DSTWO update the patch !

News from dstwo forum, today, the dstwo patch is updated.

Fixed for
6132 – Pokemon: Weisse Edition 2 (GER)
6130 – Pokemon: Schwarze Edition 2 (GER)
6129 – Pokemon: Versione Nera 2 (ITA)
6127 – Pokemon: Versione Bianca 2 (ITA)
6128 – Pokemon: Edicion Blanca 2 (SPA)
6109 – Pokemon: Edicion negra 2 (SPA)
6126 – Pokemon: Version Blanche 2 (FR)Blanche
6125 – Pokemon: Version Noire 2 (FR)
6110 – Pokemon: Black Version 2 (USA)
6108 – Pokemon: White Version 2 (USA)
6044 – Pokemon: White Version 2 (JPN)
6045 – Pokemon: Black Version 2 (JPN)

Always receive many customers feed back that the pokemon has many issues when play it, such as white screen or loading. The dstwo update this time fix this problem, or seems it fixed all the pokemon issues, haha~ This is wonderful, now think there is no problem for playing pokemon any more!

Make your life more convenient – Samsung Galaxy N7100 cover (including NFC chip)

NFC chip is convenient, and if the case has a NFC chip, that will be so great! Here is a new case for Samsung Galaxy N7100. Named “Samsung Galaxy N7100 NFC chip cover” Beautiful soft cover, for white case, outside is not wiredrawing but microgroove, black case is still wiredrawing.

The biggest advantage is that it has a NFC chip at the back of the cover, so you can use it more convenient. The design is so cool, fashion and beautiful. This is the most perfect case for Samsung Galaxy N7100!

Unlock your iphone 5 ? R-SIM 6!

So just after the iphone 5 released no more than 2 month, it seems the iphone 5 unlock tools come out! Named R-SIM 6! well, we know the R-SIM team released many unlock sim card, from R-SIM 1 to R-SIM 5, can unlock the iphone 4, iphone 4s.

And now, from the official site news, the R-SIM  6 will come out! video has been released, support iso 6.0x. This is a exciting news, follow is the details:

1.Unlock your locked-iphone 5 easily,gsm + wcdma without jailbreak.

2.Adpot the most stable and the most energy efficient microcontroller ic-f981

3.Equiped the perfect alloy card slot freely(the card slot is of unique design.the groove in the middle is

redesigned on the original so it can put in any SIM card without sanding).

Note:We had tried the original card slot in the R-SIM6,put SIM card and the so-called thin-film card stickers

in the original card slot,but 75% of the Sim cards without sanding are a little tight even cannot be inserted.

if you add the card sticker,it’s not fitable(card sticker weights 10G+normal one NANO SIM card 10G,which is

beyond 20G of the nano sim card for iphone5.More than 10G can be calculated accurately.20G is completely

incompatible).So the R-SIM6 uses the modified card slot.

4.Simplified operation procedures,after choosing the operators,you can shut down the iphone directly.It

was built-in multi-national carriers.

5.Yellow, black, white, 3 color PCB optional.

6.Surfing the internet perfectly:2G+3G+4G

7.Overcoming any card stickers stably (R-SIM is an old brand of foreign trade.its products are admitted

and trusted,the after-sale service is pretty good.)

8.Without dialing 112 complicated waiting mode to calculate time.

9.Support iOS6-6.x

And here is the video:

Look forward to this new product!

How to update r4i gold pro to work on 3DS v4.4.0-10 ?

OK. As we know r4i gold pro is a popular card on the market due to its cheap price and good function, its update speed quick also. Now let’s see how to update the r4i gold pro to work on Nintendo 3DS newest version v4.4.0-10.

What we need:

1. DS/DSi/3DS (below v4.4, i use the 3DSLL version v4.3.0-10)
2. SD card
3. r4i gold pro


1. Download the update patch and newest kernel on the r4i gold pro official site
2. Put all the files into the root of sd card
3. Insert sd card in r4i gold pro, and insert r4i gold pro in your ds console

Here is my 3dsll which is v4.3.0-10, i use it to update my r4i gold pro

4. Find the .nds file in menu and start it

5. Follow the guide, press A to continue

6. When the update finished, just reboot your console, then you will find the icon is changed and your r4i gold pro can work on 3DS v4.4.0-10 perfectly!

PS: Do not power off during the updating and make sure your console is full power, if it is power off during the updating, your r4i gold pro will get damaged.

What is the PROGSKEET V1.2 ?

Receive a news today that the PROGSKEET V1.2 is available right now. So what is the PROGSKEET V1.2 and what it is use for? Just visit their official site: http://www.progskeet.com/ and find some info.

PROGSKEET V1.2 is a tools which can download the PS3 from v4.2 to v3.55, and it seems have many other functions.

Bright features:

– Smallest footprint EVER
– Special 4 layer 35um design (separate ground and power planes)
– Increased sturdiness thanks to FR4 polymer based PCB (bulletproof! go ahead and
try to shoot it with rubber bullets, we did!)
– Improved stability for novice users (we understand that sometimes wiring can
be subpar)
– Consumes much less power (even during operation, U MAD NINTENDO?)
– Backwards compatible, including clip support (legacy bitstream)
– Customly crafted CPU to meet hobbyist demand (upcoming bitstream)
– Contains SPI ash (upcoming bitstream)
– Partially open source (upcoming bitstream)
– Switch & LED (Dual-Boot available in legacy, can be controlled by user as well in
upcoming bitstream)
– Streaming over several ports (upcoming bitstream)
– Hardware Serial Engine (upcoming bitstream)
– SPI Slave (which can also be used by user, upcoming bitstream)

Hmm, this is for the professional, and if you are a newbie for modchip, you’d better not try it.

