Which is the best flashcart for 3DS/XL v9.4.0-21?


The latest 3DS system is v9.4.0-21, so which is the best flashcart for new 3DS system?


It is a new 3DS card, and sky3ds is the only card which can work on 3DS v9.4.0-21 perfectly.

R4i gold 3DS RTS

The most popular r4i card, it never be blocked and always work perfectly. It also has RTS, cheating features, all flashcart gamers should be familiar with it. It can support to 3DS/XL v9.4.0-21 too. I recommend this card, it is the best r4i flashcard, the price is acceptable.

Ace3ds pluS

This is an amazing card. It is a cheap card, but all features are available. If you are new to flashcart, recommend to choose this card. It will help you know more about flashcart.


It is also a R4i card, and very famous. It is similar with R4i gold 3DS RTS, support RTS, cheating. Working with 3DS/XL v9.4.0-21.

Supercard DStwo

The most powerful card, always support to latest system of all console, NDS, DSi, 2DS/XL, 3DS/XL. It is the only card include the GBA emulator, you can play GBA games directly. The price is a little expensive, if you don’t mind the price, DStwo is a good choice. However, DStwo get out of stock for a long time. Hope the new card come out soon if it is possible.

R4i SDHC series

R4i sdhc dual core, R4i sdhc lite RTS, R4i gold pro also has been tested to support 3DS/XL v9.4.0-21.

In short, all NDS flashcart are available with 3DS v9.4.0-21. Meanwhile, Gateway 3DS, R4i gold 3DS deluxe edition, Mt-card still work on 3DS/XL v4.1-v4.5.