Original Tutorial : How to use Sky3ds to work with NTR CFW 3.0 ?

Hi friend , Today i am gonna to write a tutorial about NTR CFW 3.0  !  It is released recently and highly good comments from the users in Gba temp , but before you see the guide , you need to use sky3ds falshcart to make it success . As official wholesale legit webistes : www.game4deal.com has received the latest new sky3ds packages , see photos below



What is New on NTR CFW 3.0?

1. It support Old 3ds and 2ds

2.Added tje BootNTR.cia installing method , No longer needed the Cubic Ninja

3.Support all region free ,and also support most emuNAND version

4.More stable and Conveninent compare NTR CFW 2.2

Conclusion: NTR CFW 3.0 is mainly used to region free and added the Gold finger funcitons .


How to use sky3ds to work with NTR CFW 3.0 ?

Notice : Because the new NTR CFW 3.0 is to be installed by the CIA, so it is now only New/old 3DS in versions 9.2 or below systems can use (GW only to break the current 9.2 version, Sky3ds use pasta cfw is currently only up to 9.2)

Step 1. Using Ninjhax 2.0 to  install Pasta1.3 homebrew system. and use the FBI or install Devmenu.cia or (bigbluemenu.cia)
Step 2. unzip the downloaded NTR CFW3.0, copy BootNTR.cia and ntr.bin to the root of the micro sd card of your 3ds console.
Step 3. Enter into the Pasta CFW system, and find the Devmenu(or BigBlueMenu) to install the BootNTR.cia, click into to press A to install .
Step 4. Exit After finished installing BootNTR.cia , and open the BootNTR ,they will automatically install NTR 3.0 !
When BootNTR installation completed, press button Home back to home menu:
Step 6. After successful installation exit return to the main menu , then press X + Y button then shows NTR3.0 menu ,that means it installed successful ,so enjoy the NTR3.0 with the sky3ds !