Sky3ds Region free showcase – V9.0-V9.5 3DS

Most gamers are not limit playing their own country version games , so if you got a EU 3DS ,how can you use EU 3DS  play JP games  ? i think this is most gamers care about !! Now let me show you how to regin free on your V9.0-V9.5 3DS .

1.First ,you need to get one Sky3ds Flashcart ,Click here to buy.
game4deal1 2

2.Download the Launcher.dat from here :

3.Copy Launcher.dat to the root of your SD card of your console.

4.Assure your version of console is  Between V9.0-V9.5, Download the DiskWriter V2.02b1 and the latest template file.

5, Insert the Micro SD Card into your 3ds console slot.

6.Start the 3DS and turn on the wifi for connecting.

7. Open “Download Play” on your 3ds.


8, Press”Home” button but not quit from Download Play, just keep it running in the backstage.
9.Open the Web Browser application and enter URL “”
10.Wait for seconds, the screen will turn black ,(Do not worry….) it will trun into the game page.
11.Press “OK” to proceed,then you can play region free games .

Attention: If you failed region-freely playing games on old 3ds console v9.0-9.5, please try to change other games ROM write into SKY3DS Flashcard and try again!