How to update r4i dual core to work on 3DS v4.5 and DSi v1.45?

Seems since r4i gold 3ds released the patch, almost all the r4 cards released the patch right now. And all the update method is as same. The method is very easy. I just test with my r4i dual core, this is a good card!

What we need:

1 x r4i dual core wholesale
1 x card reader
1 x ds / dsi(below v1.45) /3ds (below v4.5)

How to:

1. Download the patch and newest kernel on r4i dual core official site, unzip them and put all files into the root of sd card
2. Insert sd card in the r4i dual core, start r4i dual core on the ds console
3. Before update, we will see the icon is like follow:

4. Enter it, and find the .nds file.

5. Start the .nds file, the update screen is blue, press A to start

6. It will start to update auto (don’t power off during the updating and make sure your console is full power, if the update is interrupted, your card will get broken)

7. When the update finished, just reboot console. And the icon will changed, i took the photos on my 3DSLL, you can see it work fine on 3DSLL newest firmware v4.5