CronusMax Plus Adaptor review

PS4 Controller is a new products for Sony company , but it is so expensive for user to buy for it especially for the player who has PS3 ,XBOX ONE , XBOX 360 , So this is why CronusMax Plus Adaptor come out . it is a upgraded products for CronusMax , CronusMax PLUS enables all major game controllers across platforms, without the controller guide ,and can be done with a Bluetooth adapter wireless connection. That means the user who has PS4 or XBOX ONE ,XBOX 360 can use CronusMax Plus to play on PS4 console not only buy the expensice PS4 contorller !!

Wholesale Price : $56.9-$57.9/pcs

Now , Let me show you the products :

1. CronusMax Plus has a color box and the CronusMax  plus adpator ,Nstructions (Meau) and a USB cable ,attactive color and detail function make the user clear what it is about !


2. For the CronusMax plus adpator , there is three slot , one is INPUT ,OUTPUT and PCPROG , apart of that ,you can see the LED screen in the front ,it is showing the status during the connection .


CronusMax plus most powerful point is that it has improved the ability to customize, through patches, scripts, macros can be adapted to a variety of personalized solutions and demands adaptor  if it is in transit between several official controllers, basically do not need to make changes,The official has shows a series of details of the function , here is the list of this.


CronusMax plus also supports keyboard and mouse conversion, but need to connect the computer mouse and keyboard, computer and then connect the side of the PCPROG slot ,So CronusMax PLUS is mainly transferred for a variety of game controllers.
Now let is me show to how to use CronusMax Plus , for you , you can use PS3 and PC Contorller doing like below :
In the Cronus Pro, find the Tool> Option >Device, you will find the setting list, Under the Devices tab it is default automatic mode, to avoid compatibility problems, you can select a specific console mode. Here we choose PS4 for example.
Inserted the CronusMax plus to the USB port of PS4 Console , then connect the PS3 Controller connect with the CronusMax plus input port. when the connection is completed. This time LED displays “0″ indicates normal operation.
This effective helps the users who have PS3 controller can use this tools to play on PS4 ,All keys are perfect support, but less touchpad and touchpad button.
So How to use Bluetooth Wireless Connection ?
Wireless bluetooth  connection is CronusMax PLUS significant functions . but it different for PS3 and PS4 Controller. Here let me show you apart.
PS3 controller Bluetooth connection setup procedure
1. The CronusMax PLUS connected to the computer, open the PS3 Bluetooth Auto pairing in Cronus Pro software tool-option following device tabs. The state connected to the computer with a mini USB cable in addition CronusMax PLUS and PS3 controller connected together. This time a little above the LED display is “0.”2. Then plug out the PS3 controller connection, insert a Bluetooth adaptor ( must 2.0+, recommended 4.0) to the CronusMax PLUS input port.3. Then connecting CronusMax PLUS with Bluetooth adaptor to PS4 console, meantime pressing the CronusMax PLUS button and PS3 controller/handheld button, This time LED displays “0″ indicates normal. After use without delay.

PS4 controller Bluetooth connection setup procedure
1. The CronusMax PLUS connected to the computer, open the Bluetooth PS4 search in Cronus Pro software tool-option following device tabs.
2. Insert the Bluetooth adapter connected to the input port CronusMax PLUS.
3. Pressing the Share+PS button of PS4 controller, waiting for the paring completed ,After it done, close the search option may speed back.2015-05-07_104820Thanks for your reading and enjoy the games !!