What flashcart is the best? That is hard to say..

As a Senior player, it is hard to say what flashcart is the best and what flashcart is bad. Every cart has its own characteristic and even every cart has its own fans! I just enumerate some hot card here, hope this can help you choose which card is fit for you.

R4i Gold 3DS

When i begin to play 3DS, i use this card. It is the first card which can play ds rom on 3DS, this is attract me. And then every time Nintendo upgradte the firmware, wholesale r4i gold 3ds is always the first card to work on it. That make me don’t use other card any more. It is a trust, you know your card card update quick, so you never worry about the Nintendo updating. You always enjoy the newest version first, that is great! What’s more is, this card is very cheap, so Cost effective. This card is become one of the hottest cards in the world right now.


I like this card most. I don’t put it in the first just because its price is a little high. But that is not influence its position in my heart :) The Supercard DSTwo is called the strongest card. It can support so many music format, so many movie format, the function is stable and variety. I never meet a bad card for dstwo till now. Its update speed is so quick and you always don’t need patch, you just buy it and use it directlly. This is so convenience. Maybe you need cost 30-40 dollars to buy a dstwo, but you can use it in 3 years? 5 years? I don’t know, it never get bad unless you make it physical injury.

Acekard 2i

To be honest, i don’t like this card very much. I know it is a classic card, use akaio kernel and have many fans. But my ak2i is short-lived. I don’t know why, it is broken so easily. I have 3 ak2i right now, no one of them work over 6 month. And the update is too late. Every time when Nintendo upgrade their firmware, i always need wait..Anyway, this card use easily and the interface is beautiful, and it just cost 16 usd also.

R4i sdhc 3DS

This card is always been found in many site. I think the biggest reason is because it is very cheap. It support 3DS and the function is great. Seems popular in the world. I am not very known this card but as a r4 series, this card is succeed.


I don’t write ace3ds, even my site don’t sell the original ace any more, just becasue the ace3ds plus is better and better that original one. This card is new and fresh. The color is pink, card hiden in the card reader to let you get your card safer. Many users say this card is clone or fake or somthing, but i don’t care, i just care the function and the price. That is the most important. There are so many flashcart in the market, if you want to make eye-catching, you need some speical. The wholesale Ace3DS PLUS has its own special. For a wholeasle, card hiden in the card reader is really a good idea, don’t worry about the custom anymore, and the pink color is beautiful. Support 3DS v4.3 and DS v 1.44 is good enough for its price. By the way, this card is so cheap! And has many emulator in its kernel, that is convenience.

Here is the first 5 cards. I will write other r4i series in the future, there are so many r4i series card…

Thanks for reading!