CIAKonPack Convert 3DS roms to CIA works perfect on New and Old 3DS

Recently GBA released CIA called CIAKonPack tools (batch production CIA, Easy and Fast )
Today this will also extend to the NEW3DS (9.0-9.2)! Require a computer operating system is 64, does not support XP.

Before the Tutorial ,you need to download the CIAKONPACK-OLD-NEW3DS

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 New 3ds Tutorial

1. Unzip attachments, open NEW3DS files,copy the 3ds game rom ( you want to convert to CIA ) to the root of Rom files.


2.  Select all 3DS roms directory file and drag it to, wait a few seconds, it generates NCCHINFO.bin file, copy the file to the sdcard directory (notice not your SD card)


3.copy NINJHAX ‘s root files to your SD card root your New 3DS-SD card (Decrypt9 homemade plug-in, if have please ignore it ).


4.Copy files sdcard’s files  to the root of your New 3DS -SD card, then there will be shows below :


5. When starting a New 3DS NINJAHAX homemade system (requires genuine card stereoscopic ninja or SKY3DS, select Decrypt9 plug-in, then press A, and when the process is complete 100% press START to return the system interface




6.In your new SD card will xorpad three files (depending on the number of files you want to convert the number of game ROM, a correspondence one), copied to the xorpads catalog


7. Double will start window Once finished, you’ll find under the roms filesis already full of CIA files you want