How to change skin through supercard DStwo


Supercard DStwo, I believe all flashcart gamers know it. Yes, DStwo is an amazing card, it never be blocked, always suport to the newest system of DSi/3DS/3DS XL/2DS console. It has a significant feature, include GBA emulator in the firmware, not need ez flash 3in1. That is to say, if you want to play GBA games, DStwo is the best choice.

Today, I will introduce how to change skin or theme by DStwo. First, prepare a TF card, card reader, DStwo, a console DS/DSi/3DS are all available. Download the lastest firmware and upzip the file, then put all files in the root of the TF card. At same time, download a DStwo theme, unzip it and put the folder in the DStwo folder “ui”. Insert the TF card into DStwo, put them into the console. Power on.


Click A, choose DS_GAME,  then click A again.


Click START.


Choose Skin and click A.


Choose Black white Sc . (it is a skin I download, you can download theme you like)


Click A.


So I get the new theme!


If you are interested in DStwo, please click here to get more information.

Thanks for reading!