US/AUS  New 3DS , You can see the forum here

Before talking about NTR CFW 2.2 ,what you need is  NEW 3DS LL ,Genuine Cubic Ninja card or Sky3ds card


* Language Emulation plugin: The Language Emulation plugin could solve some language issues of region-locked games, such as games refuse to run or displays wrong language. You can play EUR Majoras Mask on JP N3DS by installing this plugin now. This plugin also allows you switch languages for games that have multiple language files.

*Improved game compatibility on NTR Mode: more games are runnable in NTR Modes now, including MH4.

*Hot-key settings: You can redefine the default X+Y hot-key for NTR Menu now, you can also define a hot-key for screenshot.

*Improved compatibility for layeredFS plugin.

*Improved success-rate for BootNTR.


System Requirement

V8.1.0/9.0.0/9.1.0/9.2.0  of US version ,EU version,JP version and AU version ,NEW 3DS/LL

Note: System firmware >= 9.3.0 might never be supported


How to install NTR CFW 2.2 ?

Note:(if you have installed the old version NTR ,You need to delete the save data and restall)

1.Download zip file :http://filetrip.net/dl?c0fcnfa5mZ

2.Copy ntr.bin to your N3DS’s microsd card.

3. Start Cubic Ninja, Click Edit->QR Code and scan the QR file. (JAPAN.png for JP consoles, and EUROPE_USA.png for other consoles)
(Hint: If you have installed other exploits already, hold L+R+X+Y at game’s main menu to erase the savedata)

4 .Press A to install the BootNTR.

5.Turn off your console.


How to boot into NTR Mode:
1 Turn on you console, wait a few seconds before starting Cubic Ninja.
2 Click Edit->QR Code, after booted up successfully, the screen will flashes blue and rerturn to Home Menu.
3 If it was failed, turn off the N3DS and try again.
4 Enjoy!


You can see the main function of NTR CFW is you can use your NEW 3DS LL play different laguage games ,for examples : EU version “The Legend of Zelda” “Majora’s Mask” is seems to work with a 3DS Version of Japan by plug-ins.

How to use Sky3ds Running the game ?

Sky3DS is Always powerful and strong !!

Today , A big news from the official shows Sky3ds can support the Latest V.9.7.0-25 U/E/J.  and it is confirmed !!

As the official reseller of sky3ds , here let’s show you how to use Sky3ds ?

The latest sky3DS DiskWriter is V2.02b1  ,but we show an example for DiskWriter V106b5 ,and the DiskWriter V2.02b1 is the same operate!

1. Please download the DiskWriter and template to your PC, and you will get two file; ( the same way for DiskWriter V2.02b1)

2.Run the “DiskWriterV106.exe” app as an administrator role;    (The same way for DiskWriter V2.02b1)

3. Before running DiskWriter app, you have to intall the “.Net FrameWork V4.0+” , otherwise go to step 5;

4. After you installed the Microsoft .NET Framework, reboot your PC and then re-open to run the “DiskWriterV106.exe” app as an administrator role;

Note:Please run the diskWriterV1.06 on a Win7/8 PC as an administrator role, and make sure to use a USB adapter(not a SD adapter) with your microSD card.

5. Insert a Microsd card with an USB adapter into your PC(WIN7/8 OS) , and the option will appear “USB2.0 CARD-READER USB Device (\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1)”, select it and then click the button “Go!” ;

6. There will be a warning “The selected drive is not currently formatted for this application”. Just click “Yes” to go on;



7. “DiskWriter V1.06″ is running normally should like below; Choose “File” ->”Format”;

8. Again, there is a important warning to inform you that ” Formatting the dirve will destory ALL information on it!

Are you sure you wish to processed? ” , click “Yes” to confirm, then another warning inform you once again, click “Yes” ,



9. Click “OK” after format complete;

10. Choose “Option” -> “Change Template” to select template file;



11. Choose “File”->”Write” and choose your favorite 3DS roms and then its will be written into your microSD card in a few minutes;




12. After writing completed , insert the microSD card with Sky3DS into 3DS console to enjoy it.


2015 New Function of Sky3DS DiskWriter V2.02b1

Good news to all !

The official Sky3ds has updated the DiskWriter V2.02b1 yeterday,and it has been add more functions.

If  you want to get this Sky3DS ,Click Here.     Now let’s have a look!

*First open the 2.02, you will see the interface has divided into two pieces

*Second you will see there is no add in the file meau

And the same as Setting Meau

*Third ,you can see”Down to Reserve ” Select the game Rom from Above to Below

Generally speaking :

1. Can easily change the list of the games .

2.Reduce the possibility of lossing  game save data

* Sky3DS DiskWriter V2.02b1 released. You can download it here. (04/17/2015)

Change logs:
1. Tiny bugs fixed.
2. Added microSD card space management feature.
Note: You have to convert your old saved data on microSD card(DW1.06)
if any to the new DW2.02 format by the pop up window “Save backup file”.
After the convert process completed, there will be message window forwards to you,
and then please follow as the instructions did to avoid damage or lost upon game save data.

Tips for buying 3DS Flashcart on Easter day !

Hey everyone! Today I would like to start what will be cheaper price  regarding the holidays & all we had offered.If you are goging to buy a 3DS flashcart for a Nintendo user , that would be much easier .  Here are my tips for starting your shopping for 3DS before even setting foot in a store (or online store).

1.Figure out what system firmware your 3DS is . Now the latest 3DS system firmware is V9.6.0-24 , most of flashcarts can work on the latest 3DS ,At this point ,we had to advice this card for you — SKY3DS , it Support any 3ds system 3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL  consoles(US,EU,JP). Even Support the latest 3DS V9.6.0-24U/E/ J . and it has been lower the price to support Easter Day ! just visit this site you can buy one or you can also wholesale.

Here are the list of advantage to buy SKY3DS  ★★★★★

★ the first card to supports 3ds games on New 3DS,3DSXL,3DS,2DS V9.6.0-24.
★compatibility all nintendo console with all firmware version.
★with a regular updating.
★easier to setup and use.
★supports all latest 3ds games,eshop games or online games.
★.supports future update.

By Comparing with sky3ds , the gateway 3ds has issue less than sky3ds when it work on the 3DS v9.2 .


2.Choose the right flashcart .

We have  done research on the google , you would find there are many flashcart in the market , and which one is the best for you 3DS ? This depends on your 3DS system firmware version and your interest .

R4i Gold 3ds Deluxe Edition   ★★★★

* Support 3DS/3DSXL/3DSLL consoles(v4.1 to v4.5).
* Support latest 3D games.
*Support latest DSi and 3DS games.
*Support ALL kind of 3DS and DSi console.
*Support RTS (Real Time Save) for DSi games.

R4i gold 3ds    ★★★★★

*Supports DSL / DSi / LL / XL/3DS

*With quicker Wood firmware update to provide more cool features.
*Supports 3ds/2ds v9.6.0-24 and DSi v1.45 perfectly.

*The wholesale Price only takes $9 .

*Supports Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works on any OS.


Ace3ds Plus   ★★★★★

*Work perfecrly on 3DS V9.6.0-24 and DSi V1.45


*Support all the commercial roms and homebrews

*The wholesale Price only takes $3.8   wow…..