how to using R-SIM 10 to unlock for iphone4s/5/5s/6/6Plus ?


R-SIM Team has announce that  The latest R-SIM 10 Turbo have more function ,and much more stable than R-SIM9.

R-SIM 10 ,You can use for travel and overseas business travel

Now let’s will talk about R-SIM10.


Device :

Iphone4S ,Iphone5 ,Iphone5S , Iphone6 ,Iphone6 Plus




8.0.2、8.1、8.1.1、8.1.2、8.1.3、8.2、8.3 (Updated)


Official Wholesale Reseller from :R-SIM10

Official Video for using  R-SIM1O unlock from Here.

Now let me show how to use R-SIM10

1. Prepare Nano SIM card+ R SIM 10 unlock card+ original tray

2.Insert tray into iPhone card slot

You will see a menu choose Service Provider, if the Service Provider didnot listed

please click “input imsi” and input the Service Provider”s imsi code which is 7 numbers

Note: (if you choosed the incorrect Service Provider, please pull out the sim card and redo the steps )

3. Select the Model of your Iphone


4.and select the SIM mode,and then Select your favoured way to unlock: M1 OR M2?

M1 is ring reminder(for US internet iOS above 7.1 and not stable with TMSI, so this M1 is not recommonded by us.

M2 is automatically searching mode, connecting with the wifi signal automatically,

after selected M2 and after inserted card below scene will occur waiting for the signal to be valid, after the signal valid, click NEXT to proceed,

in this M2 mode your phone device should have been internet connected)




Note:“For 3G/4G CDMA SIM Card” is used for CDMA internet unlocking(China Telecom 3G/4G SLIM Card can be used),

this mode is for CDMA phone model, Sprint/AU/SB etc card, 4G CDMA phone model support SIM to 3G.


5: Click”ACCEPT”, then reboot and turn-off device to use the perfect stable signal.

Warm Tip:

Click iPhone “settings”-“phone”-“SIM Application”, menu as below will displayed, click the “SelectCarrier”,

choose the Service Provider, click the “Edit IMSI” enter into mode of manually edit the Service Provider’s Code which is 7 numbers.

If there is no 7 numbers code of the service provider, select”Get Carrier Code”

by finding out the original SIM inserting together with R-SIM 10 into phone device, “settings”-“phone”-“SIM Application”-“Get Carrier Code”.