R4i Gold Deluxe firmware v3.2 released!


The r4i gold official released firmware v3.2 for their 3ds flashcart r4i gold deluxe card. It fix the save issue and more stable. We know that after r4i gold deluxe released, many users interested in it and r4i gold deluxe become one of the popular 3ds card quickly.

But when use it, there has some issue too. One is the save issue, some users use the r4i gold deluxe to play 3ds games, and save game, but next time, when want to load the save rom, it failed. But now, this issue is sloved. R4i gold deluxe new firmware v3.2 can solve this issue perfectly.

Another issue which users met, is cannot start launcher file. One thing need be attention is that, the launcher file should saved in sd card, not TF card, means the launcher file should saved in the 3DS sd card, you can back up the other files before use it, because if you want to use the emulator, you need format your 3DS sd card. So back up files in important. And when you go to setting, click profie, then start ds profile, it may show error, that because the 3DS sd card cannot be recognized by 3DS correcly, so it cannot read the launcher file.  You can try format your 3DS sd card, or change another sd card. I just use another sd card, and it create 3ds files auto again, the launcher can be work again.

The next update we expected most, is the multirom. Hope r4i gold deluxe can support multirom soon!