Which R4 card can work on Nintendo 2DS?


Since Nintendo 2DS has been released, many users concern dose the r4 card which work on 3DS also support work on 2DS? The answer is yes. But there are several points need be attention.

First, all r4 card just support play ds games on 3DS or 2DS, they cannot play 3ds games. If you want to play 3DS games, choose gateway 3ds. GW3DS is the world’s first 3ds flashcart which support play 3ds games on 3DS. But this product is not perfectly, it just support v4.1-v4.5 system. So if your 3DS system above v4.5, gateway 3ds cannot work on it. So does gateway 3ds support 2DS? The answer is no. All 2DS Factory Version above v4.5, their factory version is v6.0.0-x. So gateway 3ds cannot play on it. The other r4i card can play ds games on 2DS.

Now, we know that there are many r4i card in the market, some can work on 2DS, some cannot, becuase 2DS system is above v6.0, so some clone r4 card cannot support this system. Which flashcart can work on 2DS? Here has some i recommend, they tested by very many users, they are best, popular and hot flashcarts.

First is dstwo. dstwo is not r4 card, but dstwo is the stronggest flashcart, that is why it is more expensive than r4 card, but it worth that price. you will never worry about system update, dstwo always break it quickly. So if money is not your problem, just buy dstwo.

Then the best r4 card is r4i gold 3ds rts. It is a high quality card, r4i gold 3ds rts team is strong, they break system update quick too. So if you want to by a r4 card, r4i gold 3ds is no doubt your first choice.

Ri4 sdhc 3ds rts card. This is a classic card, welcome in many country. R4i dual core, r4i sdhc rts card, these 2 cards from one company, they popular in Europe, its beautiful happy box package very fit for a gift!

E3 ODE PRO – how to solve upgrade cycle problem


The E3 ODE PRO explained why some customers happen upgrade cycle problem and released a file to fix this problem. So everytime when players has any problem during install the E3 ODE PRO, they can report the problem to E3 team, and E3 team will solve the issue soon. This is really a great service, think E3 team is really very professional.

Because of wrong operation of E3 ODE PRO, user update PS3 official firmware fail, and turn into upgrade cycle. This problem happened because user not turn E3 ODE PRO into the correct PS3 BD DRIVE MODE. Now user can turn the E3 ODE PRO into PS3 BD DRIVE mode for fix this problem even can’t start PS3 correctly. (update easier way)

The select mode on PS3 menu is not same for Europe and Asia console . The Europe user should Press X but not Press O to choose from E3 OS . We are sorry take inconvenient for those user, we will fix it in the next update of E3 OS .

E3 ODE PRO OSv1.23 is available

News from E3 team. Their new product E3 ODE PRO released new OSV1.23. E3 Team upddate their news many times these days, and most news for problem from their customers feedback, when use the E3 ODE PRO. Have to say, good job e3 team!

After the hard work of the last few weeks , the E3 OS v1.23 is now available for download.

The important feature of this update is :
1: One update program for all slim console now
2: E3 ODE PRO mode and PS3 BD DRIVE mode is easier to switch
3: More stability and faster speed.

The new user manual v1.23 is also updated.

More boot disc type is supported by E3 ODE PRO , user can download the keys file and follow the instruction.

PS3 Cobra ODE – Firmware 1.6 released!

The Cobra ODE new firmware is available.

The biggest feature of this update is the addition of the new auto-eject feature. You can now switch games without rebooting and without ejecting discs. All from the comfort of your couch. The new auto-eject feature does not require any modifications to the ODE, nor does it require any new accessories or soldering, it is now available to all ODE users, from all models, with the simple update of your Cobra ODE.

We have also added periodical polling of the HDD to prevent hard drives from going to sleep mode which made some games freeze if they had been paused for a while. The HDD polling can be disabled or configured from the cobra.cfg file.

When Cobra ODE was first released, we had seen a huge amount of positive feedback, although many users had two major concerns, the first being the use of homebrew to achieve game selection, and the second being the need to reboot or eject discs in order to switch games. With the Cobra ODE browser support which was added in v1.5 and the auto-eject feature added in v1.6, we have resolved both of these concerns for our users. Today, the Cobra ODE looks like a brand new device with a completely new user experience, which we think will make most of you happy.

The Cobra Team is the first to bring true “no eject, no reboot” feature to the PS3 ODE world for all models and we will continue to bring you new exciting features in the future.You can now grab the 1.6 update form the downloads section. Please refer to the user manual for updated instructions on how to use the auto-eject feature.

We are also releasing an update to ps3genextra tool which generated the Cobra ODE Browser, please use this version with the 1.6 update.
Concurrently, we are releasing an update to the Cobra ODE Manager which adds support for the auto-eject feature and in parallel releasing an update to the third party integration library which allows third party managers to use the auto-eject feature.

How to use E3 ODE PRO? – Installation and operation video released!


Since E3 team launch their new product E3 ODE PRO out, it catch so many eyes and become more and more popular, due to its cheap price and high quality function. Now, E3 ODE PRO released 2 videos for how to install the E3 ODE PRO and how to use it. When users buy E3 ODE PRO back in home, always want a detailed tutorials for how to use it, even it is not so hard to install, but for most of users, they are freshman on moding console. So these videos help a lot. Here is the details:

Thanks our user Tobias Br?rmann make 2 nice video to show E3 ODE PRO installation and operation. The video confirm that without modification , the E3 ODE PRO can upgrade to v1.21 and ntfs work perfectly.

