Which card work on Nintendo 3DS v5.0.0-11?

Nintendo 3DS update their system again, the newest system is v5.0.0-10. Here is the details:

Update Your Nintendo 3DS System Today.

The latest system update brings new features to streamline and enhance your experience. This update is FREE.

Transfer your save data from the packaged version of a game when you purchase the downloadable version of that game. Now, you can start right where you left off when you go digital with your favorite titles.

Games and applications can now be downloaded in the background via Sleep Mode while the Nintendo eShop is running. You can simply close the system cover to activate the Download Later feature and the item will begin to download.


As we know, every time when 3ds or dsi update their system, it will ban a lot of flashcarts. I just tested some of them, good news is there are 3 cards right now is no problem: r4i gold 3ds (r4ids.cn), dstwo, ace3ds plus. These 3 cards work on 3DS newest system v5.0.0-11 perfectly, no need any patch and no need any updating.

Believe that other cards will release their patch soon, but at least, we know not all the flashcart get banned.

Which card is best for 3DSXL?

So if you buy a new Nintendo 3DSXL, do you always considering which card should i buy for my 3DSXL? Well, in my opinion, you’d better choose a strong card for your strong console :)

So first choice is supercard dstwo.  The price is a little expensive but it worth the value. Use one dstwo card, you can play all the games including ds roms, many emulators and GBA games. no need slot 1 card when play GBA games, actually 3DSXL don’t have slot 1 too. So if you want to play GBA games, you have to use dstwo, other cards can not support play GBA games on 3DSXL.

Another reason for choosing dstwo is because the support team is very strong, they update quick and almost no bad card. even if your dstwo is damaged by updating , you can fix it.

So DSTwo is no doublt the stonggest card in the market and is your best choice for your new 3DSXL.

How to update dstwo with 3DS not with original DS?

This method is where i found from GBA temp. Some users said actually the dstwo can updated with the 3dsxl even on a new firmware. That is amazing me. All we know that if your 3DS console is updated to the newest firmware, your flashcart cannot be updated with that 3DS, you have to use DS or DSi to update it. This is very inconvenient if you just have one console.

OK, let’s see how to do that: when you download the dstwo update patch , unzip the file, you will find a “dstwoupdate.dat” file, just rename it to “dstwoupdateb.dat”, then put it into the root of your sd card, insert sd card in your dstwo, and start dstwo on your 3DS. (don’t forget put the kernel in it also) You will find the screen show “error” with black screen as same as  the card cannot work on the console. But don’t power off, just let it be, and wait. After more than 3 minutes (actually i waited 10 minutes), during this time, the screen is still black and show error, not any change, but don’t power off because it is updating actually, you cannot see the progress but it is doing that indeed.

When enough time passed, turn off your 3DS and delete the “dstwoupdateb.dat” file, then start it on your 3DS again. Your dstwo can work on 3DS newest version perfectly!

DSTWO update the patch !

News from dstwo forum, today, the dstwo patch is updated.

Fixed for
6132 – Pokemon: Weisse Edition 2 (GER)
6130 – Pokemon: Schwarze Edition 2 (GER)
6129 – Pokemon: Versione Nera 2 (ITA)
6127 – Pokemon: Versione Bianca 2 (ITA)
6128 – Pokemon: Edicion Blanca 2 (SPA)
6109 – Pokemon: Edicion negra 2 (SPA)
6126 – Pokemon: Version Blanche 2 (FR)Blanche
6125 – Pokemon: Version Noire 2 (FR)
6110 – Pokemon: Black Version 2 (USA)
6108 – Pokemon: White Version 2 (USA)
6044 – Pokemon: White Version 2 (JPN)
6045 – Pokemon: Black Version 2 (JPN)

Always receive many customers feed back that the pokemon has many issues when play it, such as white screen or loading. The dstwo update this time fix this problem, or seems it fixed all the pokemon issues, haha~ This is wonderful, now think there is no problem for playing pokemon any more!