Iphone 5 USB cable is hard for copy? No! Iphone 5 USB is break!

When the iphone 5 released, there are so many accessories come out. Such as iphone 5 cases, iphone 5 screen protector..But there is no iphone 5 USB cable. Some users open the iphone 5 dedicated Lightning USB cable, and found the new iphone 5 USB cable is hard to copy. This new 8 pin cable is different from the old 30 pin cable, and not only the outside different, inside is also different too. Because Lightning USB cable has a chip.

According to reliable news, lightning USB cable need a chip to work, so there is a chip in the USB. If you just make a same 8 pin USB, you cannot use it, because you don’t have that chip.

All we know iphone accessories is expensive. Just an USB need almost 40 usd. Well, now this problem is solved. Just get a news, Iphone 5 USB cable is break, that mean, the cable can be copied, you can use very cheap price to buy an Iphone 5 USB cable for charging and transmit data. Here is the break photos. Seems it is true!

Anyway, good news for Iphone 5 users.

Ace3DS PLUS update the wood firmware to v1.53

Good news from Ace3DS PLUS. After they released the v4.4 patch, the ace3ds plus wood kernel v1.53 is released also. Have to say, this team update quick and worth trust.

After the wood kernel update, the Ace3DS PLUS AOS v2.05 is come out. AOS including kernel and many emulators such as FC、GBC、GB、MD、NEOGEO etc. This is convenience for users.

As a new card which is come out no more than half year, Ace3DS PLUS is no doubt has a big potential in the market.

How to update the r4itt 3DS to work on 3DS v4.4.0-10 ?

We just write how to update the silver r4i to work on 3DS v4.4.0-10, and today, we will see how to update r4itt 3DS to work on 3DS v4.4.0-10. The method is as same. And even the patch screen is same. Just upload some picture, you will see how to use it.

What we need:

1 x r4itt 3DS
1 x ds/dsi (we use the ds, and if your 3ds has not update yet, you can use your 3ds too)
1 x sd card
1 x card reader


1. Download the update patch and the newest kernel on r4itt 3DS official site
2. Unzpip them and put them into the root of sd card
3. Start your r4itt 3DS on ds console, here is the icon before update

4. Enter it find the .nds file and start it

5. Follow the guide to press A, it will update itself. (don’t power off and make sure the console is full power during updating, if it power off during the updating, the card will be damaged)

6. When the update finished, reboot console, you will find the icon changed

And now, your r4itt 3DS can work on 3DS v4.4.0-10 perfectly!

How to update your R4iSDHC RTS LITE Card (silver r4i) to work on 3DS v4.4.0-10 ?

Well, since 3DS update the firmware to v4.4.0-10, it blocked almost all the cards. But now, many cards released the patch to solve it. Special r4i series, r4i gold 3ds, r4i 3ds, r4itt.. and now, it is the turn to silver r4i. Let us see how to update it.

What we need:

1 x r4i rts card
1 x ds console (if your 3ds has not update to v4.4 yet, you can use your 3ds also)
1 x sd card
1 x card reader


1. Download the patch and kernel on the official site of R4iSDHC RTS LITE Card
2. Unzip them and put the .nds file and kernel into the root of sd card
3. Start card on ds console, before update, the icon is:

4. Enter it, when the screen show prompt box, press A to continue

5. Find the .nds file, and start

6. Then press A to upgrade

7. It will upgrading and when it finished, just reboot console, you will find the icon is changed

Now your silver r4i can work on 3DS v4.4.0-10 perfectly!

R4i-SDHC 3DS works perfectly 3DS v4.4.0-10

R4i-SDHC 3DS team has released a new firmware, and you can update your card to support 3DS v4.4.0-10.

It’s a good news for all the players.

Here is a simple tuitional for you guys to do this.

Things required:

1x DSL/DSi/3DS (lower than 4.4.0-10)

1x R4i-SDHC 3DS

1x SD card

1x Card reader

of course a 3DS 4.4.0-10 is needed to prove the result.


1 download the latest firmware 1.62b on the official site of r4i-sdhc 3ds.

2 unzip the pkg, you’ll get 3 folders and 1 file. “moonmemo”,”moonshl2″,”R4iMenu”,”R4.dat”.

r4i 3ds folders and files

3 put the 4 things into the boot of your SD card.

4 insert your sd card into the flashcard then run it on your DSL/DSi.

5 choose “setting” then click “upgrade”

R4i-sdhc 3ds setting  R4i-sdhc 3ds upgrade

6 wait patiently for loading.

R4i-sdhc 3ds start   

7 when completed successfully, test it on your 3DS 4.4.0-10.

3DS 4.4.0-10  R4i-sdhc 3ds on 3DS 4.4.0-10   R4i-sdhc 3ds on 3DS 4.4.0-10  play Mario on 3DS 4.4.0-10 using R4i-sdhc 3ds



That’s all the procedure.


If we got additional information, it will be updated in time.

so, looking forward to it. : )