How to use emulator on Ace3ds plus?

We know that everytime when ace3ds plus released their wood kernel, they will release an AOS also, AOS = kernel + emulator. And until now, the AOS has FC, GBC, GB, MD, NEOGEO, SNES, ATARI emulator. So how to use these emulator, is there any other cards or items need to work with it?

Well, if you want to play GBA games, i am afraid you need a slot 2 card such as ez flash 3 in 1, but if you want to play other games such as FC, GBC, MD, NEO and SNES, you don’t need any items else, just an ace3ds plus and a sd card. Then download the AOS kernel and put the files into the root of your sd card.

The last thing is where the roms should be put in the sd card. For snes, the rom should be put in a folder named “snes”, and neo roms should be put in the root of sd card, no need any folder. And for other emulator roms, no matter where to put, they can be identified.

And according to our test, the SFC emultor has some problems with some games, the others are perfect.

Ace3DS PLUS AOS v2.03 released!

The Ace3DS PLUS update speed is really good. After released the wood kernel, they released the AOS yesterday. What the different? The wood kernel is a pure version without any plug-in unit. The AOS = Wood + Emulator + Moonshell.

Specially want to say the emulator, the AOS includeFC、GBC、GB、MD、NEOGEO emulator, and because some customers feed back they want a SNES emulator, so the ace3ds team add a SNES emulator in it this time. Good job! Ace3ds Team! Listen to players’ thinking will let you go  further!

And the best for the ace3ds plus  is it can work on 3DS v4.3 without any updating, no need ds/dsi, no need patch, that is really convenience. Hiden the card into card reader will let it ship out safer.

By the way, seems this card has no package from now on, and what we will receive is just a big pink card reader, then you can find the card in it. The package is redundant and will add the weight of shipping, no one want to pay too much on shipping fee, so i think this is a good idea to put off the package.