Which flashcart can work on 3DS v7.1.0-16?


Nintendo 3DS update firmware to v7.1.0-16 yesterday, the update main for eshop, so many users concern does the flashcart get blocked? or which flashcart can work on 3DS v7.1.0-16? Well, good news is, there is no flashcart get block during this updating . So if your card can work on v7.1.0-15, it also work on the latest v7.1.0-16, no need any updating!

The first one which confirmed work normal is r4i gold 3ds rts. It is the best r4i flashcart in the market. Update speed always quick, and this time, also the first one to be confirmed. Many users use this card, so be concerned most.

Then most of the normal flashcart, work perfectly too. dstwo, r4i sdhc 3ds, ace3ds plus, r4i dual core 2014 etc. Just what i said, the update this time not block any flashcart. But be attention is, if your card work on 3ds v7.1.0-15 with no problem, then it also work on 3ds v7.1.0-16. But if your card even cannot work on v7.1.0-15, then you need update your flashcart first, check your card official site and found if there has a patch to update. Then use the patch to update your card, it should work on 3ds v7.1.0-16.

E3 ODE PRO – OS 2.1 and E3 Manager 2 released!


E3 ODE PRO latest news, the new E3 OS 2.1 and E3 Manager 2 released finally!  All the users who update firmware to OS2.1 will have the follow features:

1. One-key install offiial PKG file2. Support PS1 games (this is great)
3. Blue-ray movie ISO play directly
4. DVD movie ISO play directly
5. Further improve the support folder format PS3 games

The PS1 game supporting is a great updating! and the next E3 ODE PRO OS 2.2 will have the follow features:

1. Promote E3 ODE PRO function
2. support unofficial PKG file
3. Support PSN games

Wow, support PSN games is so amazing! That means we can play games on line freely and enjoy online services! Good job! E3 Team!

Cobra ode firmware 2.0 will be released soon!


News from Cobra ode official site. seems cobra ode will has a big update recently. The firmware v2.0, which can support PS3 v4.55! and now the official listed the features which firmare v2.0 will support. Seems great:

  • Initial support for OFW 4.55 (Please read further information in news paragraph below)
  • Auto-generate browser from the MCU, no more need for genps3extra
  • Dumping of original games using the BD drive is now possible through the Cobra Manager
  • Added support for XMB enabled Pass-Through mode, meaning user no longer has to use slide switch to swap modes and in addition playback of burned PS1 discs when used in combination with the game.disc_type=ps1 configuration option
  • Increased AES encryption module performance by over 100%, now there is no lag in playback of IRD generated ISO’s
  • Added support for updating PS3 firmware without needing to switch to PT mode
  • Eject now possible on 4k systems, without need for user to open console cover
  • Added support for “eject.delay” option to specify delay in milliseconds before reinsertion of disc after it has been ejected on QSB systems (default value of 1000ms)
  • Added support for “leds.disable” configuration option to disable specific LED colors

This firmware can let users who have 3k / 2k5 Slim or earlier consoles are safe to update to 4.55.


E3 ODE PRO – supports 4K 4.55 demo video released


The E3 official released a big news today, they released the world’s first PS3 ODE supports 4K 4.55 demo video. And seems they launched a special USB harddisk adaptor of E3 ODE PRO.

“E3 ODE PRO,the world’s first PS3 ODE supports 4K 4.55 demo video released. We can know from the video, boot disc game and the actual running game is different game.
(boot disc game is call of duty: world at war,the actual running game is soulcalibur4).
furthermore , E3TEAM master a variety of methods to bypass 4.55 verify ODE . The demonstration strong comeback against E3TEAM malicious slander guess. E3TEAM strong technical strength once again proved E3 ODE PRO as the world’s first PS3 ODE not Langdexuming. We are urgent to debug E3 OS 2.0, all E3 ODE PRO user is about to usher the revolutionary new features in 1-2 weeks ! (include 4k 4.55 supports).”\

This is a great news, expecting the E3 OS 2.0. and here is the video which show 4K 4.55 ODE:

And about the new product E3 USB Adapter, has Free sleep function, games run more smoothly.


1:Full metal case, better heat dissipation, more stable performance
2:Free sleep function, games run more smoothly
3:USB3.0/2.0 interface,fast transmission speed to 450M/S
4:Support SATA3 3.5/2.5 harddisk,the maximum capacity of up to 3TB

Which flashcard can play 3DS games?


Last year, some real 3ds flashcard come out, means they can support play 3ds games on 3DS/3DSXL. Let’s collect which flashcart can play 3DS games right now.

Gateway 3DS

This is the world’s first 3ds flashcart which play 3ds games. And the most expensive. Well. it worth the price. Gateway 3DS can play almost all the 3ds games on 3DS/3DSXL (v4.1 – v4.5 system), be attention that it just support v4.1 – v4.5 console, if your console updated to the latest system, GW3DS cannot work on it. By the way, all the 3ds flashcard in the market right now, just support v4.1 – v4.5. And according to the GW3DS official news, their firmware v2.0 can support multiroms, at the moment, it just support one rom one memory card.

R4i Gold Deluxe Edition

Many users said r4i gold deluxe edition is a clone of gateway, maybe it is true, but this card is really very cheap, much cheaper than GW3DS, the card quality is good, just like their famous r4i gold 3ds rts card. The R4i Gold Deluxe Edition support one game for one sd card, work on v4.1 – v4.5. And the ofifcial said multirom will be supported on firmware v4.0. But the firmware v4.0 has not be released. The latest firmare is v3.3 right now, we don’t recommend users use v3.3, just use the first firmware v2.0 is ok. The other firmware is dangerous and easy to ban your console. So just remember, only firmware v2.0 is safest.

MT card

This is a new 3ds flashcart which support multiroms! Means you can save many games in one sd card, no need buy many sd card to save your 3ds roms. The game change method is for press a switch, mt card has a small switch on the back of the card, and has a USB port, like for card update. This is interesting, but mt card cannot support too many games. Can not support emunand.

These are the most popular 3ds flashcart which support play 3ds games.