R4i gold 3DS Deluxe Edition firmware 4.0B1 is released !


R4i offiicial site put good news: Deluxe Edition firmware 4.0B1 is released ! Gateway 3DS and MT card update the firmware several days ago, and now, R4i gold 3ds deluxe edition also has a updating. Here is the official details about the firmware 4.0B1.

change log
Games Update:
1. V4.5+ Games
2. MH4

The coming firmware V4.0B2 will include the following:
1. Multi-ROM
2. EmuNand
3. Online Eshop

According to this news, R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition will support muti-rom, emunand and online eshop soon. If you have a deluxe edition, you can upgrade it to new firmware and play MH4. Later, Multi-ROM can be supported, more games can be choosed.

R4i gold 3DS deluxe edition take longer time about the new firmware than Gateway and MT card , hoping it works more stable and smoothly.

MT card hardware ver1.4 released!


MT card official site update news again. MT card Hardware Ver1.4 released! This card update hardware very fast resently, so what is the new feature with this updating? Here is the official details.

This update improves Eshop ROM compatibility and supports .3dz ROM .

It is an hardware update, just directly update your MT card(any version) to V1.4. While updating, don’t disconnect the USB cable. This update works with V.12 launcher.dat.

For” * .3ds “game, save file is” *.sav”

For ” *.3dz” game, save file is“ *.zav”

For NAND backup games(card2), the backup data directly stored in the ROM, don’t rename the file extension. If you once rename the file extension, when you enter the game, the backup data will be deleted.

1.Hardware update(VIA USB)

1.1 Enhance Eshop ROM compatibility.
1.2 Support .3dz ROM.(support online play)

3DS console has updated the system to v7.2.0-17, MT card team make an effort to let the MT card improves Eshop ROM compatibility and supports .3dz ROM.  Good news is this feature apply to any MT card version, so you need not to worry about your MT card is an old or new version. 3DS newest system is v7.2.0-17, but all 3DS flashcart can work on 3DS/3DSxl V4.1-V4.5 only. If you want to use MT card play 3DS games, please don’t update the 3DS console to higher firmware.

Which flashcart can work on 3DS v7.2.0-17


Nintendo 3DS update firmware to v7.2.0-17 on 13th May, the update main for adding e-mail support to Parental Controls, improving the overall system stability and other minor adjustments. Many users concern does the flashcart get blocked? or which flashcart can work on 3DS v7.2.0-17? Well, good news is, there is no flashcart get block during this updating . So if your card can work on v7.1.0-16, it also work on the latest v7.2.0-17, no need any updating!

The flashcart which confirmed work normal is ace3ds plus,  r4i gold 3ds rts and DStwo, they are the hotteset flashcart in the market. Update speed always quick, and this time, also the first one to be confirmed. Many users use this card, so be concerned most.

Then most of the normal flashcart, work perfectly too.  R4i sdhc 3ds, r4i dual core, r4i sdhc lite rts etc. So, the update this time not block any flashcart. But be attention is, if your card work on 3ds v7.1.0-16 with no problem, then it also work on 3ds v7.2.0-17. But if your card even cannot work on v7.1.0-16, then you need update your flashcart first, check your card official site and found if there has a patch to update. Then use the patch to update your card, it should work on 3ds v7.2.0-17.

Nintendo 3DS firmware update to v7.2.0-17

Nintendo 3DS system update to v7.2.0-17. Here is the details.

Main changes for version 7.2.0-17U
Added e-mail support to Parental Controls, allowing parents that have forgotten their PIN to send themselves an e-mail with instructions on unlocking Parental Controls.
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

This news come out after gateway OMEGA 2.2 released, does the new feature of gateway still work? According to user feedback, the Gateway 3DS has been unable to virtual to the new system, that is to say it is unable to access eshop or download game patches. Online games can be supported temporarily, however, since it does not support eshop, online features will be unstable. So, if you use gateway 3DS, please be carefully with online game.

Here are some good news. R4i gold 3ds, DStwo, ace3ds plus does not be blocked by this new system, these cards can support to 3DS v7.2.0-17. About the other flashcart, such as r4i sdhc 3ds, r4i dual core, r4i sdhc lite rts, r4i gold pro, is under testing. We will keep posting related news.


Gateway 3DS firmware “OMEGA” 2.2 released!


Gateway official site put good news again: Gateway firmware 2.2 “OMEGA” released!

A few of highly anticipated features come with OMEGA 2.2. Here is the official statement.


* Online support

That’s right, now you can play online with your friends!

As we hinted in our previous firmware release, the current “scene” dumps are missing critical data which is needed for online support.

Our game card dumper however does create proper dumps, and will allow you to play online.

To play online you will need a game dumped with our Game Card dumper and you must rename the file extension from .3DS to .3DZ in order to avoid accidental activation of online support.

As always, use online play at your own risk. Since online play is linked to a genuine Game Card, we do not recommend that multiple users go online with the same game dump simultaneously as it will most likely result in a future online ban.

We cannot help you if your 3ds console gets banned from online play.

* Homebrew support

It was about time this happened, so now you can develop and run homebrew games and applications just like the real deal!

In particular, we would like to thank smea for his contributions, otherwise none of this would be possible.

You can find a sample homebrew 3ds game in our downloads section, and we hope to see many more!

Note that the ctrulib homebrew library is not yet completely stable, as can be seen in the graphical artifacts and when closing the homebrew application.

* Savegame backup and restore

Some users have requested the ability to backup and restore savegames from retail cards, so here it is!

Simply launch the Gateway menu by holding L and you will see two new icons for savegame backup and restore.

The savegame will be stored on the regular 3DS SD card.

* Improved Game Card Dumper

We fixed a minor bug that caused some Game Cards not to be detected by our dumper. This should now work.


Gateway keep updating, the official site present new features continually. What is in your mind, the gateway team will capture it. That is to say: nothing is impossible!

How to change skin on the console by R4i gold 3ds rts


When using the r4i gold 3ds card, system default the skin. If you are bored with the same screen, there are many different skin on r4i official site, why not change a skin for your NDS/DSi/3DS.

Now I will tell you how to change r4i gold 3ds skin. First, please download the r4i gold 3DS kernel, unzip the RAR file and put all the files and folder to the root of micro SD card. Then download the skin from here: http://r4ids.cn/r4i-download-e.htm. Unzip it, you will get a folder of the skin name, put the skin folder into \_rpg\ui. Remember to copy the skin folder, not just copy all the files to the folder of \_rpg\ui.

Put the micro SD card in r4i gold 3ds rts, insert to NDS/DSi/3DS. Turn on the console, click the icon, you will get this interface.


Click START on the screen, then get below interface.


Choose “Settings” through cross key, press A,



Then, please choose the skin in UI folder by cross key or the left and right arrow, I choose the skin of Naruto Bleach…


Press A, it will remind you to confirm,


Just press A again, then get below interface.


Press A to agree, the console will loading automatically. Now you have changed the skin successfully.


If you store several different skin in the folder of \_rpg\ui, changing to another skin is very convenience. Ditto, I change it to another skin.


You can choose your favorite skin to dress up your console!