Gateway 3DS firmware “OMEGA” 2.1 released!


After a few days private beta, Gateway official site released Gateway 2.1 “OMEGA” to the public. It combines some improvements of 2.0 “OMEGA”. Here is the description of Gateway 2.1 “OMEGA”.

– Supports all 3DS games which have been released currently, including “Pokemon XY”
– Support multiROM
– To provide independent DUMP genuine game cassette feature
– Support Eshop games

All gamers wait for a long time for the new firmware of gateway 3ds, it comes out finally. With the firmware 2.1 OMEGA, Pokemon XY is supported. the tester tried the Pokemon X and it runs perfectly! Meanwhile, the Gateway 2.1 OMEGA supports multiROM, this will be the most remarkable feature after MT-card. Game Card Dumper has been opened too, gamers can DUMP genuine game cassette freely. Support Eshop games, you can choose any 3ds games you want to play.

One thing should be noticed, the Gateway 2.1 OMEGA still does not support 3DS console under v4.5. So the new firmware is useless to whom has update 3DS console under v4.5. However, this upgrade bring some good news to us, it deserves our expectation and patience.

The Gateway team struggle to develop the multifunctional flashcart, let’s looking forward it can support the newest 3DS version in nearly future.

MT card new packaging is available!

oneFrom now on, MT card will be used with new packaging and new stickers , old ones won’t be used  anymore.

MT card is only one of the 3DS flash card which can support multiROM, support SDHC card, support up to 256 games, selecting game in Menu or by pressing key. It has a small switch on the back, you can store many games in the micro sd card, then use the small switch to change the games, it is very convenience for gamers.

One thing we have to notice, MT card can’t emulate the new system, it only supports some 3DS games under v4.5. If you have a 3DS which under v4.5, you can use the MT card to play 3DS games, if your 3DS have been upgrated to new system, this 3DS flash card can’t be used.

MT card is available with new packaging, however, this is a change. Let’s waiting  this powerful flash card to support the newest version of 3DS in near future.


R4i SDHC 3DS RTS latest kernel update to v1.78b!


The r4i sdhc 3ds official site update kernel to v1.78b. R4i sdhc 3ds rts can work on 3DS latest system v7.1.0-16 perfectly, no need any updating. you can use it out of box. And now, the new v1.78b kernel updated. Here is the details:

1. Fix some RTS games white screen issues.
2. Fix some RTS games hang issues.
3. Fix some RTS games problem.

4. Solved games:
XXXX – Gauntlet (US)
XXXX – Gauntlet (EU)
6290 – Transformers – Ultimate Autobots Edition (US)
6291 – Transformers – Ultimate Autobots Edition (EU)
XXXX – Akumajou Dracula: Gallery of Labyrinth(CN)
XXXX – Professor Layton en de Melodie van het Spook(CN)
XXXX – Kingdom Hearts(CN)
XXXX – Dementium2(CN)
XXXX – Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (JP)
XXXX – Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 (EU)
5. Solved RTS games:
6304 – Bob the Builder Festival of Fun (EU)
6278 – Finding Nemo – Escape To The Big Blue – Special Edition (US)
6274 – Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst (GE)
6263 – My Virtual Tutor – Reading – First Grade to Second Grade (US)
6262 – My Virtual Tutor – Reading – Kindergarten to First Grade (US)