Gateway 3DS – news updated


Gateway 3DS update news again, but it is not a new firmware news, just explain the question that many users worry about bricking consoles. The gateway 3ds official said, if use their original firmware v2.0b2, download from their official link, not download from other place, the console will not be bricked. Just use clone firmware will brick console.

“We are receiving many emails from worried customers switching from unstable Gateway clones (mainly 3DS Link/ R4i Gold 3DS/MT Card) to an original Gateway card. Worries about the possible bricking of their console because of their past use of a clone.

In fact, you do not need to worry as long as you have the proper Launcher.dat on your SD card.

Just please make sure you download the latest release bundle (today Beta 2.0b2) from our web site, and copy the official Launcher.dat to your 3DS SD, to confirm you are using the correct file, enter into the GW menu and you should see Our Gateway banner on the top screen as well as GW beta 2.0b2 on the top of the bottom screen. ENJOY :)”

Well, i think compared with the clone firmware, new firmware v2.0 is more concerned by users. The new firmare which gateway 3ds said will support multiroms and support pokemon xy, that is what users need most. But seems this firmware still in processing and don’t know when it will be finished.Hope the whole firmware v2.0 will be released soon.