How to downgrade the New 3DS / New 3DSLL console ?

Sometimes your New 3DS or New 3DSLL console are connect with the wifi ,and it upgarded to the latest version ,which causes your flashcart can not work on the latest version , so here we introduce a way to downgrade your New 3DS /New 3DSLL console .

For example , if you are addicted by Gateway 3DS flashcart , so you can downgrade the console , then you can enjoy the games !!

Attention : if you don’t have the confident ,please do not try it , or caused the consequence you deserved by yourself ! becaues there is a risk for ruin the machine.


1. own version of the console low NAND backup
3. The reader, trancend RDP8K
4.TF card sets
5. Several wire
6. electric iron, solder, tweezers, etc.
7.Win7 more than one PC (requires the existence of USB port)
Optional items:
4PIN connector (for reference)



1. SD card sets produced


2. Disassemble
To  remind everyone that, in the following figure removed the screws, open the back cover to be careful, careful not to L, R key cable broke. Remove the cover, some small cable have to be careful in the demolition of the time, do not ruin the machine


3.The machine mainboard cable prepare
Press the map indicates the DAT0 machine on the motherboard, CMD, CLK, GND and just make a good SD card put on the corresponding line connected, (if you want to downgrade many times in the future, you can add it here like me 4PIN connector, you can  use for them )

New 3DS mainboard:


New 3DSLL mainboard:


The Interface

4.connection ready
1. The new 3DSLL turned off, will be ready to connect the SD card sets with the new3DS , then inserted into the SD card reader, card reader at this time not connect with the computer.
 2. Open a new 3DSLL, wait for the blue screen, and the screen displays the following information.
00000000 00000000
00000003 00400000
Note:the new 3DS  shows both up and down screen three, the New 3DSLL only shows the down screen .
5.Important : backups the high version of the system, in order to avoid it failed so it can be restored the system.
1. The fourth step of the card reader into your computer. Can not read the computer will show whether formatting, here remember to select Cancel, !!
2.Back up the version of the high NAND.
Confirm after reading the letter is new 3DSLL according to Win32DiskImagerif correct, the figure below the text box to manually enter the desired NAND backup image file name, then the existing system backup,
it is better to try two times.
Note: My new 3DSLL NAND chips are Samsung, after the backup image file size
Samsung 1.21 GB (1,300,234,240 bytes)
Toshiba should be
Toshiba = 1.84 GB (1,979,711,488 bytes)
Here hexadecimal editing software confirm back out of NAND mirror 00000100 Are there words NCSD, if there is, that you will own NAND mirror normal backup out.
6.write to downgrade NAND mirror
After the icon is pressed the red box in the figure below before selecting the backup over the old version of the image file, press [Write] button, wait for the older version of the program will be written after the completion of NAND mirror can disconnect the card reader, new 3DS or 3DS LL  sets of wires and SD card, press the new large (small) after three of the power button off and on, if all goes well, returning to the old version back.
 Thanks for your watching ! please do not try if you do not have the confident .

Tips for buying 3DS Flashcart on Easter day !

Hey everyone! Today I would like to start what will be cheaper price  regarding the holidays & all we had offered.If you are goging to buy a 3DS flashcart for a Nintendo user , that would be much easier .  Here are my tips for starting your shopping for 3DS before even setting foot in a store (or online store).

1.Figure out what system firmware your 3DS is . Now the latest 3DS system firmware is V9.6.0-24 , most of flashcarts can work on the latest 3DS ,At this point ,we had to advice this card for you — SKY3DS , it Support any 3ds system 3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL  consoles(US,EU,JP). Even Support the latest 3DS V9.6.0-24U/E/ J . and it has been lower the price to support Easter Day ! just visit this site you can buy one or you can also wholesale.

Here are the list of advantage to buy SKY3DS  ★★★★★

★ the first card to supports 3ds games on New 3DS,3DSXL,3DS,2DS V9.6.0-24.
★compatibility all nintendo console with all firmware version.
★with a regular updating.
★easier to setup and use.
★supports all latest 3ds games,eshop games or online games.
★.supports future update.

By Comparing with sky3ds , the gateway 3ds has issue less than sky3ds when it work on the 3DS v9.2 .


2.Choose the right flashcart .

We have  done research on the google , you would find there are many flashcart in the market , and which one is the best for you 3DS ? This depends on your 3DS system firmware version and your interest .

R4i Gold 3ds Deluxe Edition   ★★★★

* Support 3DS/3DSXL/3DSLL consoles(v4.1 to v4.5).
* Support latest 3D games.
*Support latest DSi and 3DS games.
*Support ALL kind of 3DS and DSi console.
*Support RTS (Real Time Save) for DSi games.

R4i gold 3ds    ★★★★★

*Supports DSL / DSi / LL / XL/3DS

*With quicker Wood firmware update to provide more cool features.
*Supports 3ds/2ds v9.6.0-24 and DSi v1.45 perfectly.

*The wholesale Price only takes $9 .

*Supports Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works on any OS.


Ace3ds Plus   ★★★★★

*Work perfecrly on 3DS V9.6.0-24 and DSi V1.45


*Support all the commercial roms and homebrews

*The wholesale Price only takes $3.8   wow…..

