PS3 4K hacked? – haxckODE released an amazing video!


Found this news from ps3hax, this is really exciting me. From the video, we can see it show “PS3 super slim”, that is PS3 4K and seems the hack is very complicated. There are 5 mainboard and 1 HDD slot, and the video show the system is 4.41, not CFW, but OFW! that is why it support play on line, the users enter online shop at last, and before that, it played 2 games, both work well. So if this is real, that just another revolution for PS3. It bring me think about the 3k3y and cobra ode, the 3k3y need work on v3.55 first to extract the dvd key, and the cobra ode has not come out yet, just show us a mainboard and even not a video. So this hasckODE is more advantages. Though the detail product has not released, and someone maybe think this is fake, anyway, this is a break for PS3 4K hacking. And let’s looking forward to this amazing item!

What is the PROGSKEET V1.2 ?

Receive a news today that the PROGSKEET V1.2 is available right now. So what is the PROGSKEET V1.2 and what it is use for? Just visit their official site: and find some info.

PROGSKEET V1.2 is a tools which can download the PS3 from v4.2 to v3.55, and it seems have many other functions.

Bright features:

– Smallest footprint EVER
– Special 4 layer 35um design (separate ground and power planes)
– Increased sturdiness thanks to FR4 polymer based PCB (bulletproof! go ahead and
try to shoot it with rubber bullets, we did!)
– Improved stability for novice users (we understand that sometimes wiring can
be subpar)
– Consumes much less power (even during operation, U MAD NINTENDO?)
– Backwards compatible, including clip support (legacy bitstream)
– Customly crafted CPU to meet hobbyist demand (upcoming bitstream)
– Contains SPI ash (upcoming bitstream)
– Partially open source (upcoming bitstream)
– Switch & LED (Dual-Boot available in legacy, can be controlled by user as well in
upcoming bitstream)
– Streaming over several ports (upcoming bitstream)
– Hardware Serial Engine (upcoming bitstream)
– SPI Slave (which can also be used by user, upcoming bitstream)

Hmm, this is for the professional, and if you are a newbie for modchip, you’d better not try it.

How to use PS3 usercheat?

1. Please download some files we needed

PS3 OFW3.55 update patch
PS3 CFW3.55 update patch
PKG file

2. Before start, please confirm your ps3 console system, if it is a OFW 3.55 system, you can install the CFW directly, but if your console is cfw, you need back it to ofw, and then install the cfw again. This is for protect your console

3. Unzip the PKG file and put it into the root of sd card, insert sd card in ps3, go to “install package Files” find the pkg file and install it. when it finished, you will find there is a CU icon appear.

4. Put the cheatlist in to ps3 usercheat via pc, if the pc don’t recognize the user cheat, just put a sd card in the usercheat, Insert the usercheat dongle to ps3 console, power up and click “Eject”, then you will see a “Install Package Files” under the GAME icon, and the /app_home/PS3_GAME/ has a usercheat icon.

5. Enter it, there are all games which is saved in your internal HDD or external HDD, select one:

Here is which cheat function you can use, we choose the first “money max”

then press start, it will back to XMB, then start game, you will find the money become max already!

This tool is really very convenience and the method is easy!

How to use PS3 Break2 (PB2) ?

Because the true blue is stop offer for a long time, so many users begin to choose ps3 break2 (pb2). The function is as same as true blue, and the price is cheaper. Let’s see how to use it.

First, you need download some files:

1. The newest multiman, no need special multiman like cobra, just download a normal one
2. The pb2 cfw 3.55 system file

Step1: Install the PS3 PB2 CFW3.55
For this step, you need know what the system of your ps3 console right now, if you it is a cfw not a ofw already, please back it to ofw3.55 again, then install the PB2 CFW a3.55 again.
A: Create a folder named “PS3″ in the sd card, then create a folder named “UPDATE” in the “PS3″ folder, put the PB2 cfw 3.55 file (.PUP) in it. Attention: all lettter is capital.
B: Insert the sd card into ps3 console, find “system update” and select update from USB, then update your console from ofw3.55 to cfw3.55
After the updating, console will reboot auto

Step2: Install multiman
Put the multiman PKG file into the root of sd card. insert sd card into ps3 console, then go to GAME to install the multiman.

Step3: Play game from external HDD
Insert the PB2 and external HDD into ps3, go to multiman, select game and back, you will find the game icon will show on the dashboard, then select it and play.

<FEAR 3>, no problem!


No need true blue anymore? Yes! you can hack it by software!

So exciting news! The true blue dongle DRM protection is removed by DUPLEX! What is that mean? That means you don’t need true blue to hack your ps3 any more, just use the software hack, you can play all 3.6+ games on the 3.55 system. Of couse, you still need downgrade your console to 3.55 system. That need E3 Flasher or something.

Here is the news source:

Seems more and more games will be breaked today. What i am thinking now is: what the true blue team will do next? They said they will release a new item lately.. If they can make a new product which can play all games on newest dashboard, no need downgrade, that will be great! Otherwise, the true blue will become the next ps3 break.