Which flashcart work on 3DS v7.1.0-15?

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Nintendo 3DS update firmware to v7.1.0-15. And this time, the update is main for eshop:

Added support for Nintendo Network ID:

Users can now create a Nintendo Network ID on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Users may either create a new ID or register the same ID they have created for their Wii U system.

Using the same ID on both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U systems will allow users to combine their Nintendo eShop balances and Wish Lists. A Nintendo Network ID will now be required to download free content, including game demos, from Nintendo eShop.

And according to our test, seems no flashcart get blocked this time, all flashcart work on new firmware perfectly, no need any updating. dstwo, r4i gold 3ds, ace3ds plus, r4i sdhc 3ds, r4i dual core, well, we just tested these popular cards, and all of them work normal. So this is a small updat for Nintendo 3DS, users can update their console to v7.1.0-15 freely, flashcart will work. And some users tested gateway 3DS, the gateway 3DS can emulate v7.1.0-15 too.

But as blue screen issue happen very often recently, so it is not very safe to use gateway 3ds emulate console. just stay in firmware v1.2 is safer.

Gateway 3DS multiroms video released!


Excited great news come out today, Gateway 3DS released a video, show their multirom features of firmware v2.0. According to the video, we can see the operate is very easy. No need switch or something like mt card, it can change games by press “start” button,  and we can see there has Animal Cross and Pokemon Y in the list! So the gateway 3ds can support nand save? and support play Animal Cross and Pokemon? That is really really amazing!

And about the blue screen which reported by users that some gateway 3ds users console got banned, gateway team said “We are still investigating individual brick incidents reported by legitimate Gateway 3DS users. So far, many isolated brick incidents that were blamed on us have been debunked in one way or another and turned out to be associated with use of the clones modified versions of our official release files.” So seems this issue has not solved yet.

Hope the firmware v2.0 come out soon and solve the blue screen issue, that make users worried when use flashcart to play 3DS games.

Gateway 3DS – news updated


Gateway 3DS update news again, but it is not a new firmware news, just explain the question that many users worry about bricking consoles. The gateway 3ds official said, if use their original firmware v2.0b2, download from their official link, not download from other place, the console will not be bricked. Just use clone firmware will brick console.

“We are receiving many emails from worried customers switching from unstable Gateway clones (mainly 3DS Link/ R4i Gold 3DS/MT Card) to an original Gateway card. Worries about the possible bricking of their console because of their past use of a clone.

In fact, you do not need to worry as long as you have the proper Launcher.dat on your SD card.

Just please make sure you download the latest release bundle (today Beta 2.0b2) from our web site, and copy the official Launcher.dat to your 3DS SD, to confirm you are using the correct file, enter into the GW menu and you should see Our Gateway banner on the top screen as well as GW beta 2.0b2 on the top of the bottom screen. ENJOY :)”

Well, i think compared with the clone firmware, new firmware v2.0 is more concerned by users. The new firmare which gateway 3ds said will support multiroms and support pokemon xy, that is what users need most. But seems this firmware still in processing and don’t know when it will be finished.Hope the whole firmware v2.0 will be released soon.

Cobra ODE – big update released


News from cobra ode official. A new update released and this is a big update. it can support ps1 and ps2 games! That is really great! Mean users can use cobra ode to play ps1, ps2 and ps3 games on ps3 console! There has many other update such as more stable and fix some bugs. But most important thing, is cobra ode can support ps1 and ps2 games, just like their previous product cobra usb!

As initially promised, this update adds support for PS1 games, PS2 games (only on backward compatible consoles), DVD movies and BD movies support. Another interesting feature is the ability to hot swap your HDD. You can now remove and change your games HDD while the PS3 is on.

The update also has a lot of stability improvements, bugfixes and most freezing issues introduced in recent updates have now been fixed.

We have also updated the genps3iso tool, now with IRD v9 support. Both genps3iso and genps3extra have now also been released as a native linux binary for linux users. The Cobra Manager and Cobra Browser have also been updated to add the support for PS1 and PS2 games, as well as DVD and BD movies. The third party library is also updated to allow other managers to take full advantage of these new features.

The Cobra database has also been updated with 1342 total game discs supported.

We would also like to take this opportunity to let our users know that we are aware of some issues with the new v4.20 and v4.30 boards and 2xxx console models, and we are working hard on fixing the issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, if your BD drive is unresponsive, use the eject button to turn on your console instead of the power button, as it will fix the issue and the ODE will function correctly.

Gateway 3DS – news update


The gateway 3ds offiical news update again. But it is not a firmware update, just a news about the issue which many users met recently. the blue screen with error code: 8046.

I have not met this error before, but seems many users met it when play games. According to the gateway 3ds official news, if use their original launcher file, it will not cause this error, just if use clone launcher, then will has this issue occurs.

