How to play GBA games with Ace3DS PLUS ?

Things you needed:
DSL, Ace3DS PLUS, EZ flash 3in1, card reader, TF card, PC.

First, you have to download the GBA_ExpLoader, you can download it here: GBA ExpLoader download

Of course, you have to download the Ace3ds PLus kernel, AOS V2.01 and the GBA games which you want to paly.

Unzip the files you have download, and put all the files on the root of your sd card, so the files on your sd card should be below as the picture shows
Then, put your sd card into your Ace3ds Plus and put your Ace3ds Plus into DSL, remember you should insert your ez flash 3in1 to DSL as well. Then power on your DSL, you will get the picture below:
Press the Ace3ds PLus button, you will get

than, choose the NDS button, you will get list and on the list you will find the game you have download and the GBA_ExpLoader, click the GBA_ExpLoader, you have to use this file to help you play GBA games
Press the GBA_ExpLoader file , you will get the show below:
Press Ato select files, you will get the picture below
now, you will find the game you have download is on the up screen and on the down scree you will find many selections, the most easy thing is to press A button to start and have fun,  press A button, the game will start