E3 ODE PRO – First batch shipped out


According to the E3 official, first batch of E3 ODE PRO had shipped out already. And we are the official reseller, so we will get the product soon! Here is the details:

We are pleased to announce the first batch of E3 ODE PRO had shipped out to our official reseller. User should enjoy E3 ODE PRO in few hours !

The download page of official web had updated, user can get E3 ODE PRO manual and software there.

The e3 ode pro is another great product developed by e3 team. support play ps3 games via external HDD, support all slim consoles.

Cobra ODE – release new update


Cobra ODE release a new update today, fix some issue such as the USB cannot be recognized, and the third party firmware. Here is the detais:

Cobra ODE News – Update

We are releasing today a new update for the COBRA ODE. The bootloader is being updated to v1.1 which should fix everyone’s problems with USB thumb sticks not being recognized. Please refer to the user manual for instructions on updating the bootloader.

Also, the MCU update is now at version 1.3 which also fixes the USB thumb stick access, as well as a few other small fixes. Please refer to the Changelog.txt for more information.

The COBRA manager has also been updated and is now at version 1.2. You can now load games without rebooting your console or ejecting the disc. Simply quit the manager after selecting your game and the manager will make the PS3 restart automatically. If you wish to quit the manager without rebooting, simply press X to discard the yellow dialog before quitting the game and it will not restart the XMB.

The third-party library is also being updated with many changes which break the previous API, and to better parse the new files available from the ODE. ODE Manager developers should read the documentation and review the new API when integrating. Also, please refer to the user manual to understand the changes to the file structure.

Note that initial orders may not recognize all the USB drives, so if the LED does not flash purple, the update may not have been performed. Use a thumb drive or hard drive which works with the ODE to install the initial bootloader update which will then fix support for all other drives.

We are working hard everyday on improving the COBRA ODE, most critical day one bugs are now fixed. We have just discovered a data corruption in the DISC.ISO file when dumping the original disc which we will fix as soon as possible. In the next releases, you can expect the following features :

geniso: IRD support
manager: Disc dumping support
MCU: PSX and PS2 iso support.

You can visit the official site to download the latest firmware and install manual.

Do you know E3 ODE PRO?


Maybe you know E3 flasher and Cobra ODE, but do you know E3 ODE PRO? The E3 ODE PRO is another new product which developed by E3 team. E3 team is famous due to its product: E3 Flasher, E3 Flasher can downgrade your ps3 to v3.55. And now, E3 team launched this new product: E3 ODE PRO, it is the optical drive emulator for PS3. It Run game and movie ISO’s from all slim PS3 without the need to restrict your console to running on a CFW. And buy E3 ODE PRO works on all slim console include 2xxx, 3xxx and 4xxx .

Here is the official features:

  • No eject and NO restart
  • Select game and run automatically
  • Supports all slim PS3’s including previously “unbreakable” 2k5,3k and 4k systems!
  • Select game, switch game and switch mode from E3 OS directly !
  • Play games on ODE mode or BD drive mode
  • Homebrew supported
  • Easy upgrade and easy use
  • Updatable via USB storage
  • High quality components used throughout
  • Built at a high tech facility
  • Easy installation on 25xx,3xxx and 4xxx series Slim and Super Slim series consoles with solder board (quick solder board)
  • Advanced software onboard and frequent free updates
  • BD Movie support to follow (In a future update)
  • PS1 and PS2 ISO support to follow ( in a future update)


And according to the product picture, we can see there are 3 boards and 5 cables. Don’t know if the E3 ODE PRO need soldering or not, but no doublt this is another great tool for players enjoy games via external HDD. Let’s looking forward to this amazing item!




The flashcards work on 3DS v6.3.0-12


According to our test, the follow flashcards work on 3DS v6.3.0-12 perfectly.

Supercard DSTwo

The stronggest flashcard in the market right now, work on 3DS v6.3 directly no need any updating. You can use it out of box.

R4i Gold 3DS

If you think dstwo is a little expensive, i think you can buy r4i gold 3ds. r4i gold 3ds is the best r4 card in the market, the price is almost half of dstwo, but the card quality is very good. I recommend this card for you.