Gateway 3DS multiroms video released!


Excited great news come out today, Gateway 3DS released a video, show their multirom features of firmware v2.0. According to the video, we can see the operate is very easy. No need switch or something like mt card, it can change games by press “start” button,  and we can see there has Animal Cross and Pokemon Y in the list! So the gateway 3ds can support nand save? and support play Animal Cross and Pokemon? That is really really amazing!

And about the blue screen which reported by users that some gateway 3ds users console got banned, gateway team said “We are still investigating individual brick incidents reported by legitimate Gateway 3DS users. So far, many isolated brick incidents that were blamed on us have been debunked in one way or another and turned out to be associated with use of the clones modified versions of our official release files.” So seems this issue has not solved yet.

Hope the firmware v2.0 come out soon and solve the blue screen issue, that make users worried when use flashcart to play 3DS games.

Gateway 3DS – news updated


Gateway 3DS update news again, but it is not a new firmware news, just explain the question that many users worry about bricking consoles. The gateway 3ds official said, if use their original firmware v2.0b2, download from their official link, not download from other place, the console will not be bricked. Just use clone firmware will brick console.

“We are receiving many emails from worried customers switching from unstable Gateway clones (mainly 3DS Link/ R4i Gold 3DS/MT Card) to an original Gateway card. Worries about the possible bricking of their console because of their past use of a clone.

In fact, you do not need to worry as long as you have the proper Launcher.dat on your SD card.

Just please make sure you download the latest release bundle (today Beta 2.0b2) from our web site, and copy the official Launcher.dat to your 3DS SD, to confirm you are using the correct file, enter into the GW menu and you should see Our Gateway banner on the top screen as well as GW beta 2.0b2 on the top of the bottom screen. ENJOY :)”

Well, i think compared with the clone firmware, new firmware v2.0 is more concerned by users. The new firmare which gateway 3ds said will support multiroms and support pokemon xy, that is what users need most. But seems this firmware still in processing and don’t know when it will be finished.Hope the whole firmware v2.0 will be released soon.

Gateway 3DS – news update


The gateway 3ds offiical news update again. But it is not a firmware update, just a news about the issue which many users met recently. the blue screen with error code: 8046.

I have not met this error before, but seems many users met it when play games. According to the gateway 3ds official news, if use their original launcher file, it will not cause this error, just if use clone launcher, then will has this issue occurs.

“We feel sorry for the users that are affected by this error, but we have issued warnings in the past about the clone cards for this exact reason.We pride ourselves to do thorough testing before release, the same cannot be said for our so-called “competitors”.

Though gateway say this,  i still think it is a good thing to have competitors, whatever they are clones or competitors, for users, it is not a bad thing. Believe that the 3ds flashcart will be more easy to operate and the price will be cheaper, just like ds flashcart.

Gateway 3DS – play pokemon X/Y


The gateway team released a new video, show they are working the nand-based saves. according to the video, we can see that the pokemon Y is working!  That is really amazing and excited users. Pokemon is the most popular game and because it is a nand-based save, so right now, no 3ds flashcart can work it. But at least, we know that gateway 3ds will work it, the video show it clearly.

Gateway 3DS firmware v2.0b2 will be released soon!


News from gateway 3ds official site. After the gateway 3ds firmware v2.0b1 released, many customers expect the whole firmware released. One reason is whole firmware v2.0 will contains more features, another reason is fimrware v2.0b1 is not so stable, users want a more stable one. And now, gateway 3ds offical released a news said that the next firmware v2.0b2 will be released soon:

“Firstly a warm thank you for all the feedback and suggestions regarding our recent public release of GW 2.0b1.

GW 2.0b2 is a few days away from release and will be mainly emunand support for 7.0 and bug fixes together with an additional feature that will hopefully put an end to any accidental updates of consoles.”

So seems this firmware v2.0b2 will be more stable and contains more features!


Gateway 3DS – Public Beta release of GW 2.0b1


Big good news from Gateway after Thanksgiving Day! The firmware 2.0b1 released. b1 means beta 1, so seems this is not the wholesale firmware v2.0, just some new function, but that is also a great news. Good job! Gateway 3DS ! Here is the beta GW2.0b1 details:


We thought posting yet another teaser video would anger rather than amaze our patient and loyal customers. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we would like to show you all our sincere gratitude for your patience and support, by releasing a public beta early!

GW 2.0b1 enables up to date compatibility, barring only the 2 known NAND based titles (for which support is coming very soon), as well as the long awaited emuNAND feature. Complementing these great advancements is our new GUI menu system accessible by simply holding down the L button when tapping on the DS Profile button on the touchscreen. For this release we have tried to make the plethora of options as automated and intuitive as possible, and we welcome more feedback from our users regarding the menu, settings and other options for in the coming revisions.

