3K3Y NEWS – Firmware 2.01 Released!


      News from 3K3Y official site. The new firmware v2.01 released!

From this version the disk key is automatically detected.

– Merge 3Dump and NoKeys
– Support for for PSX img/bin/cue files
– Improved support for for PSX img/bin/cue files
– Support for homebrew/no IRD game ISOs
– Override drive type in 3Key.cfg (3Dump only)
– Improve bad BD handling
– Improved ISO detection time (400X)
– Remove Autoeject & D1 options from 3key.cfg
– Add support for gyo.db & auto detection of disk key

     3K3Y is a new modchip which can play ps3 games from external HDD, no version limited. Means we don’t have to keep our console in 3.55 version, we can use it on any version. This is an amazing item!

Ace3ds plus wood v1.62 updated


       A little late news, the ace3ds plus update wood kernel to v1.62. Ace3ds plus is the cheapest 3ds card, work on 3DS v1.61 and DSi v1.45 perfectly. If you are a newbie and no need too much function, just want to play ds games on 3ds or dsi, then the ace3ds plus is your best choice.  Here is the update details:

Ace3DS PLUS AOS V2.13 / ACE Wood firmware V1.62 Released ! -2013-8-17
Change Log
•smurfs 2, the (europe)’ fixed.
•’smurfs 2, the (usa)’ fixed.

Gateway 3DS new firmware will be released!


        News from GBATemp and gateway official site. With gateway 3ds come out, the official news released quick, that make users happy and can show the advantages of this product. According to the GBATemp said, seems gateway 3ds will release a new firmware v1.1a soon and the official published what the new firmware for:

Common minor issues we are aware of are:

1) The lack of upper screen banner for some titles which trigger both region and firmware spoof requirements.

2) Some expected issues related to language fonts

There have been some unique reports of issues related to title exit or first GW3DS entry after installing the update. We believe these are either related to file fragmentation of the 3DS SD card or some users trimming the titles to fit on the red card’s micro SD. Please make sure to try a new SD card for the 3DS as well as micro SD for the Gateway card together with a known good un-modified title, where possible.

Installation of the update is simple, download our release HERE and simply replace the “Launcher.dat” file on the 3DS SD card. ENJOY !!

Gateway 3DS news update


     Gateway 3DS update their news again. and gba temp review come out too. Here is the news details:

REGION-FREE and FIRMWARE SPOOFING released to beta testers !!! We are ecstatic to announce the beta release of our much awaited region liberator :-) All beta testers are kindly asked to feedback any issues in a timely manner so we can move the release to the wider public.

OSX fans :- We searched high and low for a suitable SD image writer and came up empty handed :-( therefore we decided to code our own tool for you :-) Please feel free to make use of our Mac OS 3DS SD Imager tool in place of the win 32 disk imager mentioned in our guides.

As always ENJOY !

Note: we are aware of compatibility issues with the iQue and HK units, rest assured work is in progress !

Gateway 3DS samples arrived


      The Game4Deal get the gateway 3ds samples and here let’s see this amazing card.

        There are 2 cards in the package, one is the bule card and the other is red card. As we know from the gateway official tutorials, blue card is for ds mode, and red card is for 3ds mode.



    From the back image, we can see the blue card is as same as normal flashcard, but the red card is totally different. That is interesting.


    Anyway, the samples come out means the gateway 3ds will be released soon, and later we will test this amazing card and tell you how to use the gateway 3ds.

R4i Gold 3DS wood v1.62 released

R4i gold 3DS V6.1_001

      The R4i Gold 3DS wood v1.62 released.

WOOD R4 V1.62 Released,please download for your R4i GOLD card (for Both R4i Gold 3DS and R4i gold Non-3DS cards)…

Change log (WOOD R4 V1.62):
‘smurfs 2, the (europe)’ fixed.
‘smurfs 2, the (usa)’ fixed.

R4i Specific:
fixed sound restoring in many games.
fixed bug that cause freeze after leaving rts menu in following games:
    disney friends
    simpsons game, the

     R4i Gold 3DS is the best r4 card in the market, use original wood kernel, support 3DS v6.2 and DSi 1.45 perfectly.

Gateway 3DS Firmware spoofing and Region Free


     Gateway 3DS official update the news again. This amazing card released finally, many store start to sell it. And the Gateway 3DS update the news more frequently. Now here is another excited news:

As most already know from our YouTube post we proudly announce 2 critical features “Firmware spoofing” allowing newer backups which force updates higher than 4.5 to be run safely in GW mode. And “Region Free” allowing any backup normally locked to a specific region console to be used freely.