The new r4i sdhc 3ds rts card which work on 3ds v6.2 also support work on 3ds v6.3, no need any updating. but if your r4i sdhc 3ds rts card cannot work on 3ds v6.2, should download the latest kernel v1.74b and update your card first.


Ace3DS PLUS is the cheapest 3ds flashcard, the new ace3ds plus which launched after 3rd Sep. work on 3ds v6.3 directly. You may think the old card cannot support v6.3, but official said they are developping the patch. Well, as a so cheap card, i think ace3ds plus is good enough for players. The team always try their best to offer better game experience.

There are other 3 cards from same company support work on 3DS v6.3 too, they are r4i dual core, r4i silver card and r4i gold pro. But they cannot work directly, you need use the patch to udpate the card first.

Cobra ODE – Firmware v1.2 updated


Cobra ODE  update firmware v1.2 again, solve the issue that, for some console, cobra ode cannot be recognized.

Cobra ODE News – Cobra ODE 1.2 update

We are releasing another update today to the COBRA ODE firmware as well as an updated manager and 3rd party integration library.
The problem reported earlier about the ODE not recognizing some NTFS drives was actually caused by drives using the non default cluster size. We have updated the user manual to specify that we recommend 4096 allocation unit size. Also, with this update, the ODE will now support drives with a cluster size of 2048, 4096 and anything above that. We have also added another new feature. Now our manager reports the ODE MCU firmware version. The COBRA manager will now print the version of the COBRA ODE firmware. An update to the third party integration library will allow third party managers to display this information.

This is really an amanzing item, you can use it play all ps3 games via external HDD, no console version limitation, means you can use it on v4.x console. And phat console don’t need soldering!

R4i SDHC 3DS kernel v1.74b released


The r4i sdhc 3ds rts official released the new kernel v1.74b. claim that the r4i sdhc 3ds rts support 3DS v6.3.0-12 (certain model only). You can download the latest v1.74b kernel and update your r4i sdhc 3ds rts card to work on 3DS v6.3.0-12.

R4i V1.74b Update:
1. Support 3DS 6.3 upgrade For RTS card (certain model only).
2. Fix some RTS games white screen issues.
3. Fix some RTS games hang issues.
4. Fix some RTS games problem.
5. Solved games:
6233 – To-Fu Collection (EU)
6230 – Mahjongg Mysteries Ancient Egypt (US)
6229 – Atlantic Quest (EU)
6227 – 7 Wonders Treasures of Seven (US)
6226 – Gardening Guide – How To Get Green Fingers(EU)
6224 – Disney Planes(US)
6223 – Fashion Week Jr Designer(US)
6222 – 3-in-1 Horses (EU)
6216 – Cooking Mama World – Combo Pack Volume 2 (EU)
6215 – Cooking Mama World – Combo Pack Volume 1 (EU)
6213 – The Smurfs 2 (Usa)
6204 – El Profesor Layton y la Llamada del Espectro (EU)
6202 – Josefiina Alkupolku Seikkailumaa Unelmien peili (EU)
6201 – Alkupolku Matematiikka – Sumua Lukukyl?n yll? (EU)

Cobra ODE update firmware to v1.1

Since Cobra ODE come out, the news update very quick, let players know this product more.

Now the Cobra ODE update new firmware to v1.1 and point out some issue that for some console, Cobra ODE cannot be recognized, the team is trying to solve that issue.

Cobra ODE News – Update and known issues

We are releasing update version 1.1 of the COBRA ODE firmware. This update will allow you to validate the game selection without rebooting the console. Once the game selection is done through the manager, the game will be loaded after ejecting and reinserting the disc in the drive. Selecting the game by rebooting the console will also work as before. Get the 1.1 update:

Cobra MCU update v1.1

Follow the update instructions from our updated user manual:

Cobra ODE User Manual v1.1 (English)

We also want to point out some of the issues that have been reported to us in the official support forum, and want to let you know that we are working on releasing a fix for them as soon as possible.

– There seems to be an issue with some specific hard drives that aren’t recognized by the COBRA ODE when they are formatted with NTFS. While this only affects a small number of hard drive, it is a high priority bug that we will fix as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you are experiencing this issue, you can format the drive in FAT32 and it will work.

