Gateway OMEGA 2.3b has been released!

Today Gateway official update the news: GATEWAY PUBLIC RELEASE 2.3b
Here is the official details:

Early this week we released our latest Gateway OMEGA 2.3b firmware to our beta testers.
We have received a lot of positive feedback from our beta testers and we would like to thank them for taking the time to test the latest update.

Our beta testers have mentioned a few minor issues:
*  The Gameboy Advance virtual console games and DSiWare are not working yet.
We acknowledge this and we will try to get it working after the next firmware release.

*  Emunand 8.x boots up slower.
We have observed this too for some brands of SD cards. We suggest our users to try a different brand or a faster SD card.

Other than that no major issues have been observed so far, so we decided it’s time for a public release!

You can find the latest firmware Gateway OMEGA 2.3b in the Downloads section.

As always, ENJOY!

According to the test result, the firmware OMEGA 2.3b still has some problem. This is a test version, next firmware will solve the issues. However, gateway team keep their words, always update the firmware to catch up with Nintendo 3DS latest system to provide gamers a wonderful experience.

Now Gateway 3DS can emulate to 3DS v8.x, it is the only one. The other 3DS flashcart, such as R4i gold 3DS deluxe edition and MT card still hasn’t achieved it, maybe soon.

How to cheat in the game with R4i gold 3DS RTS?

R4i gold 3DS RTS is a popular R4 flashcart, it has many features. Such as real time save, cheating. Now I will tell you how to cheat in the game.

First, you need to prepare a micro SD card, card reader, R4i gold 3DS RTS, a console (eg: 3DS).

Second, download the latest kernel, WOOD R4 V1.64 is available. Unzip the RAR, put the file, folder and NDS game into the root of micro SD card directly. Insert it to R4i gold 3DS RTS, them insert them to the console. Power on 3DS, just like the photo.

Third, click A enter the r4 memu.

Click A enter the game interface.

Click Start.

Choose Settings and click A.

Look this interface, use light and right key to choose Patches.

Use cross key move to Cheat in Game(AR). Now the status is off.

Click the arrow to turn on it, then click A.

Click A again to confirm. It will come back to game interface.

Click Y on below interface.

Click X to cheat.

Now you can cheat according to below choice.

After setting the cheat, you can enjoy the game.

So, this is the cheating function of R4i gold 3DS RTS, if you have this card or going to have this card, hope the instruction is helpful to you.

What is the difference between R4i gold 3ds deluxe edition and R4i gold 3ds?

Look this two kind of flashcart,  first is R4i gold 3ds deluxe edition, the second is R4i gold 3ds RTS. They are r4i cards and all come from r4i team. Maybe many gamer are confused by this two cards. Let’s tell you what the difference between them is.

R4i gold 3DS deluxe edition is a 3DS flashcart, can support 3DS ROMS on 2DS/XL, 3DS/XL v4.1-v4.5.
R4i gold 3DS RTS is a NDS flashcart, can play NDS game on 3DS/XL all system.

R4i gold 3DS deluxe edition includes two cards, blue card and gold card. Blue card is used to hack, gold card is used to set 3DS mode and play 3DS ROM. It is a little complex to newbie.
R4i gold 3DS RTS only includes one card, we need to put the firmware and the NDS game into TF card and insert to r4i gold 3ds, then put them into the console, then we can enjoy NDS game, it is very easy.

As a 3DS flashcard, R4i gold 3ds deluxe edition has many features, such as multri-ROM, RTS, firmware spoofing and region free.
Comparing with deluxe edition, R4i gold 3ds RTS only support real time save.

R4i gold 3ds deluxe edition is expensive, the price is more 60 USD. R4i gold 3ds RTS is much cheaper, it is about 15 USD. But wholesale is more economic, the price is about half.

Now do you have a new understanding about  these two flashcard? If you are game lovers, if you want to play hacking, r4i gold 3ds & deluxe edition will provide you wonderful experience.


How to play NDS game with Ace3ds plus on 3DS/XL?

Ace3ds plus is a hot flash card, it has many features, but the price is cheap. Now, ace3ds plus can support to the latest 3DS v8.1.0-19. Here is a clear instruction of  how to use ace3ds plus on 3DS/XL.

Step 1, download the firmware from the ace3ds plus official site.

ACE Wood firmware V1.62 ——- 2013 / 08 / 17  or AOS V2.13 ——- 2013 / 08 / 17 are all availiable. The ace3ds plus is sent out to support the latest 3DS v8.1.0-19 directly, so the patch is unecessary.

Step 2, unzip the RAR, will get a folder and three files. Just like below photo.

20140820152901859Step 3, put these four parts to the root of Micro SD card, then put a nds game to TF card too, will get below photo. I take plants vs zombies as an example.

files in the root of TF cardStep 4, insert the micro SD card in ace3ds plus, then put them into 3DS. Power on the console.

Step 5, click the SpongeBob icon or press A, will enter this interface.

Step 6, click “microSD Card” or press A, now we can find the game is here, move to the game icon and press A.

Step 7, We can enjoy the game now!

See, it is easy. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. If you need genuine ace3ds plus, we can provide it. Our mailbox:

Gateway 3DS new firmware will release soon!

Gateway 3DS official site update the news: New firmware is coming soon! According the the official, the new firmware will enable gateway emulate to v7.x and v8.x. Here is the details.

We finally did it! We are the first and only team to add support for the latest games and applications that make use of the new 7.x and 8.x encryption.

We are currently in the process of wrapping it up in a nice Launcher file and we will be releasing it in the coming weeks.

As always, here is a little teaser video to show the new feature in action…

There is a video show gateway 3DS could emulate 3DS v8.1.0-19 and go to e-shop. You can check the video from the official.

So, the new firmware will release in coming weeks, some gamers worry that before the firmware be released, Nintendo will update the 3DS system again, v8.3 or v9.0.  However, the gateway official has posted the video, the  firmware is not far away. Gateway still work on 3DS v4.1-v4.5, so does r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition and MT card. Hoping the firmware can be released soon, then we can play some higher version 3DS games with Gateway!

Which flashcart can work on 3DS/XL v8.1.0-19?

Nintendo 3DS has updated to v8.1.0-19 on 7th August.

Change log:
Improved system stability and usability:

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

So, is there any card be blocked? Which flashcart can work on 3DS v8.1.0-19? These card have been tested support 3DS v8.1.0-19 directly.

Supercard dstwo
R4i gold 3ds rts
Ace3ds Plus
R4i-sdhc 3ds rts
R4i-gold pro
R4i sdhc dual core
R4i sdhc lite rts

Like last time, this update does not block any flashcart, all listed nds flashcart is availiable with 3DS/XL v8.1.0-19.

All 3DS flashcart, gateway 3DS, R4i gold 3ds deluxe edition, MT card, still only work on 3DS/XL v4.1-v4.5.