PASTA CFW 1.1 Released !! sky3ds can support cia game rom

Three days ago , i write a blogger for PASTA CFW , which make it very easy for gamers using Sky3ds Playing CIA games without Gateway . Now the amazing news it the PASTA CFW has been released the latest Version PASTA CFW 1.1 ,you can download the files PastaCFW 1.1


The New functions :

1. It has fixed crazy CREDITS button .

2. It has added the button animations ( to make the required images more optimization)

3. It has fixed the GUI surface ,( simply hold “L” at the same time that you select “PastaCFW” from ninjhax or to always boot into the UI, create an empty file called “bootmenu.txt” at “/3DS/PastaCFW/”)

4. With Latest New icon.


How to use PastaCFW 1.1 ?? ( Text Edition)


*Sky3ds flashcard , DEVMENU. CIA or other CIA game Rom

*Console : New/Old3DS V4.0-9.2 ( DSIware and GBA VC is also support)


1. Down your own console QR code from Ninjhax (

Also download  the starter  and FBI

2. Reboot the starter.rar and copy the files and the game rom  to the boot of the SD card

QQ截图201505221549273. Run the “Cubic Ninja”, scan the QR Code from Ninjhax, enter into the CFW system

4. Press “A” to run “Pasta CFW” ,wait 2-3 seconds until the black screen ,auto back to the system surface  (simply hold “L” then you can access to the UI,click“Give me some pasta” ,then it will back the CFW system ,if you want to force to access to  UI,create an empty file called “bootmenu.txt” at “/3DS/PastaCFW/”)

5. Runnig again the Cubic Ninja  goes to CFW System ,Select “FBI”  press A and choose DEVMENU. CIA to the intall ,after it finish ,press start to back to the system surface .

6.Then you will see the gift box for you ,and then you can intall other different CIA game Roms.

Sky3ds Region free showcase – V9.0-V9.5 3DS

Most gamers are not limit playing their own country version games , so if you got a EU 3DS ,how can you use EU 3DS  play JP games  ? i think this is most gamers care about !! Now let me show you how to regin free on your V9.0-V9.5 3DS .

1.First ,you need to get one Sky3ds Flashcart ,Click here to buy.
game4deal1 2

2.Download the Launcher.dat from here :

3.Copy Launcher.dat to the root of your SD card of your console.

4.Assure your version of console is  Between V9.0-V9.5, Download the DiskWriter V2.02b1 and the latest template file.

5, Insert the Micro SD Card into your 3ds console slot.

6.Start the 3DS and turn on the wifi for connecting.

7. Open “Download Play” on your 3ds.


8, Press”Home” button but not quit from Download Play, just keep it running in the backstage.
9.Open the Web Browser application and enter URL “”
10.Wait for seconds, the screen will turn black ,(Do not worry….) it will trun into the game page.
11.Press “OK” to proceed,then you can play region free games .

Attention: If you failed region-freely playing games on old 3ds console v9.0-9.5, please try to change other games ROM write into SKY3DS Flashcard and try again!

2015 New Function of Sky3DS DiskWriter V2.02b1

Good news to all !

The official Sky3ds has updated the DiskWriter V2.02b1 yeterday,and it has been add more functions.

If  you want to get this Sky3DS ,Click Here.     Now let’s have a look!

*First open the 2.02, you will see the interface has divided into two pieces

*Second you will see there is no add in the file meau

And the same as Setting Meau

*Third ,you can see”Down to Reserve ” Select the game Rom from Above to Below

Generally speaking :

1. Can easily change the list of the games .

2.Reduce the possibility of lossing  game save data

* Sky3DS DiskWriter V2.02b1 released. You can download it here. (04/17/2015)

Change logs:
1. Tiny bugs fixed.
2. Added microSD card space management feature.
Note: You have to convert your old saved data on microSD card(DW1.06)
if any to the new DW2.02 format by the pop up window “Save backup file”.
After the convert process completed, there will be message window forwards to you,
and then please follow as the instructions did to avoid damage or lost upon game save data.