How to repair Acekard 2i?

If your ak2i is white screen, or “no card insert”, what would you do? Before you through it away, please see this first, may your card can be repaired back to a good one again.

What we need?

1. Bad acekard 2i card
2. A good card (any card i use ace3ds plus)
3. sd card and card reader


1. Download the acekard 2i update patch and the newest kernel of ace3ds plus
2. Unzip them and put them into the root of sd card
3. Put the sd card into ace3ds plus, and start it on ds
4. Start the .nds file, before press B, please take out of the ace3ds plus, then put the acekard 2i in (you need download the newest acekard 2i kernel into bad card before)
5. Then press B and start, after the updating, the acekard 2i will be repaired back to a good card

But this is just for some card, the other bad card maybe cannot be repaired because the damage is not software, maybe the hardware.But you can try it once.

Thanks for reading!


Ace3DS PLUS AOS v2.03 released!

The Ace3DS PLUS update speed is really good. After released the wood kernel, they released the AOS yesterday. What the different? The wood kernel is a pure version without any plug-in unit. The AOS = Wood + Emulator + Moonshell.

Specially want to say the emulator, the AOS includeFC、GBC、GB、MD、NEOGEO emulator, and because some customers feed back they want a SNES emulator, so the ace3ds team add a SNES emulator in it this time. Good job! Ace3ds Team! Listen to players’ thinking will let you go  further!

And the best for the ace3ds plus  is it can work on 3DS v4.3 without any updating, no need ds/dsi, no need patch, that is really convenience. Hiden the card into card reader will let it ship out safer.

By the way, seems this card has no package from now on, and what we will receive is just a big pink card reader, then you can find the card in it. The package is redundant and will add the weight of shipping, no one want to pay too much on shipping fee, so i think this is a good idea to put off the package.

How to update M3i zero?

When you get the m3i zero in your hand, you cannot use it directly, you need update it. Before this, we need to know that there are 2 kinds of m3i zero card, one is Japanese version, the other is International version, please confirm which card you get, because the kernel is different too, if you use the Japanese kernel on your International version card, it will show: “no system file”, so if your card show this message, please confirm you card version first.

Then let’s see how to update m3i zero card:

1. Download this patch: 「F_CORE_v1.6.1」  , unzip it and put it into the root of sd card

2. Put the sd card into m3i zero, use the cable (which is included in the m3i zero package box) to connect the m3i zero to pc

3. Then you can see there is a red light is flashing on the m3i zero card, that means it is updating

4. After about 35 seconds, the light will die out, then the card update finished

Now, here is a problem. Sometimes, your updating is unsuccessful. The red light is not flashing, it is lighting. That is really gloomy, i tried many times, but almost all the time, it is lighting. And i don’t know why.

And after you update the card, the last thing is the kernel. M3i zero support 2 kinds kernel, one is sakura system, This is the biggest features of m3i zero, it is very beautiful and this is also the reason why many people like it. And there is another kernel named real system. If your card  cannot work on sakura system, then try the real system, because some cards cannot work on sakura system.


Classic r4 card – R4i SDHC 3DS

So many users choose r4i sdhc 3ds card, it always called r4i 3ds. The team released 2 kinds of this card, one is r4i sdhc not support 3ds, we call it r4i 1.44, becase it can work on dsi v1.44 perfectly. Another is r4i 3ds, which can work on 3ds v4.3.0-10 with no problem. Both of them is cheap, and this card released in a long time, it become a classic r4 card in the world right now.

The official even released a backup dongle: r4i save. As a player, we are happy to find a good card with cheap price, specially the card is r4 series. What i am interested in is the update method, every time when Nintendo release a new firmware, this card always make the update patch and kernel in one, then you can use the ds to update the card. The update speed is not very quick, but not late also. Seems this is the most stable card, keep its own pace, in no hurry.

Here is its function, i think for a newbie, can try it:

-Support the Latest N3DS perfectly.
-Realtime skin/themes change function(support random skin/themes selection mode).
-Supports Moonshell and other homeberw.Open I/O interface.
-Integrated latest MoonShell 2.0 Beta version.
-Through our PC-based Wi-Fi Engine Assistant software,it is able to download our website’s NDS games quickly and easily.
-Core upgrade automatically through WiFi of NDS/NDSi/NDSiLL to avoid tedious upgrading steps
-Able to memorize and restore to the previously selected game or application after restarting machine and soft reset.
-Able to recognise and display SD card type, volume and type of formating.
-Sleep mode function,for power saving and longer standby time.
-supports Clean ROM.drag and drop.Works on any OS.
-User friendly interface,easy to operate.
-Supports the Soft Reset.

How to update original ace3ds to work on 3DS v4.3.0-10 ?

What we need:

1 x original ace3ds
1 x ds/dsi/3ds below v4.3
1 x sd card + card reader


1. Download the update patch on the official site: Ace3DS update patch for 3DS v4.3.0-10

2. Unzip it and put the files into the root of  your sd card, put the newest kernel into the sd card also

3. Before update, we will find the icon is like below:

4. Put the sd card in the ds, start, and select the .nds file:

5. Press A to check ID, then Press A to continue

6. Then it will start earasing and update auto

7. When the updating finished, please reboot console, then you will find the icon changed

Now your original ace3ds can work on v4.3.0-10 perfectly!

Ace3DS PLUS released the wood kernel v1.51!

Good news! Ace3DS PLUS Wood V1.51 firmware Released! According to the ace3ds official, they relased the wood v1.51 kernel! This is great. Seems since ace3ds plus appear in the market, this card always bring us surprise. Update speed quick and the function is better.

