Which flashcart work on 3DS v7.1.0-15?

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Nintendo 3DS update firmware to v7.1.0-15. And this time, the update is main for eshop:

Added support for Nintendo Network ID:

Users can now create a Nintendo Network ID on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Users may either create a new ID or register the same ID they have created for their Wii U system.

Using the same ID on both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U systems will allow users to combine their Nintendo eShop balances and Wish Lists. A Nintendo Network ID will now be required to download free content, including game demos, from Nintendo eShop.

And according to our test, seems no flashcart get blocked this time, all flashcart work on new firmware perfectly, no need any updating. dstwo, r4i gold 3ds, ace3ds plus, r4i sdhc 3ds, r4i dual core, well, we just tested these popular cards, and all of them work normal. So this is a small updat for Nintendo 3DS, users can update their console to v7.1.0-15 freely, flashcart will work. And some users tested gateway 3DS, the gateway 3DS can emulate v7.1.0-15 too.

But as blue screen issue happen very often recently, so it is not very safe to use gateway 3ds emulate console. just stay in firmware v1.2 is safer.