Which is the best flashcart for 3DS/XL v8.1.0-19?

The latest 3DS system is v8.1.0-19, so which is the best flashcart for 3DS v8.1.0-19? Let’s list it.

R4i gold 3DS RTS

The most popular r4i card, it never be blocked and always work perfectly. It also has RTS, cheating features, all flashcart gamers should be familiar with it. It can support to 3DS/XL v8.1.0-19 too. I recommend this card, it is the best r4i flashcard, the price is acceptable.

Supercard DStwo

The most powerful card, always support to latest system of all console, NDS, DSi, 2DS/XL, 3DS/XL. It is the only card include the GBA emulator, you can play GBA games directly. The price is a little expensive, if you don’t mind the price, DStwo is a good choice.


It is also a R4i card, and very famous. It is similar with R4i gold 3DS RTS, support RTS, cheating. Working with 3DS/XL v8.1.0-19.

Ace3ds plus

This is an amazing card. It is a cheap card, but all features are available. If you are new to flashcart, recommend to choose this card. It will help you know more about flashcart.

R4i SDHC series


R4i sdhc dual core, R4i sdhc lite RTS, R4i gold pro also has been tested to support 3DS/XL v8.1.0-19.

In short, all NDS flashcart are available with 3DS v8.1.0-19. Meanwhile, Gateway 3DS, R4i gold 3DS deluxe edition, Mt-card still work on 3DS/XL v4.1-v4.5.

R4i SDHC series kernel update to v3.5b!

The r4i sdhc official (www.r4isdhc.com) update the firmware to v3.5b.  You can download it from official site. The R4i cards can support to 3DS v8.1.0-19, this new firmware should improve the game stability, provide users a perfect exprience.

R4i SDHC dual-core, R4i SDHC rts lite, R4i gold pro are three hot card, the official site keep updating the firmware, they can supports 3ds/2ds v8.1.0-19/DSi v1.45/NDS with latest kernel pefectly, R4i sdhc series is popular in Europe, especially R4i SDHC dual-core, many gamer choose it, it is a powerful r4 card in all the flashcart.

Second one is R4i SDHC rts lite. This card support real time save, it is the only one support this function among r4i sdhc series.

Third one is R4i gold pro, its packing is golden, very beautiful. All r4i sdhc series has special packing, different from other flashcart.

There are some great card except R4i sdhc series, such as supercard DStwo, R4i gold 3ds rts, R4i sdhc 3ds rts. Gamer from different place perfer different card, just choose one you like best.


MT card Hardware Ver2.0 & Software Ver2.0 released!

MT card official update the firmware finally. It add some new feature, let’s see the official details.

1. Support SaveEdit.(Need to copy cheat.dat and Launcher.dat went to the SD card root directory)

We spent too much time on this feature. From planning to implementation, such as data capture, save file packing and modified data testing, we encountered many problems at every step. Finally, we achieved our initial commitment.

Although there are not much supported games, we will keep updating to support more games.

Meanwhile, we can collect users’ save file to analyze data, and to establish more games database. If you are interested, you can send your save file to us(with data and text description is better). Whether official game save file or ROM save file (zav, sav), it will help us to analyze save file data.

To use this feature, you need to enter MT menu(“System Settings”‐> “Other Settings” ‐>”Profile” ‐> “Nintendo DS Profile” , and press L button), then select “Save Editor” (the third icon).
Repeatedly to enter “Nintendo DS Profile” is limited on high version 3DS console. If you need multiple entry, you probably have to restart the console, or to enter “System Settings” , and then select “Exit”, and enter MT menu as we mentioned above.

For the way to enter “Save Editor”, we have a plan to make change on future version: “Save Editor” appears when we press “START”. It will take us some more time, please wait.

About the SaveEdit feature, this is the first version. Although we did a lot of tests, we still worry about data loss, so it is better to backup all the *.zav and *.sav files on your computer before using this feature. You can restore the games when you meet problem.

2.Support EXfat format MicroSD card, up to 128GB.

MT card is the first flashcard to support FAT32 format MicroSD, easy to drag and drop files. It is popular. To meet users’ requirement, we added new feature. MT card now supports EXfat format and larger capacity MicroSD card.

3.Homebrew support

At this time, I can only say sorry to everyone: I am late. but I finally catching up. Thanks to smea, and to all homebrew working people.

4.Enhance menu selection, ROMs display is more intuitive.

Press the SELECT button, you can check and select the games you like on the screen. Roms display is more intuitive. Game icon is in front and ROM file name follows the game icon, easy to distinguish 3DZ and 3DS.
UP and DOWN to select roms, L and R to turn page.

MT card has more features now, it is similar with Gateway 3DS. It is very convenience when update the firmware, the card quality is great. Honestly, MT card is deserved to be owned.