The update details is follow:

Change Log
Pokemon Conquest (europe)
Harvest moon – The tale of two towns (europe)
Moxie Girlz (europe)
Cars 2 (europe)
Maru Goukaku – Shikaku dasshu! special shakai fukushishi shiken (japan)

Good job Ace3ds Team!

Why DSTwo called the strongest card?

All we know, dstwo is called strongest card. but why? This card is expensive, even not cheap, still many users like it. They said it worth the money. So let’s see what the reason it is.

1. Quick update speed: We know r4i gold 3ds update speed is quick. But dstwo is even quicker. The best thing is, it always make the update in the kernel, you can use the kernel and work it on your newest version console, no need ds or dsi to update. This is great, not all the users have both ds and 3DS. Sometimes it need the patch, but card will be updated soon, and the next time when you buy the dstwo, it can work on newest firmware with no problem.

2. Powerful video function: DSTwo support almost all the video and music format. You don’t need transfer the format, rmvb, mp4, avi, mp3, wma etc..all support, so convenience. I like this function most. Specially the 3DSXL is released, big screen means i can enjoy more fun during watch movies and MTV. But transfer format is really inconvenient, but dstwo don’t have this problem, just put the files in sd card, then you can play!

3. Play GBA game without slot2 card. Almost all the card support play GBA game, but almost all the card need another slot 2 card such as EZ flash 3 in 1, it need both of 2 cards, and need download the emulator, then can play GBA game. But wholesale dstwo just need download the emulator into sd card, no need 3 in 1 or other slot 2 card, just this slot 1 card can play GBA game! So is the dstwo expensive? No! It can save money! A normal slot 1 card need another slot 2 card to play GBA game, to be honest, the slot 2 card is not cheap. But dstwo make the 2 in one! This is also surprise me!

4. Can be repaired by the patch. If your card is broken(non-physical broken), what to do? throw it away? DSTwo can be repaired. Use the repair patch, even the card become white screen or “no card insert” or other issue, it can be repaired and back to a good card again.

So, compare with other card, dstwo is a little expensive, but just one card, you can get all the function you need. long service live, no bad card, no need slot 2 card..Do you still think this card expensive? No, actually, i think this card is the cheapest card and best card in the world!

R4i Gold 3DS wood v1.51 kernel released!

Good news! The r4i gold 3ds wood kernel v1.51 released. Quick speed again. When the r4 wood kernel update to v1.51, just a few hours later, r4i gold 3ds ( released their wood v1.51 kernel. Let’s see what the updating:

  • ‘pokemon conquest (Europe)’ fixed.
  • ‘harvest moon – the tale of two towns (Europe)’ fixed.
  • ‘moxie girlz’ fixed.
  • ‘cars 2 (Europe) (En,Es)’ fixed.
  • ‘maru goukaku – shikaku dasshu!special shakai fukushishi shiken’ fixed.

Look forward the other r4 series update their own wood kernel! But what i am interested most is the Ace3DS PLUS. This new card use wood kernel but we don’t know if it can keep pace with the r4. Hmm~Hope it can update quick.

Why most users choose R4i Gold 3DS ?

There are so many flashcart in the market, different brand, different function. But the most popular card is just a few of them, no more than 5 i think. And it seems the r4i gold 3ds ( is the most hot card in the world right now. Why? Let’s see the reason.

1. Quick update speed: every time when Nintendo update the firmware for dsi or 3ds, the r4i gold team always release patch first. The speed is amazing quick. Always no more than 1 day, this card announce they can support directly or use the patch. This is very convenience. A quick update speed means the team is strong and always active. Surpose you bought a card, then Nintendo update the firmware, and because your card cannot work on the newest version, you cannot update the console, you have to wait and wait. of course, even you don’t update the console, you still can play many games and there is no influence for you if the game code is update continue. Such as dstt, it cannot support newest version, even cannot support v4.2, but because the game code is never stop updating, so this card is still very popular. But, we always want ourselves card is strong. The r4i gold 3ds, can bring you a big satisfaction and sense of security.

2. Cheap price: Though the r4i gold 3ds is not the cheapest card, but it really worth the pirce due to its function and quantity. Beside r4i gold 3ds, other popular cards such as dstwo, acekard2i and m3i zero etc.. all is more expensive than r4i gold 3ds. of couse the other card is great also, but if you don’t need so many professional function and just want to play games, r4i gold 3ds is no doubt the best choice. Stable and cheap, team is strong!

3. Strong function: If you want to compare it with dstwo, oh, that is another topic. But if you want know what function it is, that is what i want to say. The r4i gold 3ds use wood kernel, wood kernel is stable and update quick. The most important thing i want to say is the r4i gold 3ds can be repaired if it is broken. If your r4i gold is white screen or appear error?, don’t worry, you can repair it by the repair patch. This is good for save money, you don’t need throw your card away if your card is broken.

Anyway, i an look forward this card and recommend it. You will not regret to choose the r4i gold 3ds.

Ace3DS PLUS work on 3DSXL perfectly!

News from the official site.

Ace3DS PLUS official upload a video to show that the Ace3DS PLUS can work on the new console 3DSXL perfectly.

And they update the original Ace3ds kernel also. The original Ace3ds still cannot work on newest 3DS v4.3.0-10, but the kernel update this time is for the games. update many hot game data. This is great. Play more game is more important that version update. Players need roms updating.