“We feel sorry for the users that are affected by this error, but we have issued warnings in the past about the clone cards for this exact reason.We pride ourselves to do thorough testing before release, the same cannot be said for our so-called “competitors”.

Though gateway say this,  i still think it is a good thing to have competitors, whatever they are clones or competitors, for users, it is not a bad thing. Believe that the 3ds flashcart will be more easy to operate and the price will be cheaper, just like ds flashcart.

R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edtion firmware v3.3 released!

R4IGOLD3DS2       The r4i gold 3ds offcial news, r4i gold 3ds deluxe edtion firmware v3.3 released. this firmware update is for fixing save issue and increase stable. Well, seems as same as firmware v3.2. What the most important thing is, they add another news said “ Multi-rom will be supported in Ver4.0″. This is a great news.

Since mt card come out already, which support multirom first, users concern when gateway 3ds or r4i gold deluxe will support multiroms? GW offcial said their firmware v2.0 will support it, but right now, seems the program still in processing. and now, r4i gold deluxe said their firmware v4.0 will support multirom too. No matter who be first or second, one thing we know that, the multirom feature will be come out soon!

Gateway 3DS – play pokemon X/Y


The gateway team released a new video, show they are working the nand-based saves. according to the video, we can see that the pokemon Y is working!  That is really amazing and excited users. Pokemon is the most popular game and because it is a nand-based save, so right now, no 3ds flashcart can work it. But at least, we know that gateway 3ds will work it, the video show it clearly.

R4i Gold Deluxe firmware v3.2 released!


The r4i gold official released firmware v3.2 for their 3ds flashcart r4i gold deluxe card. It fix the save issue and more stable. We know that after r4i gold deluxe released, many users interested in it and r4i gold deluxe become one of the popular 3ds card quickly.

But when use it, there has some issue too. One is the save issue, some users use the r4i gold deluxe to play 3ds games, and save game, but next time, when want to load the save rom, it failed. But now, this issue is sloved. R4i gold deluxe new firmware v3.2 can solve this issue perfectly.

Another issue which users met, is cannot start launcher file. One thing need be attention is that, the launcher file should saved in sd card, not TF card, means the launcher file should saved in the 3DS sd card, you can back up the other files before use it, because if you want to use the emulator, you need format your 3DS sd card. So back up files in important. And when you go to setting, click profie, then start ds profile, it may show error, that because the 3DS sd card cannot be recognized by 3DS correcly, so it cannot read the launcher file.  You can try format your 3DS sd card, or change another sd card. I just use another sd card, and it create 3ds files auto again, the launcher can be work again.

The next update we expected most, is the multirom. Hope r4i gold deluxe can support multirom soon!

MT card – Play multiroms on 3DS console!


   The MT card come out finally and strong landing on Game4Deal! You can check all the details by here:

Buy 3DS flashcart MT card

And the offcial released fimrware, User Manual and some other details. According to the User Manual, we will know several important update. The most important is the multirom supporting. You can save many 3ds roms in one sd card, and change games during the menu or change the games one by one according to a switch at the back of the card. The blue card setting is almost as same as other 3ds flashcart, but there has a .nds file to start flashing. So when you put blue card files in sd card and start on 3DS, you will find a .nds file named “MT INSTALLER.nds”, start that file to flash. Then save launch file to 3DS sd card, and go to setting, press L then click ds profile. Here are almost same.

When enter the mt system menu, now there has some different. well, you need save all the 3ds roms on another sd card then insert it in yellow mt card. then setting, press L and select ds profile to enter mt system menu. when you select “game”, you will find all the roms are listed, you can select anyone you like.And there has another big break is, you can save the games in sd card! just like the ds games, when you save during gaming, there will have a .sav file in sd card. you can load it at any time.

Anyway, mt card really make the 3ds flashcart into another step and bring much more convenience to users.

Gateway 3DS – News about firmware 2.0


Gateway 3DS update news again, we can see that the whole firmware v2.0 will be released soon. the firmware v2.0 will support multiroms, that is users expect most.  Here is the features will be released soon:

– Integrated menu system

– Emu-Nand with up to date compatibility

– Back up your own game cartridges

– Nand based titles compatibility

– Fat32 based drag & drop Multi-Rom

– New real time save system

The new firmware will come out to the early days of 2014. “Fat32 based drag & drop Multi-Rom” is most concerned. what i hope another features is, if there has a safeguard procedures which can protect not update consoles  that will be helped. Many uers console updated to the latest firmware due to mistake operating. And it is easy to be updated if users not very pro on 3DS and do a wrong operate. So if there has a protection, if do wrong operation, will don’t allow to update console, that will be much convenience. Gateway 3DS official said about this function before, but seems it will not come to the next update.