Is r4i sdhc 3ds work on 3DS/XL v5.0.0-11?


Have to say, this card is hot, so when Nintendo 3DS update the system to v5.0.0-11, many users concerned if the r4i sdhc 3ds work on 3DS v5.0.0-11? The answer is yes. But need use the newest firmware v1.67b. Here is the details:

R4i-sdhc 3ds card marked with “v4.5″ and “RTS” which can support N3DS V5.0.0-11 and NDSi v1.4.5 perfectly, please update the firmware to V1.67b.

So we will know both r4i sdhc 3ds and r4i sdhc 3ds rts card support work on 3DS v5.0.0-11.

r4sdhc dualcore

Actually, when i check some cards official site, find another 2 cards work on 3DS/XL v5.0.0-11 too. they are r4i sdhc dual core and r4i sdhc rts card. Both card is popular in Europe and both card has great features. Seems these 2 card no need any updating and no need any patch, can use directly.

Which card work on Nintendo 3DS v5.0.0-11?

Nintendo 3DS update their system again, the newest system is v5.0.0-10. Here is the details:

Update Your Nintendo 3DS System Today.

The latest system update brings new features to streamline and enhance your experience. This update is FREE.

Transfer your save data from the packaged version of a game when you purchase the downloadable version of that game. Now, you can start right where you left off when you go digital with your favorite titles.

Games and applications can now be downloaded in the background via Sleep Mode while the Nintendo eShop is running. You can simply close the system cover to activate the Download Later feature and the item will begin to download.


As we know, every time when 3ds or dsi update their system, it will ban a lot of flashcarts. I just tested some of them, good news is there are 3 cards right now is no problem: r4i gold 3ds (, dstwo, ace3ds plus. These 3 cards work on 3DS newest system v5.0.0-11 perfectly, no need any patch and no need any updating.

Believe that other cards will release their patch soon, but at least, we know not all the flashcart get banned.

3K3Y news updated: Ripper App now rebuilds ‘jailbreak rips’!


3K3Y is released since Feb, and very hot right now. The 3k3y team is contiune updated and just check their official, found the news updated again, here is the details:

Ripper App now rebuilds ‘jailbreak rips’!

The Ripper app can now rebuild a complete ISO from so-called ‘scene’ or ‘jailbreak’ rips (decrypted game data without ISO header and other metadata). We are now very proud to announce that you can recreate the ISO file using our Ripper app. To do so you need to download the corresponding Iso Rebuild Data, or IRD, file. These files can be downloaded and redistributed freely as they only contain metadata an other non-copyrighted data.

They are a stong team, since they released the x360key which is really a convenience tools for jail break the xbox360, the 3k3y is their another great product. Look forward they has greater breakthrough such as no need extra key file on 3.55 system.

Universal USB charger – MagDapter power bank for travel


Well, today want to introduce a convenience product, named MagDapter power bank for travel. It is an universal USB charger, including almost all the plugs in one small cube. bring you quick and high quality travel and business trip experience. 4 kind of plug and 4 port. you can charge for your device at any time in any place. high power output ensure quick charging.


product features:

1. Patented design, gather different kinds of plug into one. Light elegant, powerful function2. Special for children safe design, high quality material, safe and reliable
3. This MagDapter Universal USB charger fit for China, USA, UK, Japan, Australia, Spain etc, it is a good parterner for travellers and business elites. Compatible with household appliances and Digital electronic products
4. Dual USB port, output is 5v, charging just need one USB cable.
5. This USB charger fit for iphone, ipad, mp4, mp3, psp, camera and other mobile phones.

This is a very convenience high quality product. hope you like it :)

Ace3ds plus whoold v1.57 and AOS v2.08 released


News from Ace3ds official:

ACE Wood firmware V1.57 Released !
Change Log
– lwip updated to 1.4.1.
– russian localization updated. thanks to lupus.

– ‘pokemon hwaiteu 2 (korea)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon beullaeg 2 (korea)’ fixed.
– ‘witches & vampires ghost pirates of asburry’ fixed.
– ‘bratz – fashion boutique’ fixed.
– ‘korg ds-10+ synthesizer limited edition (japan)’ fixed.

Ace3DS PLUS AOS V2.08 Released !
Change Log
– lwip updated to 1.4.1.
– russian localization updated. thanks to lupus. compatibility:
– ‘pokemon hwaiteu 2 (korea)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon beullaeg 2 (korea)’ fixed.
– ‘witches & vampires ghost pirates of asburry’ fixed.
– ‘bratz – fashion boutique’ fixed.
– ‘korg ds-10+ synthesizer limited edition (japan)’ fixed.

As we can see the AOS is as same as wood, AOS just add some convenience emulator such as NES/SNES etc.  well, i think this card is good.

How to transfer the save data files between the flashcart?

