Acekard 2i AKAIO 1.9.0 released !

One thing is, the ak2i can work on 3DS v4.3.0-10 right now, when 3DS update the firmware to v4.3.0-10, ak2i take long time to make the v4.3 patch and that make many users disapponited. But i have to say, ak2i is a classic card and the skin is beatuiful. It bring so many happy to users. Even though now 3DS update the firmware to v4.4.0-10 again and it blocked all cards. After dstwo and r4i gold 3ds released the patch, there are so many flashcart still in block and users wait for the update patch. I believe ak2i is in progressing and will bring us surprise.

Before the official released the patch, the v4.3.0-10 update patch was appear on famous forum and i tested it. It is great. Please see here to check the details.

And finally, they released the patch on the official and at same day, they released a new version AKAIO 1.9.0. That means this team is still being there and working hard on their cards. As one of the famous cards in the market, look forward to ak2i.

R4i 3DS will work on 3DS v4.4.0-10 soon !

According to the, the r4i 3ds will work on 3DS v4.4.0-10 soon. Though the patch has not released yet, but the video is come out. This is as same as r4i gold 3ds, video come out first, then the patch will come. The r4i gold 3ds patch is released already, think the r4i 3ds patch will come out quick also.

Here is the video they update on the official site:

And there is another thing is, we don’t know if the r4i 3ds also has a PCB number limit like r4i gold 3ds.

How to update r4i gold 3ds to work on 3DS v4.4.0-10 ?

Today, the released the update patch finally! After the dstwo, r4i gold 3ds is the second card which can work on 3DS v4.4.0-10. Great news. Here is the update method:

What we need:

1. r4i gold 3ds
2. ds/dsi console
3. sd card


1. Download the update patch and the newest wood kernel 1.52b on, unzip them and put the files into root of sd card

2. Put r4i gold 3ds in your dsi console, start, you will find before update, the icon is like below:

2. Enter it and start the .nds

3. Press A to start update, it will update by itself

4. When update finished, please reboot, then you will find the icon is changed

Now your r4i gold 3ds can work on 3DS v4.4.0-10 perfectly.

Attention: Not all the r4i gold 3ds cards can use this update patch. Please check the pcb number, you can find it at the back of card, the right corner, it show a number. This patch is designed for R4i Gold 3DS to run on 3DS V4.4.0-10, Please note that it’s just for the batchs of PCB digital number >8 (means 9,10, A,B,C), can be updated with this patch. The old version (below 8) is still working on.

Can’t update

Can update

Can update

Nintendo 3DS blocked all flashcarts ?

News from dstwo forum. Seems Nintendo 3DS newest firmware v4.4.0-10 blocked all the flashcards and this time, maybe cannot be repaired! We know everytime,  when 3DS update the firmware, no more than 1 week, a lot of flashcards will release a patch and then we can use that patch to update your cards work on newest version. But not this time, seems it is a hardware issue this time, so flashcards manufaturers have to banned their old card and make new cards. Here is the news:

The 3DS system update to 4.4.0-10x, official information indicates improved security. We research Immediately and found out that the 3DS system update detect save IC on the PCB.

1.        From the current market, most of the cards are without save IC, so be blocked now. Therefore, this is the hardware defect, software can not solve.
2.        Part of the card on the market have save IC, but the main control program has been burned to fixed (FPGA program). So user can not  solve this problem too, unless return to the factory.

So, 95% of the card in the world will be blocked, you players please note it.

From now on, flash card support 3DS 4.4.0-10x ” are DSTWO (released upgrade file already here..) and a xxx r4 (released  video only, no upgrade file released).

In addition, I guess a number of factorys will abandon their old card,  and make new card, or new brand…

So bad news, i just hope r4i gold 3ds can release the patch as soon as possible, then i can see the hope..

R4i Gold 3DS will work on 3DS v4.4 soon! Video released!

According to the, the hot card r4i gold 3ds will work on 3DS v4.4 soon! Official said they will release the patch in one week and put the video out first. Here is the video:

After dstwo, r4i gold 3ds is the second card which can work on 3DS v4.4 right now. Have to say, good job! It is so quick! I think this is why the r4i gold 3ds can become the most popular card in the world right now!

Supercard DSTwo support 3DS v4.4.0-10 !

Great news from the dstwo forum. The newest dstwo patch can work on 3DS v4.4.0-10 perfectly! You can download the patch here:

DSTwo patch

How could i say, that is why i like this card most! dstwo is always surprise me ! Someone maybe think it is a little expensive, but it worth it. The function is so strong and the update speed is so quick. They never let fans disappointed.

Just download the patch and newest kernel, put all files into the root of sd card, then use the ds or dsi to update your card. And if your 3DS still have not update to v4.4.0-10, you also can use your 3DS to update your dstwo card. After the updating, the dstwo can work on 3DS with no problem. I just tested it, and yes, perfectly!

Ace3DS PLUS wood kernel v1.52 released!

OK. Though it still cannot work on 3DS v4.4, but this is also a good news. and means the ace3ds team is quick. After R4 wood released, ace3ds plus released their wood v1.52 kernel yesterday.

ACE Wood firmware V1.52 Released ! -2012-9-20
Change Log
Akumajou dracula – gallery of labyrinth (japan) (rev 1) fixed.
Youda legend – the golden bird of paradise fixed.

Hope the update patch can released quick also!

R4i Gold 3DS update the kernel to wood v1.52 !

News from R4i gold 3ds official site:the new wood kernel v1.52  released. The follow is updating:

Change Log (WOODR4 V1.52)

switched to devkitarm r41
‘akumajou dracula – gallery of labyrinth (Japan) (rev 1)’ fixed.
‘youda legend – the golden bird of paradise’ fixed.

This update is before the Nintendo 3DS updating, so unfortunately, it still cannot support 3DS newest version v4.4. But I am don’t worry about that, the r4i gold 3ds (from is always quick, everytime it almost the first card which can work on newest version of 3DS. Look forward its next update and think they will don’t let us wait too long.

Nintendo 3DS update the firmware to v4.4.0-10 !

According to the GBA news, Nintendo 3DS update the firmware again, it become v4.4.0-10 right now. I just open my 3DS and yes, it updated. The follow is update news:

3DS Update News:

  • Added some features that make the 3DS run as fast as greased lightning! This includes: Blocking flashcards
  • Nothing else, we just felt like blocking your flashcards!
  • Have fun, it’s a superb update that we worked on for weeks!

Have to say, all of my cards get blocked. no one can work on the newest version right now. I am waiting for some cards that can broke this updating. I know dstwo and r4i gold 3ds is quick. and also expect ace3ds plus, because the last time, ace plus can work on v4.3 without any updating. That is amazing, hope it can create a surperise again.

So cool !! Monster Iphone 5 metal wire drawing case

Remember the monster earphone?  With the iphone 5 released, monster designer designed this new case for Iphone 5, “Monster Iphone 5 metal wire drawing case” !

Bright features

1. PC + South Korea aluminum
2. Plastic edge is plating
3. Metal wire drawing
4. Oxidation + Highlight + Laser etching

The handle feel is great, metal wire drawing design make the case so gorgeous. If you have not decide which case you want, I recommend this case, Reveal your personality!