Fulljoin PPM001 DAB/DAB+FM RDS Digital Radio+MP3 Player


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Why most people will choose Fulljoin PPM001 ?

Has FM radio for a choice
It can play music from sd card

Bright features

1. Support DAB
2. It can play all of the band III radio and the rate is 174.928MHZ-239.2MHZ.
3. You can set the region.
4. Support default region.
5. It can search your local.
6. It can search by prederred channel.
7. Supports DRC
8. You can use record function, and if it is in the DAB status, the format is MP2. If it is in DAB+, the format is AAC
9. Support all TF card capacity.
10. It can preset, the maximum number of preset station is 30 stations.

FM Function

1. It can play FM radio and the rate is 87.5MHZ-108MHZ, the interval is 0.1MHZ.
2. Can play strong signal radio perfectly.
3. Can play radio in mono mode.
4. Can save the radio satation auto, the maximum is 30 in the list.
5. Can preset 30 satation
6. Supports Tune and Seek mode.
7. You can use record function and it support all capacity of TF card.
8. You can clear the pre-saved station list.
9. Supports RDS function.


1. You can play music for the sd card.
2. It including 3 mode: one time, repeat and shuffle.
3. Including 3 play range: single, directory and all.
4. Support equalizer.
5. Play mode can be play, pause, next and previous.


1. You can set the time according to the manual, also can use the DAB as a time.
2. You can set a turn off auto time for 30min, 45min and 60 min.


1. Use Li battery with 700mah, last over 10 hours play time.
2. The charge time is very quick, just need 3 hours.
3. Charge current is 300mah.
4. You can play 300 times circle.
5. Including a 3.5 mm earphone jack.
6. Size: 54*93.5*15.5mm (H*W*D)
7. Weight: 64 g


1. FM rate is from 87.50 to 108.00MHz and from 76.00 to 90.00MHz
2. You can operate maximum 3000m
3. Support select a region, there are 4 selection: China,Korea,Europe,UK
4. China band:176.72-213.856MHz
5. Korea band :175.28-214.736MHz
6. European/Australia band:174.928-239.200MHz
Attention: Ifyou are in AU, you need go to the euro band to receice the DAB service.
7. UK band :218.640-229.072MHz

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Fulljoin PPM001 radio in storage box
USB 2.0 cable
English manual
Free power adapter ( 110--240v )

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