EZ4 New Version Review and how to use EZ4 flashcard?

EZ Team released a new version of EZ Flash IV  with micro SD  memory card slot,GBA/SP/GBM/NDS users now can play those GBA ROMs directly stored into micro SDHC memory card.


* Support GBA ROM playing up to 256MB size
* Support micro SD memory card to 32GB
* Support Kernel and EZ Client update
* come with Kernel 1.76 Pre-installed


psb (4)How to use the EZ4 Flashcard?

1. Download the Kernel .

EZ4 Kernel 1.76

EZ4 Client

2. Formate the Micro SD card to FAT or FAT32 ( support latest 32 G Micro SD card)

Unzip the official package and put all the files and the runing ROM to the root of TF card.


3.Run the games (you can directly press A  to run the games under the PSRAM model, or press select button copying the game to NOR, with the patched game by EZ Client you can combine cards to run the game in NOR.

4. In order to ensure the save data normally,please change the name of game which was transformed by EZ Client to less than 8 characters of English letters or numbers(such as:ABCDEFGH.gba or ABCD1234.gba), then copy the game to the TF card.


How to updated the Kernel?

★ Download the official Kernel (1.76)

EZ4 Kernel 1.76

EZ4 Client

★Copy the Kernel files to The root of Micro SD Card

★Insert the Micro SD Card to EZ Flash IV and Insert EZ Flash IV to GBA/GBASP/GBM/NDS

★Start and immediate press R button ,then it shows the process ,when it Shows 100% then you can play the games


Advice for Deta Saving  during the Step 2 ,we suggest to install patch for the game ROM,here is the way show below:

Unzip  EZ4 Client files ,you will see the files


In the left bottom you can choose the storage directory of ROM .
Click ROM to lock the directory for storage.
when it transimmion on 100% ,Pitching is finished ready for running in NOR.


When store the game ROM which was patched by EZ4 Client, change the name of the ROM, make sure the name is less than 8 characters either Alphabet or numbers(for example: ABCDEFG.GBA or ABCD1234.GBA).


Copy the renamed game to the Micro SD card and play the game 


Warm Tips

1. Games under16M can be directly run under the PSROM model.

2. Games under 32M can be burnt in Nor and can combine card(the game must be patched by the EZ Client). When you encourter the crash or white screen with some localization games under the PSRAM model, please use the EZ Client to patch the game and then burn it to the NOR. Since the localization games are not standard  for the content changed.