X360dock module 1 + module 2 can work on xbox360 newest dashboard 16197

Just find this news from the x360dock official site. It is so long time no update.. and actually, the x360dock module 1 + module 2 can work on 15574 before, but seems they don’t update that news before, finally, they released a news.

“According to our test, the x360dock module1 +module2 is working on the lastest dashboard 16197 perfectly!” I just test my dock 1 +dock 2, yes, have to say, it can work on 16197 with no problem. Though the xk3y is most hot but seems x360dock still have big market.

Here is the x360dock module 1 + module 2 function:

• Latest supported Xbox 360 version: 2.0.16197.0
• High speed ARM games management system
• Full Color 2’2″ TFT Touchscreen
• Full Color touchscreen cover flow ISO/config selection system
• 3Ports USB 2.0 High Speed (480M/S) HUB embeded for USB HDD/Pen drive (No EXTRA Hub cost)
• NTFS File system supported
• USB / SD upgrades for FPGA and Microcontroller system
• External SD socket (No needed disassembly if SD card replacement required)
• Full clean installation / Place the module 2 where ever you want
• Easy Installation/Just need plug USB cable from X360dock Module 1