As a development team we are especially excited to announce the start of our long term dream to enable 3DS home-brew. We have long awaited the time to be able to start working on opening up your 3DS to the amazing home-brew talent. This is not a trivial feat to accomplish and it will take time ! In the meanwhile we will of course continue to enhance the GW3DS with rich features.


Shout out to emo kid 68 for discovering an interesting fact about our Gateway installer inhibiting the update nagger ! ( If there are no apps awaiting installation (just delete them) then after running our blue card GW installer the update nagger disappears)

Which flash card can work on 3DS v6.2.0-12?


          Since the Nintendo 3DS update firmware to v6.2.0-12, it blocked all the flashcart again. But this time, many card break it quick, here is which card can work on 3DS v6.2.0-12:

R4i Gold 3DS

The r4i gold 3ds (r4ids.cn) released the update patch first, after the 3DS update to 6.2 no more than half day, that is so quick, and no need cut the card, it just like the normal upadte method. So right now, r4i gold 3ds work on 3DS v6.2 perfectly. Have to say, r4i gold 3ds is the best r4 card in the market right now.


After one day, dstwo released the update patch too. Well, i never worry about dstwo because they always quick, will release patch in 48 hours. dstwo is the stronggest card in the market


The r4i 3ds released new kernel v1.73b, and say it can work on 3ds v6.2, but just certain mode, but i am not very sure as my card cannot work.

Cobra ODE will be shipped out soon!


    News from cobra ode official site. seems this amazing product will be come out in one week. As we konw since it appeared  in front of us, after wait so long time, it will come out finally. Here is the details:

Cobra ODE clarification

 Cobra ODE is shipping to resellers this week. At the same time we feel it necessary to bring to the public’s attention that some competitors are spreading lies and attempting to bully customers into purchasing their products. We have remained pretty quiet on these issues until now. However when the competition stoops too low, then its time to set a few things straight :)

Firstly, to say that Cobra ODE will be “easily blocked” is a very untrue. From time to time an update may be required to our product to ensure best performance and compatibility. We fully expect to roll out frequent updates to our product, which is the very reason our hardware platform is upgradable.

Whilst the competition uses a different approach to us, and this may or may not be less visible to big brother, it is also less flexible and relies on a database of titles in order to play the desired ISO. If your desired ISO is not in their database, then you are unable to play it…

Cobra ODE does not have this restriction. You can play an ISO without the need for it to be in a database…

Furthermore, much noise is being made about wifi coonnectivity, which requires a wifi dongle on the competing product. Remote control via wifi and even bluetooth of our UI could be made possible in the future through a homebrew web server running on any PS3 (including 2K5/3K and 4k) via our ODE platform, without the need for a wifi dongle.

There are many reasons to purchase Cobra ODE, including the fact that we support both PATA and SATA consoles with a single device as opposed to a range of adapters, and not forgetting that we have an easier install on 2k5/3k and 4k consoles.

As for HW based AES encryption, we support AES encryption and decryption in hardware on our Smart Fusion device as well as a bunch of other neat features.

Cobra ODE is not a cheap device, granted. However one only has to look at the number and calibre of components used to realize that we offer a flexible, feature packed and versatile platform, which is what you’d expect from the Cobra Team.

R4i SDHC 3DS v1.72b kernel released


      News from r4i sdhc 3ds official site. The new v1.72b kernel updated:

 R4i V1.72b Update:
1. Upgrade for support 3DS 6.0 firmware. Only available for RTS card (certain model only).
2. Fix some RTS games white screen issues.
3. Fix some RTS games hang issues.
4. Fix some RTS games problem.
5. Solved games:
6213 – The Smurfs 2(US)
6208 – The Smurfs 2(EU)
6204 – El Profesor Layton y la Llamada del Espectro(EU)
6202 – Josefiina Alkupolku Seikkailumaa Unelmien peili (EU)
6201 – Alkupolku Matematiikka – Sumua Lukukyl?n yll? (EU)
6017 – Jewel Match 2 (EU)
6182 – Toy Story 3 (EU)
6180 – Cars 2 (EU)
5570 – Midnight Mysteries – The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy (EU)
XXXX – Lernen mit Pokemon – Tasten-Abenteuer (Germany)
XXXX – Apprends avec Pokemon: A la Conquete du Clavier (FR)
XXXX – Tangled (En,Sv,No,Da)
XXXX – Cooking Mama World – Combo Pack – Volume 1(Eu