One thing need to know is, the flashcart save date cannot be used directly between different flashcart. If you have a r4i gold 3ds flashcart, and played some games, there are same backup files and save data files in your sd card. And then if you get a dstwo in you hand again, can you use the backup files and save datas in the dstwo directly? No, you need transfer the files first.

How to transfer the files? It need a software tool, named: DSSaveTools, here is how to use it:

1. Download the DSSaveTools. Unzip it.


2. Start the .exe file, you will see the follow picture:


3. Click the “Input” and “Output” for file saves.

4. Select the “Type” to choose the files which you want to transfer, there are all the types you need.

Attenditon: If you want to transfer the files to work on r4i gold 3ds, please select “wood”, and if you want to transfer it to work on dstwo, please select the “DSONE”.

5. Click the “change”, it will transfer the save date.


Xecuter CoolRunner Rev C – Best tools for modding your xbox360


Just instock a new product: Xecuter CoolRunner Rev C, this is hot sale right now and it is a great product for modding your xbox360. But i think this item just for professional, if you are a freshman on xbox360, you’d better choose x360dock or x360key. Here is the details:

Xecuter CoolRunner Rev C

1. Improved Circuit to Boost Glitch Times
2. Added Enable / Disable For DemoN
3. Added RGH2 Support
4. Enable / Disable C15 (RGH2)
5. Enable / Disable 10 Ohm (RGH2)
6. Enable / Disable 100nF (Jasper)
7. Includes 1ft 50 Ohm Low Loss Double Shielded Cable (CPU_RST)

The product including 1 mainboard and 2 sata cables.

R4i Gold 3DS Wood firmware v1.57 released


News from r4i gold 3ds official site. the wood firmware update to v1.57. Here is the details:

– ‘pokemon hwaiteu 2 (korea)’.
– ‘pokemon beullaeg 2 (korea)’.
– ‘witches & vampires ghost pirates of asburry’.
– ‘bratz – fashion boutique’.
– ‘korg ds-10+ synthesizer limited edition (japan)’.

R4i Specific:
– rts still in beta stage.
– old rts saves not compatible with new version.
– improved video saving/loading.
– math core saved.
(Note:Normally It might take a while (5~15 seconds) during the save and load game…)

So wood kernel is really update quickly and the r4i gold 3ds use the original wood kernel.

What a supercard dstwo can do?


Many users think use almost 40 usd to buy a dstwo is too expensive. compare with other 10 usd also or 20 usd also card, dstwo is so expensive in flashcart market, so is it worth to buy? why it is so expensive?

Well, i think dstwo is the most worth to buy and if you know how strong this card it is, you will think the price is totally not expensive. Wnen you get a dstwo in your hand, you will find the card quality is so good. And no doulbt its function is stronggest.

RTS: the dstwo rts function is most stable, this feature is so convenience, now as i know, r4i gold 3ds, r4itt, r4i sdhc 3ds rts and r4i sdhc rts has the rts function too, but the most stable one is dstwo.

GBA emulator: We know we can  play play gba games on ds console, all the flashcart said they support GBA emulator, but all the flashcart need a slot 2 card such as ezflash 3 in 1 to work together, except dstwo. That means, just dstwo can play gba games on 3ds and dsi, other cards just can play gba games on ds as dsi and 3ds don’t have slot 2.

usercheat: dstwo firmware don’t add cheat file, because they think it is unfair to play games by cheating. but that not mean you cannot use cheating on dstwo, just need you download a cheat.dat file on line and put it in the firmware.

Quickest update: everytime, when nintendo update their firmware (dsi or 3ds), it will banned a lot of flashcart. dstwo always be quick to release their break patch to help users update their cards. no need change another card, no need waiting for the patch for so long time, just 1 or 2 days, you can use the update patch to upgrade your dstwo.

There still have many other great features for dstwo, you will not regret to choose this card.

Best flashcart for DSi XL?


Well, if  money not your problem, dstwo is your best choice. actually, no matter what console you play, ds, dsi, 3ds, dstwo is always worth to get. But if you are a newbie and don’t need too many function, i think somethimes other cards is better than dstwo.


The first card i recommend is r4i gold 3ds. you know this card is cheap, and its function is great. r4i gold 3ds is the strongest card in r4 series. If you get a r4i gold 3ds in your hand, you will find this card’s quality is very good, the r4i gold 3ds team is strong, update very quick. so for DSi XL, my first recommend is r4i gold 3ds, you will not regret to get it.


If your dsi has not update and no plan to update it, then the second recommend is acekard 2i. I know this card maybe will not update anymore, and i know it cannot work on dsi newest v1.45 version. But as an classic card, its akaio kernel is so beautiful and its skin is so fantasic! There still has many ak2i fans, so if you dont update your dsi, then get a ak2i, it is still a good card.