Ace3ds plus wood v1.62 updated


       A little late news, the ace3ds plus update wood kernel to v1.62. Ace3ds plus is the cheapest 3ds card, work on 3DS v1.61 and DSi v1.45 perfectly. If you are a newbie and no need too much function, just want to play ds games on 3ds or dsi, then the ace3ds plus is your best choice.  Here is the update details:

Ace3DS PLUS AOS V2.13 / ACE Wood firmware V1.62 Released ! -2013-8-17
Change Log
•smurfs 2, the (europe)’ fixed.
•’smurfs 2, the (usa)’ fixed.

Ace3DS PLUS AOS v2.11 and Wood v1.61 released


       The Ace3ds plus AOS and wood v1.61 released. And according to the official, the new ace3ds plus which launched after 9th July can work on 3DS v6.1 out of box. Well, seems a good news too.

Ace3DS PLUS AOS V2.11 / ACE Wood firmware V1.61 Released ! -2013-7-16
Change Log
•’cars 2 (europe) (en,sv,fi)’ fixed.
•’toy story 3 (europe) (en,sv,no,da,fi)’ fixed.
•’lernen mit pokemon – tasten-abenteuer (germany)’ fixed.
•’tangled (europe) (en,sv,no,da)’ fixed.
•’cooking mama world – combo pack – volume 1 (europe)’ fixed.

      Ace3ds plus is a good card, it is the cheapest 3ds card in the market right now.

Which card can work on 3DS v6.1.0-x?


Since the Nintendo 3DS update firmware to v6.1.0-x, all the flashcarts get blocked. It just passed 2-3 weeks, let’s see how many cards can work on 3DS v6.1.0-x.


Have to say, this is really the stronggest amazing card. No matter how hard to break, dstwo seems always release their patch in 24-48 hours. I think this card is the most worth to get. Though it is expensive than other cards, but just see the update every time, see the speed and see the strong function, it worth the price!

R4i Gold 3DS

This card is not so strong as dstwo, but it is the best r4 card. There are so many r4 card in the market, but just r4i gold 3ds ( is the stronggest, update speed so quick, price so cheap, in my opinion, it is highly cost effective.


Maybe this card always get complains from users, but it still very hot. I don’t know why, maybe it is cheap. And this card released new cards which can work on 3DS v6.1 right now. It support work on 3DS v6.1.0-x directly no need any updating.


Well, as the cheapest 3ds card in the market right now, have to say it is good, and it released new card too, which support 3DS v6.1 directly. Maybe you think launch new cards is not good as you have to buy new card, but ace3ds plus is really cheap, and their AOS kernel has so many emulator, so we cannot requiry too many like dstwo. As a newbie, ace3ds plus is a good choice.

R4i Gold Pro

Just update the patch silently, no news, no advertise. But you can found the update firmware on the r4i gold pro official download page.

Ace3ds plus wood v1.58 and AOS v2.10 released!

News from ace3ds team, after wood v1.58 come out, the ace3ds plus wood kernel update too, and the AOS updated. What i think the ace3ds do best is the AOS, they always listening to the advice of users, add more emulators and bring more fun for users. It also proved the ace3ds team is a great team. Here is the details:

Ace3DS PLUS AOS V2.10 / ACE Wood firmware V1.58 Released ! -2013-4-26

Change Log
Core: – fatfs updated to 0.09b.

– sound fixed after exit from gameyob.
– ‘cooking mama world combo pack vol. 2 (europe)’ fixed.

Hope they do better. BTW, ace3ds plus work on 3DS v5.1.0-11 and DSi v1.45 perfectly without any updating.

Is r4i sdhc 3ds work on 3DS/XL v5.0.0-11?


Have to say, this card is hot, so when Nintendo 3DS update the system to v5.0.0-11, many users concerned if the r4i sdhc 3ds work on 3DS v5.0.0-11? The answer is yes. But need use the newest firmware v1.67b. Here is the details:

R4i-sdhc 3ds card marked with “v4.5″ and “RTS” which can support N3DS V5.0.0-11 and NDSi v1.4.5 perfectly, please update the firmware to V1.67b.

So we will know both r4i sdhc 3ds and r4i sdhc 3ds rts card support work on 3DS v5.0.0-11.

r4sdhc dualcore

Actually, when i check some cards official site, find another 2 cards work on 3DS/XL v5.0.0-11 too. they are r4i sdhc dual core and r4i sdhc rts card. Both card is popular in Europe and both card has great features. Seems these 2 card no need any updating and no need any patch, can use directly.