So we left a few things out you say ? Well if it was so easy then others would have it already, or might falsely make videos of such claims .. anyway we digress .. Both nand saving, which will officially make us 100% compatible with all known roms, and FAT32 (drag and drop) based multirom support are now close to completion and entering into our internal beta testing. As you can imagine, both these features required a major revamp of our hardware’s internal firmware, something we had known and planned for from day one so rest assured, unlike others, GW3DS is a fully featured and FULLY updatable hardware design. Our policy has and will always be to stick by our customers and ensure they get value for their money. We will be calling on our beta testers shortly to help us stress test our next big step !

Release notes:

Booting into Gateway mode will now automatically check for the emuNAND partition and emulate the system NAND using this partition. We have also included an option to boot into Classic mode that enables genuine retail gamecards and the emuNAND functionality, allowing it to run like a regular 3DS on latest firmware.

If the emuNAND partition is not found, we fall back to the system NAND and boot into Gateway mode as in 1.x


We have gone to great lengths to ensure the stability and reliability of emuNAND, even though emuNAND is not currently required to allow full game compatibility. For those wishing to have the latest system firmware running concurrently with our device, please follow these instructions carefully:

Safety preparation: Please ensure you are either fully charged or plugged in to the charger before beginning. It is also advisable to turn off WiFi, and remove any stored WiFi access settings before proceeding.

1) Launch the Gateway menu and select the “BACKUP SYSTEM NAND” option. Follow on screen instructions to start the backup operation. This requires a minimum of 1GB free space on the Nintendo 3DS SD card, and will take approximately 10 minutes.  Every console has a unique NAND image and if you accidentally update the onboard system NAND then there is currently no known way to restore back to 4.5 through software means. The only recovery option is to restore via hardware using the backed up NAND image as a last resort. So please make sure you physically copy the file created by our tool from the SD card to your computers hard drive.

2) Make sure you have backed up any other files you may need from your Nintendo 3DS SD card or use a fresh new SD card to run the Format emuNAND step in the Gateway menu. Once this is done (approximately 5 minutes) and for as long as you use the specific SD card, GW will boot from the specially partitioned SD card and show the “GW3D” label in the system version number in the System Settings application.

Once you have entered into the System Settings application and clearly seeing the “GW3D” version number, enter into WiFi settings and set up a connection.

3) Update your emuNAND partition. Boot into Gateway mode, and enter into the System Settings application. CHECK to make sure you see the letters GW3D before the system version located in the bottom right hand corner of the top screen. If you only see a version number “Ver.” please exit and perform step 2 again. With the “GW3D” X.XX.X version number verified proceed to update the console by going to Other Settings and scroll right to the last page and press the System Update button.

IMPORTANT !! .. ONLY ever update through System Settings and ONLY when you have double checked the “GW3D” lettering in front of the system version number !!

Gateway 3DS – Support 3DS v6.3.0-12!

Just got an exciting news from gateway 3ds official. The gateway 3ds new patch will be released, and that patch can let your gateway 3ds work on 3DS v6.3.0-12, and more, the MH4 can be supported!

Since gateway 3ds come out, we know that it just can work on 3DS v4.1 – v4.5, so that make users cannot visit eshop, as if you connect online, your 3ds will be updated to latest v6.3 system, so cannot work gateway 3ds anymore. But now, gateway team bring us this amaizng news, gateway 3ds will work on 3ds v6.3 and has no problem to visit eshop! They release a video show that. We can see there seems has 2 system, one is v4.5 and the other is v6.3. That is really great! Here is the official news details:

GW3DS Nand Emulation:

After a lot of brainstorming sessions we decided it was time to realise one of the revolutionary ideas that we have in store for you! We have been working very hard to bring you our 3DS console NAND emulation solution that will allow you to run up-to-date firmware, without the need for spoofing!

To accomplish this feature a part of the 3DS SD card is used as a fully mirrored NAND image while still being able to use the SD card like normal.

The first step is BACKING UP YOUR NAND! Second, run our SD formatter from within the GW GUI to format the SD card with a unique copy of your console’s NAND. On the next Gateway boot, the console will automatically relaunch from the NAND image on SD, which means you can safely update to the latest firmware! Say hello to e-shop [;-)]

Ohh and MH4 is finally working [;-)] XY is officially WIP. Porting our patches from 4.5 to 6.3 is time-consuming and tedious so please bare with us for a little while longer, testing and safety is paramount for such a release. As always, we know you will ENJOY !!

Gateway 3DS new firmware will be released!


        News from GBATemp and gateway official site. With gateway 3ds come out, the official news released quick, that make users happy and can show the advantages of this product. According to the GBATemp said, seems gateway 3ds will release a new firmware v1.1a soon and the official published what the new firmware for:

Common minor issues we are aware of are:

1) The lack of upper screen banner for some titles which trigger both region and firmware spoof requirements.

2) Some expected issues related to language fonts

There have been some unique reports of issues related to title exit or first GW3DS entry after installing the update. We believe these are either related to file fragmentation of the 3DS SD card or some users trimming the titles to fit on the red card’s micro SD. Please make sure to try a new SD card for the 3DS as well as micro SD for the Gateway card together with a known good un-modified title, where possible.

Installation of the update is simple, download our release HERE and simply replace the “Launcher.dat” file on the 3DS SD card. ENJOY !!