E3 ODE PRO installation

How E3 Works:

Gateway 3DS – Support 3DS v6.3.0-12!

Just got an exciting news from gateway 3ds official. The gateway 3ds new patch will be released, and that patch can let your gateway 3ds work on 3DS v6.3.0-12, and more, the MH4 can be supported!

Since gateway 3ds come out, we know that it just can work on 3DS v4.1 – v4.5, so that make users cannot visit eshop, as if you connect online, your 3ds will be updated to latest v6.3 system, so cannot work gateway 3ds anymore. But now, gateway team bring us this amaizng news, gateway 3ds will work on 3ds v6.3 and has no problem to visit eshop! They release a video show that. We can see there seems has 2 system, one is v4.5 and the other is v6.3. That is really great! Here is the official news details:

GW3DS Nand Emulation:

After a lot of brainstorming sessions we decided it was time to realise one of the revolutionary ideas that we have in store for you! We have been working very hard to bring you our 3DS console NAND emulation solution that will allow you to run up-to-date firmware, without the need for spoofing!

To accomplish this feature a part of the 3DS SD card is used as a fully mirrored NAND image while still being able to use the SD card like normal.

The first step is BACKING UP YOUR NAND! Second, run our SD formatter from within the GW GUI to format the SD card with a unique copy of your console’s NAND. On the next Gateway boot, the console will automatically relaunch from the NAND image on SD, which means you can safely update to the latest firmware! Say hello to e-shop [;-)]

Ohh and MH4 is finally working [;-)] XY is officially WIP. Porting our patches from 4.5 to 6.3 is time-consuming and tedious so please bare with us for a little while longer, testing and safety is paramount for such a release. As always, we know you will ENJOY !!

Cobra ODE game switching without rebooting or ejecting!

The Cobra ODE update news again, they released a video about game switching without rebooting or ejecting the disc anymore. That is really convenience, and the firmware will be released soon. Here is the details:

Cobra ODE News – Update

Following up on the previous announcement of the v1.5 firmware update with the added support for the Cobra ODE Browser, we are releasing today a video showing how the Browser works. You can see the browser functioning in both the Game category mode and the Video category mode.

This video was done using a beta version of the v1.6 firmware update we are currently working on, and it also serves as a preview for the exciting new features which will be added in the next firmware update, expected to be released within a week, once it has passed all our QA validations.

Yes, your eyes did not play tricks on you, we are proud to announce that the next firmware update of the Cobra ODE will bring support for game switching without rebooting or ejecting the disc anymore. The Cobra Team has once again revolutionized the PS3 ODE scene with a new exclusive method that will allow game switching on all PS3 models, without any additional hardware, or additional soldering required. This feature will be available for free for all Cobra ODE users with our next firmware update.

Well,  and at the end,  Cobra ODE even point out that the E3 ODE,which launched by E3 Team is poorly designed and about the same function “no reboot or eject” is actually more complicated than Cobra ODE. I am not sure if this is a good idea as i think benign competition is better. Let’s looking forward to the new firmware of Cobra ODE.

E3 ODE PRO – OS v1.2 released


The E3 ODE PRO is the optical drive emulator for PS3. It Run game and movie ISO’s from all slim PS3 without the need to restrict your console to running on a CFW. E3 ODE PRO works on all slim console include 2xxx, 3xxx and 4xxx .

The E3 ODE PRO a large number of listed, so if you still wait for the Cobra ODE, you can change to buy E3 ODE PRO. And the new OS v1.2 released today, here is the details:

1: No 5s waiting anymore after replug power cable of PS3, user can start PS3 immediately.

2: allow user update the future new FW of E3 ODE PRO successfully without power off PS3(just restart PS3 and update successfully)

3: No restart if switch from PS3 BD DRIVE to E3 ODE PRO mode(need press EJECT )

4: Improve the stability of E3 ODE PRO on all slim console include 4K 12G , 4K and 3k console.

5: Please note, after unplug PS3 power cable, E3 ODE PRO need 5s to power off . So after 5s, user can plug PS3 power cable and start PS3 .

Woocards – Best R4 Wholesale Store


When you confused by what r4i card should i choose? or where i can get mass r4i cards with cheap price? Woocards will be your best choice. This is one of the best r4i card wholesale store i can find. You will not regret to choose it.

When you visit woocards.com, you will find there are so many flashcarts for choose. the r4i gold 3ds, dstwo, r4 card r4i sdhc 3ds rts, and other hot cards such as r4i dual core and r4i silver card…Every card offer cheap price with best quality as woocards cooperate with many official manufature. That is why they can control the card quality and offer reasonable price. Woocards welcome small wholesale. You will find all the flashcard MOQ is 10 pcs, that means you no need order big quantity, you can enjoy the cheap price with just 10 pcs order quantity. This is very attractive. And in order to help wholesalers place order more convenience, woocards support Online Freight Caculating and default shipping way is fedex or DHL. When you want to place order, just choose your favorite r4 card→check out→fill in your shipping adress→shipping fee calculated online→check all detals→send the payment. That’s all, so easy. Woocards will send your package by dhl or fedex, it just take 3-5 days.

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