– For some games, if the game update has been installed, the game will refuse to launch. We have identified the issue as being caused by the ISO file being badly generated, and an update to the Geniso tool will be released shortly that fixes it. The updated Geniso tool will give you the choice of using an IRD file to rebuild the ISO. It is however optional, and you can still generate ISO files without the IRD file, for those titles which do not have an IRD file, or for homebrew applications.

– If installing a PS3 firmware update, the update will sometimes fail when the COBRA ODE is installed and in EMU mode. We recommend you switch to PT mode and disconnect USB device from Cobra ODE while doing a PS3 firmware update Online or from  PS3 front USB ,  until this issue is resolved..

Updated version of our Cobra ODE Installation Manual.

Cobra ODE Installation Manual v1.1 (English)



True or False? DSTwo work Gateway 3DS firmware and support play 3DS game on 3DS v6.1!


Just found an amazing video, show the dstwo can work gateway 3ds firmware and play 3ds game! As i don’t have v4.5 console (it need flash on v4.5 first), cannot verify it, but the video seems true, if it is real, why not buy dstwo to play 3DS game? It is cheaper and support v6.2.0-x!

Here is the video:

According to the video, we know the dstwo use gateway 3ds blue card firmware first, work it on 3DS v4.5 and flash it. Then use the same dstwo, put dstwo firmware and a 3ds game in sd card, and the dstwo work on 3DS v6.1 console, play 3ds game successful!

We know dstwo is the stronggest flashcart in the market, but it still surprise me that it can work 3ds game. The dstwo has a very strong cpu, that make this card support many high technical performance such as play gba game without slot 1.

Well, anyway, this is a good news for players as dstwo is much cheaper than gateway 3ds, players has more choice and we believe more 3ds flashcart will come out soon!

SOURCE: My Digital Life

Cobra ODE – Mass stock arrived! Cheap price with Fastest shipping!

Cobra ODE, the first item which support play PS3 games via external HDD on any console version, support virtually all PS3’s including previously “unbreakable” 2k5,3k and 4k systems! And this amazing item arrived in Game4Deal finally!

Game4Deal is one of Cobra ODE official reseller, you can find us on the reseller list:


We got mass Cobra ODE in stock, no worry about stockout and no worry shipping time, we use fedex or dhl to ship your products. The Cobra ODE including many items, they are packaged by plastic bag one by one, you can find mainboard, tapes, USB cables etc.


1 (2)

We are a official wholesale reseller, means we can offer you best price with best quality. Cobra ODE now is hot sale everywhere. What are you waiting for? Just bring Cobra ODE back to home and enjoy vast games!

Cobra ODE – support updated


News from Cobra ODE official site, seems another review come out, it is a German version, and the support updated too: the Cobra ODE support of  * 4000c  *

Official said more reviews will come out these days. So i think some site start to sell this amazing item right now.  Here is the Cobra ODE features:

  • Supports virtually all PS3’s including previously “unbreakable” 2k5,3k and 4k systems!
  • Homebrew now possible on previously “unbreakable” 2k5,3k and 4k systems!
  • Play games on SEN in pass-through or emulation modes**!
  • On screen selection of games through Cobra ODE manager in XMB
  • Emulation or pass-through modes
  • Advanced Smart Fusion AES encryption and decryption engine on board
  • Fully updatable high speed FPGA’s and high speed secure MCU on board
  • Updatable via USB storage
  • Expansion ports for future proofing
  • Simple and easy to use
  • High quality components used throughout
  • Built at a high tech facility
  • Solderless installation on FAT*** and SLIM (2xxx and 21xx) series
  • Easy installation on 25xx,3xxx and 4xxx series Slim and Super Slim series consoles with QSB (quick solder board)
  • Easy setup for PATA or SATA consoles
  • Advanced software onboard and frequent free updates
  • BD Movie support to follow (In a future update)
  • PS1 and PS2 ISO support to follow (on BC consoles in a future update)
  • PS3 BD game disc dumping on all PS3 consoles is supported and can be enabled through third party managers (dumping throughput will be improved in future updates)