How to solve the problem of X360dock ?

If you are not a professional, when you use the x360dock, there still has many problem. My test console is Slim 0225, and use the module 1 or module 1 + module 2, it works perfect right now. I met some problems before, but all get solved, let me tell you how to resolve these problems.

For x360dock module 1:

The x360dock module 1 use so easily and not have many problems. It always occurs on the first time i use it. The most import thing is confirm your cables connnect correctly and fastness. Specially for the soft white cable, it hard to connect and usually drop easily. When all cables connect with no problem, start your console and you will find there are 3 light on the board, 2 yellow 1 red in the middle. When you insert the usb to the pc, the red light will extinguish. Then open the firmware on pc, select game and start. Make sure there is just one firmware in the taskmgr, sometimes there are 2 progress in it. And specially for slim 0225 and 0401, you need reboot once when you select a game, and when the console restart again, select the same game again, and play, it will work normal. Recently, some customers feed back that the module 1 cannot work on newest dash board and cannot start new game. I asked the official, and they said the module 1 support newest dash board but cannot play new games. Seems the firmware for module 1 is stop update. need use module 1 +module 2.

For x360dock module1 + module 2:

When you recevie your module 2, you will find there is a firmware in the sd card already, if you are not very know about how to create the firmware, please don’t delete it, it is firmwire v1.0, the oldest one, but also the most stable one. You just need put your dvd key.bin, Inquiry.bin and OFW.bin in the root of sd card too. The problem is the OFW.bin file. Many users don’t know how to create the ofw.bin file. It is not a original file which can be extracted in modchip shop. It need created by yourself, use the jungle flasher. The step is very easy but you need 2 files first: the dummy.bin and origi file. The dummy file can be found when you extract your dvd key. And the origi file you can download it on the x360dock official site. There is a “xbox360 stock firmware” on the download page, when you download it, you will find all console’s origi files in it. Just find your own console’s one, my console is 0225, then i use the slim lite on 0225 orig file. Use the dummy file and orig file, you can create your own ofw.bin by jungle flasher.

If you want to select game on dash board, you need use the module 2 firmware v3.0. It need create also, the official has a detail guide, so i don’t write here again. One thing is, when you cannot start your module 2, the first thing you need do is confirm the module 1. see if the module 1 work normally, then you will know which one has the problem. When you find the problem on which one, then you will know how to solve it. And the module 2 problem is always because of the ofw.bin file. Please try a few times, i tried about 3-4 times, then it work ! The x360dock module 1 + module 2 can work on newest dash board 15574 and play newest game with no problem, it is great !

The last thing is, it is easy to use x360dock, no need soldering, no need cutting, just connect cables. Even open console is harder than install x360dock.  But you need patience and careful.

Thanks for readiing!