Gateway 3DS Blue Card MultiKernel MK01-2 released!

Gateway 3DS has been modified the MK01 Kernel and now release MultiKernel of MK01-2. It fixs some error and support some new function. More detail is from 3dsblog.

Here is the Functions of this MultiKernel

1.DSI skin imitated,choose a icon just by tapping left/right botton
2.wood 1.62 for NDS game support.
3.Moonshell2.10 with full function supported
5.Emulators supported

How To Use

NDS game:Put your rom in any directory(suggest root),load it by wood 1.62.
Multimedia:Moonshell 2.10,you can run these file by Moonshell:*.nds *.gb *.gbc *.nes *.ipk,etc.NDS ROM will automatically load wood.
GW Installer:Run this software to creck 3DS.Insert the GW red card to run 3DS game.
GBA Emulator:load /__rpg/Apps/patch.pat as a patch,then choose a *.gba in any directory,press A until the game runs.
FC Emulator:Put your game into root:/SNES/,choose one in the emulator.
other Emulators:Choose one game in the emulator then run it.Games can be put in any directory.
Cheat DB:Put a UTF-8 USRCHEAT.DAT to/__rpg/cheats/

Changelog(both GW and MT)

1.More emulator added & optimize directory
2.Add icons for the main UI
1.Add NES FC emulator
2.updated GW INSTALLER to OMEGA 2.1 version
3.switch to wood kernel when you run a rom in Moonshell2.10(can’t directly run a rom yet)

Gateway 3DS blue card can support nds game on DSL, DSi, 2DS and 3DS console, you can use the blue card as a ordinary flashcart and play nds game, the red card can be used to play 3ds games. With the MultiKernel, it makes gateway 3DS become more convenience, it also save your money, cause you need not to buy another flashcart to play nds games.

MT card Hardware Ver1.3 & Software Ver1.2 released!

oneIt is about half a month after MT card Hardware Ver1.2 released, the MT official site update the news again. MT card Hardware Ver1.3 & Software V1.2 released! With this updating, MT card add some new feature, here is the official details.

1.Hardware update(VIA USB)
1.1 Fix the problem with low speed Micro SD card which causes pokemon X/Y game can not be played.
1.2 Support eshop game Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

2.Software update( Launcher. Dat on SD card)
2.1 Add version display
2.2 Support eshop games(“HarmoKnight” and “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies”)

Now MT card can support three eshop games: “Super Mario Bros. Deluxe”, “HarmoKnight” and “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies”. Gamers can enjoy these three hot games with MT card freely. It also fixes the problem with low speed Micro SD card, animal crossing and pokemon X/Y games can be played smoothly.

You can update the hardware via USB, keep MT card connecting with the computer when updating, otherwise, the MT card may be damaged. After update, MT card hardware version is Ver1.3, software version is Ver1.2. You can check the MT card version through enter MT menu, select “Select Game”.

With this new features, MT card solves some problem and help gamers to enjoy a wonderful game time.

The shipping way about large order

For flashcart wholesale, the customs is a strict part among the shipping. If the customs find the real product is flashcart, it will be a pity because they will detain the parcel.

For example, the R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition complete package, just like the first photo. The customs will find what the product is immediately, if your country customs doesn’t allow flashcart, they must detain it.


So, how to avoid this happen?

We can ship the order in two parcel. One parcel is flashcart, without sticker, just like this photo. Even if the customs open the parcel, they can’t sure this is flashcart, that will reduce the possibility of be detained.


Another parcel is packing, card reader and sticker, just like this photo. Even if the customs check the parcel, find this is flashcart accessory and detain the parcel, we won’t lose a lot, because it has lower value than real flashcart.


One more thing, same quantity of products, the shipping cost is a little expensive of be sent in two parcel than be sent in only one parcel. As we all know, comparing to the whole products, the extra shipping cost for the second parcel is just small problem, and it is worth.

So, if you purchase a big order, such as 100 pcs of flashcart or more, we suggest to ship them in two parcel. It’s a smart choice, safer and convenience.

MT card Hardware Ver1.2 released!

The MT card official site updates the news, MT card Hardware Ver1.2 released! Here is the description from official.

In V1.2, MT card supports animal crossing, pokemon XY. This update program is to update the FPGA chip and CPU data, no need to use another launcher.dat, same V.1.1 launcher.dat in the SD card.

As we have known, MT card is the first 3ds flashcart which can support multiROM. And now, its features is very comprehensive.

1) Hardware design of flexible, build-in CPU with card, upgradable new functions via USB.
2) Support multiROM, support Eshop, support SDHC card, selecting game in Menu or by pressing key.
3) Support FAT32, drag and drop, no need of disk imager.
4) Save to TF directly, no need of pressing home to backup SAVE.
5) Support Save Editor, NAND-emulate.
6) Support official cart region free.

Now there are several 3ds flashcart, such as gateway 3ds, R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition, MT card and 3dslink. Comparing with the other card, MT card is a new one, but with fast development and updating. How to choose a 3ds flashcart for your console is according to your interest, of course, new thing deserved to be tried.

So, MT card can be a good choice!