Which card work on Nintendo 3DS v5.0.0-11?

Nintendo 3DS update their system again, the newest system is v5.0.0-10. Here is the details:

Update Your Nintendo 3DS System Today.

The latest system update brings new features to streamline and enhance your experience. This update is FREE.

Transfer your save data from the packaged version of a game when you purchase the downloadable version of that game. Now, you can start right where you left off when you go digital with your favorite titles.

Games and applications can now be downloaded in the background via Sleep Mode while the Nintendo eShop is running. You can simply close the system cover to activate the Download Later feature and the item will begin to download.


As we know, every time when 3ds or dsi update their system, it will ban a lot of flashcarts. I just tested some of them, good news is there are 3 cards right now is no problem: r4i gold 3ds (, dstwo, ace3ds plus. These 3 cards work on 3DS newest system v5.0.0-11 perfectly, no need any patch and no need any updating.

Believe that other cards will release their patch soon, but at least, we know not all the flashcart get banned.

Ace3ds plus whoold v1.57 and AOS v2.08 released


News from Ace3ds official:

ACE Wood firmware V1.57 Released !
Change Log
– lwip updated to 1.4.1.
– russian localization updated. thanks to lupus.

– ‘pokemon hwaiteu 2 (korea)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon beullaeg 2 (korea)’ fixed.
– ‘witches & vampires ghost pirates of asburry’ fixed.
– ‘bratz – fashion boutique’ fixed.
– ‘korg ds-10+ synthesizer limited edition (japan)’ fixed.

Ace3DS PLUS AOS V2.08 Released !
Change Log
– lwip updated to 1.4.1.
– russian localization updated. thanks to lupus. compatibility:
– ‘pokemon hwaiteu 2 (korea)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon beullaeg 2 (korea)’ fixed.
– ‘witches & vampires ghost pirates of asburry’ fixed.
– ‘bratz – fashion boutique’ fixed.
– ‘korg ds-10+ synthesizer limited edition (japan)’ fixed.

As we can see the AOS is as same as wood, AOS just add some convenience emulator such as NES/SNES etc.  well, i think this card is good.

Ace3ds plus wood v1.56 released!

A little late, but finally, the ace3ds plus wood v1.56 released.

ACE Wood firmware V1.56 Released ! -2013-1-19
Change Log
apprends avec pokemon a la conquete du clavier (france)’ fixed.

Since the ace3ds team released the ace3ds pro news, so many customers ask us when we sell it. well, we have not get any details from ace3ds team, so have to wait. But don’t worry, we will keep our eyes on this new product, and if there is any news, we will put it on our site at first time! Thank you for everyone’s supporting!

How to change the skin of ace3ds plus?

The ace3ds plus is a hot card in the market right now, and many users wondering is there any method to change the backgroud of ace3ds plus? We can find many beautiful skin on the internet, special on the acekard 2i official site, you can see they have a large quantity of beautiful skin to download freely!

But seems ace3ds plus official don’t offer this service.. so i thought if i can use the acekard 2i skin on ace3ds plus? Then i tried, and it is successful! The method is very easy!

1. Download the skin you like on the acekard 2i official site, i choose “Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D`s – Yusei & Jack”. Unzip it, i got a folder named “Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D`s – Yusei & Jack”.

2. Download the ace3ds plus wood kernel, open the “_rpg” folder and find the “ui” folder, put the “Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D`s – Yusei & Jack” folder in it. Then  just put the wood kernel in ace3ds plus and start ace3ds plus on your console. You will find the background changed!

This is just a new discovery and hope this can help you if you are a ace3ds plus user :)

Ace3ds plus pcb number 001 and 001A work on 3DS v4.5 and DSi v1.45 out of the box!

News from ace3ds official, here is the details:

Our newest Ace3DS Plus (with “001” or “001A” on PCB) can support 3DS V4.5.0-10 and DSi V1.45 directly. We are still working on a patch for those old revision 3DS cards, will keep it updated on our site soon, please don’t upgrade your 3DS system version now.. -2013-01-04

well, so when you get the ace3ds plus, please see the pcb number first, if there is a number on it and marked “001” or “001A”, the card can work on 3DS v4.5 and DSi v1.45 out of the box, if the card has no number on it (i remember the old card has no number or other sign..), the card just support 3DS v4.4 and DSi v1.44.

All the ace3ds plus on right now is the newest version, and also, hope the patch for old cards can be released soon.